Everyone knows how helpful it is to start the day off with a hearty healthy breakfast. 

But here’s the problem: too many breakfast options that are hearty enough to keep you full until lunch are loaded with calories. And so many healthy breakfast options are so light that they leave you starving just a short time later. 

Over the years, I have received a lot of questions from readers about what are good and bad options for weight watchers breakfast options.

So, I will try to answer the most common questions before sharing 35 of my favorite weight watchers breakfast ideas from around the web. I have tried to highlight recipes that are both hearty AND healthy. 

I know a lot of my readers use some of the older weight watchers plans–and my philosophy is that if you should definitely do what works for you!

So below, you will see me include point totals from some of the classic green, blue, and purple ww plans in addition to the new plan. The easiest way to get the most up to date points info is to just plug it into your WW app. 

If there are any questions that I missed, let me know if the comments section below.

Frequently asked questions about Weight Watchers breakfast

Is oatmeal a free food on Weight Watchers?

I love oatmeal. And using oatmeal is a great way to build a breakfast that is both healthy and filling. 

According to Heathline, “Oats are among the healthiest grains on earth. They’re a gluten-free whole grain and a great source of important vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants.

Studies show that oats and oatmeal have many health benefits. These include weight loss, lower blood sugar levels, and a reduced risk of heart disease.”

Weight Watchers rates oats and oatmeal – depending on the type – as a ZeroPoint food. These fiber-loaded, complex carbohydrates can be a great way to start your day.

Do you have to eat breakfast on Weight Watchers?

While there is no single answer that fits everyone, plenty of studies have shown and many dieticians recognize the importance of breakfast. More importantly, what you eat matters more. Avoid refined carbohydrates, especially sugar, and limit fat. 

For breakfast on the go, look for a low point cereal to have with almond milk – only 1 point! – for a healthy breakfast without the bigger time investment. 

And on those days where you just don’t have time to fit breakfast in, opt for Low Point Weight Watchers Snacks (With Point Totals).

Can you eat regular food on Weight Watchers?

I love this question. Anyone who has ever started a diet knows exactly where this is coming from. 

One of the best things about about weight watchers is that there are no foods that are completely off-limits. 

This means that yes, you can eat regular breakfast foods on weight watchers. You just need to track how many points you are using and make sure you are using high point ww foods in moderation.  

Is Yogurt a zero point food on weight watchers ?

Yogurt is a delicious high-protein healthy food. 

According to Healthline, yogurt is “very nutritious, and eating it regularly may boost several aspects of your health. For example, yogurt has been found to reduce the risk of heart disease and osteoporosis, as well as aid in weight management.”

So it’s not surprising that weight watchers has made several types of yogurt zero-point foods. 

Basically, the rule is that if the yogurt is plain and non-fat then it’s zero points–this applies to greek yogurt, soy yogurt, and traditional yogurt. 

When you start adding additional flavors and more fat, then the yogurt will have some ww points. The easiest way to check is to just plug it into your WW app. 

Are eggs still zero points on weight watchers?

Eggs are a great source of protein, are full of vitamins and minerals, and are a ZeroPoint food on Weight Watchers. You can eat them boiled, scrambled, over easy, and if you’re watching your cholesterol you can easily just eat the egg whites. 

I love these Egg White Breakfast Cups, and they are just as tasty without the bacon.

Are fruits and vegetables zero points on weight watchers?

According to Harvard’s School of Public Health, “A diet rich in vegetables and fruits can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, prevent some types of cancer, lower risk of eye and digestive problems, and have a positive effect upon blood sugar, which can help keep appetite in check.”

And this means including fresh fruits and vegetables with your breakfast is a great way to make your meal both healthy and hearty. 

As you’d expect, weight watchers recognize the importance  of fruits and vegetables. And for this reason they have made ALMOST every fruit and vegetable a zero point food.

The only exception is starchy vegetables–which will cost points.

This doesn’t  mean you can never eat potatoes for breakfast again! Check out my weight watchers friendly Turkey hash brown breakfast casserole if you don’t believe me! It just means you have to count those potatoes as part of your daily points budget. 

What can I eat for breakfast on weight watchers?

Fortunately there are endless healthy breakfast recipes to help you lose weight that taste great. A Weight Watchers breakfast consists of many yummy breakfast ideas like:

15 top weight watchers breakfast recipes 

These  15 easy Weight Watchers breakfast ideas will make your morning routine quicker and healthier (and they are delicious)! 

Every one of these recipes is low on WW points–so you can enjoy them while knowing you will have plenty of points left for the rest of the day. 

These breakfast recipes are filling enough to power you through the day–and so tasty you’ll want to eat them again and again. 

Check out these 15 easy WW breakfast recipes below–I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Cinnamon roll baked oatmeal
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1. Cinnamon Roll Baked Oatmeal

This wonderful healthy Cinnamon Roll Baked Oatmeal comes from Sweet and Savory Steph.

It transforms your favorite sweet breakfast (or dessert) into healthy baked oatmeal. Cinnamon roll baked oatmeal is a deliciously sweet, decadent-tasting breakfast.

Baked old-fashioned oats form the base of this recipe–which is flavored with brown sugar, milk, and other spices.
If you love sticky cinnamon buns, you will enjoy this recipe, which is topped with melted sugar and cream cheese.

Cinnamon rolls on a white plate

2. Two Ingredient Cinnamon Rolls

This delicious breakfast recipe has been one of the most popular on my blog for a few years now and with good reason! 

These two ingredient dough cinnamon rolls have all the taste of your favorite cinnamon roll, but only count for 2 ww points! 

The secret is the simple two ingredient dough. In the recipe post, I’ll show you how you can use this incredible dough for not just cinnamon rolls, but also pizza, apple pie, biscuit, and much much more. 

Once you learn this simple recipe you will use it again and again.

apple cinnamon greek yogurt muffins
3. Apple Cinnamon Greek Yogurt Muffins

These apple cinnamon greek yogurt muffins are only 2 points on weight watchers and perfect for busy mornings. You can make them ahead of time and grab one on your way out the door.

I love to pair them with a bowl of fresh fruit. At only 2 WW points, these muffins are the perfect healthy way to start your day.

Pumpkin greek yogurt muffins on white plate

4. Pumpkin Banana Greek Yogurt Muffins 

You always know when fall is here. The weather gets cooler, the leaves start to show their vibrant colors, and of course Starbucks goes all in on their pumpkin-spiced lattes. 

These pumpkin banana yogurt muffins are the perfect fall treat–with or without a latte.

And the best part is that these hearty and healthy muffins only cost 2 weight watchers points–so you can go ahead and have that second one without feeling guilty!

ww friendly strawberry banana muffin

5. Strawberry Banana Greek Yogurt Muffins

I have 2 point muffins for every season! These delicious strawberry banana greek yogurt muffins are perfect when strawberries are in season. 

These muffins are a great healthy way to start off a busy morning. Just make them ahead of time and grab a couple on your way out the door.

Easy weight watcher breakfast recipes, Healthy banana and strawberry oat pancakes

6. Healthy Banana and Strawberry Oat Pancakes

These Healthy Banana and Strawberry Oat Pancakes are created by  Served from Scratch.

This recipe is super fun and an incredibly healthy way to have pancakes with strawberries! Gluten-free thanks to the whole oats and naturally sweetened, these pancakes are kid-loved and mom-approved!

And if you love pancakes as much as I do, you’ll want to check out my Baked Blueberry Lemon Pancakes recipe.

easy weight watcher breakfast recipes, Instant pot egg bake

7. Instant Pot Egg Bake

This delicious instant pot egg bake is by Slap dash mom

If you hate dishes you’ll love this instant pot egg bake. The instant pot makes cooking eggs simple and really cuts down on the number of dishes you have to clean.

The basic recipe ranges from 0-5PP on Weight watchers but it’s also incredibly versatile. You can add extra veggies or even a zero-point meat (like cooked turkey or chicken breast) and make an even heartier low-point breakfast.

Instant pot egg bites on white plate

8. Copycat Starbucks Instant Pot Egg Bites 

These delicious broccoli and cheddar egg bites will save you a small fortune by allowing you to skip the morning Starbucks trip. 

The version I make in the recipe post comes in at just 1 ww point per egg bite, but I show you how you can easily make a zero point version if you prefer. 

These tasty egg bites are low-carb, keto friendly and packed with protein. And the best part is that they are incredibly simple to make.

weight watchers friendly spinach and feta breakfast sandwich on english muffin.

9. Spinach and Feta Breakfast Sandwiches

This weight watchers breakfast sandwich is a life-saver on busy mornings.

It’s amazing to grab a wrapped spinach and feta breakfast sandwich out of the freezer in the morning and know that breakfast is almost served. 

This low-point egg sandwich is loaded with protein so it will keep you going until lunch.

Cinnamon french toast bubble up

10. Cinnamon French Toast Bubble Up

I have all the Christmas morning feels with this recipe which will be here before we know it. This cinnamon french toast bubble up is simple and delicious. It will feed the whole family if you are having a big get-together. It is sweet enough to feel like an indulgence but can definitely keep you on track. This dish can be whipped up in just a few minutes and popped in the oven. Serves 12 and ranges from 4-5PP on WW depending on your 0PP foods.

sausage and bacon maple biscuit bake in casserole dish

11. Sausage Bacon Maple Biscuit Breakfast Bake

This weight watchers breakfast bake is absolutely loaded with protein. 

Sausage and bacon pair perfectly with the egg and biscuit. I love that you can make this ahead of time and serve it quickly when you are ready. 

Give this tasty recipe a try it will quickly become a family favorite.

Blueberry maple breakfast biscuit bake on plate with fork.

12. Blueberry Maple Breakfast Biscuit Bake

This weight watchers friendly blueberry biscuit bake is the perfect dish to serve when you invite the friends over for brunch. 

Maple melds beautifully with the maple–it’s a perfect sweet breakfast bite. 

When  you hear maple syrup you probably think there is no way this can be a ww friendly recipe–but in the recipe post, I’ll share the secret to getting all of  the maple syrup flavor without blowing up your point budget.

weight watchers friendly apple cranberry bake in circular baking dish

13. Apple Cranberry Oatmeal Bake

If you are like me, then a hearty warm breakfast is what you are dreaming of when  you wake up on crisp fall morning. 

This weight watchers oatmeal bake uses classic fall flavors of Apple and Cranberry to tempt you out of bed on a chilly morning. 

I love how the tartness of the cranberry pairs with the sweetness of the apple, and I’m sure you will too. Give this recipe a try and let me know what you think in the comment section!

14. Oatmeal chocolate chip donuts 

Sometimes you just want donuts for breakfast. 

And with these healthy weight watchers donuts there’s no need to apologize about it! 

Once you taste these oatmeal chocolate chip donuts  you won’t believe they are a low-point breakfast treat.

15. Greek style avocado toast 

This delicious avocado toast recipe comes from Eat Mediterranean food 

This Greek-Style Avocado Toast is very easy and quick to make; with just a few ingredients, it’s ready in just minutes. It has Mediterranean flavors that bring regular avocado toast over the top. It is a great healthy option for breakfast or brunch.

Pillsbury Breakfast Casserole in casserole dish

16. Pillsbury Breakfast Casserole

This delightful dish offers everything you need in a breakfast – protein, vegetables, and great flavor! It’s pretty easy to throw together too, the vegetables can be subbed easily for what you have in the fridge and if you have leftover meat, toss that in! It is perfect for making ahead and portioning out for the rest of the week, which will make it much easier to stay on top of eating healthily.

Pumpkin cream cheese muffin on white plate

17. Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins

Whether it’s pumpkin spice season or not, these muffins are a delicious way to start off your day. The pumpkin adds plenty of vitamins A and C, fiber and not to mention, great flavor! The cream cheese swirl makes these muffins look like they’ve come from a bakery, bringing a touch of indulgence to your morning.

Crispy air fryer turkey bacon on a plate.

18. Crispy Air Fryer Turkey Bacon

Sometimes you just have a morning. A plate of crispy bacon is an excellent remedy to that kind of mood! This recipe shows you how to take a food with a bad rap for being unhealthy and fattening, and transform it into the opposite. Using turkey bacon over pork bacon makes a huge difference, and air frying eliminates added fats. So pile up that plate!

healthy hash brown casserole on white plate

19. Healthy Hash Brown Casserole

It’s similar to an egg casserole, but this adds in shredded potatoes for that extra yum factor. It also features sage and onion ground turkey, which makes it taste like sausage. There is plenty of protein to fill you up all morning, with 10 eggs being used for the entire bake. Luckily, eggs are a zero-point food!

homemade potato cake

20. Homemade Potato Cakes

Inspired by Arby’s, but not to brag, these are much better and the fat content is over 50% less! Eggs, potatoes, parmesan, bacon… What more is there to say, except, get cooking!

Coconut muffins on cooling rack

21. Pineapple Coconut Oatmeal Muffins

If you like pina coladas but are self-aware enough to realize drinking them for breakfast isn’t a good idea, then these muffins are for you! It’s like kicking off your day with a bite of a tropical island, without having to slather on the SPF. Coconut and pineapple are both packed with nutrients, and the oats give a gentle slow release of energy to keep you going all morning.

weight watchers blueberry oatmeal muffins

22. Banana Blueberry Oat Muffins

A different flavor combination that works really well in oatmeal muffins is banana and blueberry. Banana gives a natural sweetness that rivals most other fruits, and the blueberries give a tangy kick. Pairing them with Greek yogurt for breakfast will give you a boost of protein.

Weight Watchers Turkey Sausage

23. Turkey Sausage Breakfast Patties

Pretty much everyone knows turkey sausages are a much healthier option than other meats, especially if you’re buying brands with the most ‘pure’ ingredients. This means mostly turkey instead of added extras, or ingredients you don’t recognize. These breakfast patties can be eaten on their own, with eggs, or even in a breakfast sandwich.

egg white frittata on white plate

24. Egg White Frittata

This recipe can be changed up according to your tastes or just whatever you have on hand. I use feta cheese, peas, onions, broccoli, and red bell peppers, and it is absolutely delicious. It can be made with whole eggs but this recipe was designed to be an even lighter version of a frittata and with less cholesterol.

overnight oats in glass jar

25. Blended Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are perfect if you’re always rushed in the mornings. They are incredibly versatile because you can choose whatever milk option you want, and there are countless flavor combinations. As well as being easy and delicious, it has plenty of health benefits too. Oats are great for heart health as well as slow-release energy, reducing any energy spikes and crashes, full of fiber, and essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Cinnamon Roll Overnight Oats in clear bowl

26. Cinnamon Roll Overnight Oats

This is one of the many flavors of overnight oats you can create. It features ground cinnamon, chia seeds, a splash of coconut milk, and skim milk. You can, of course, use an alternative milk if you wish. I also add in chunks of ripe banana but extra sweetness can be achieved with stevia instead. It will keep those sweet cravings under control because your body will feel like it’s been treated to dessert for breakfast with this creation but without the energy crashes!

plated vegan tofu scramble

27. Southwest Tofu Scramble

This is so delicious it can definitely be used as a breakfast for dinner dish as well. Packed with protein from the tofu and black beans, but brimming with nutrients from all the vegetables, it’s everything you want in a healthy breakfast. The Tex Mex seasoning keeps the flavor interesting, making it a breakfast you will enjoy time and time again.

Homemade vegan granola in clear glass jar

28. Homemade Vegan Granola

A tasty homemade granola recipe that’s not loaded with sugar or fat is extremely hard to come by. That’s what spurred me to create this recipe that comes in at only five Weight Watchers points per serving. There are lots of options for flavorings in the recipe, so you could actually make a different granola every week!

Healthy breakfast stromboli

29. Breakfast Stromboli

Stromboli isn’t just for lunch! This recipe shows you how to turn it into a meal society will accept for breakfast. It’s basically bacon, potatoes, and vegetables wrapped up in pizza dough. Then it’s baked and sliced up into portions, perfect for entertaining or breakfasts for the week!

oatmeal cup with yogurt strawberry and chocolate

30. Baked Oatmeal Cups

These are nice and crispy, more akin to granola than oatmeal in texture. Oats are a good way to start your day because they will boost your energy all morning, and offer a plethora of health benefits. These cups can be topped with different things each day so you don’t get bored. Think Greek yogurt for some protein, and then fruits like strawberries, blueberries, or bananas. Even chia seeds or other seeds/nuts will work too.

weight watchers tater tot casserole

31. Tater Tot Breakfast Casserole

An easy way to produce that hash brown flavor without making it yourself is to use tater tots! That’s right, they aren’t just for kids to eat for dinner. This casserole is packed with ground turkey for a lean protein hit, and delicious breakfast flavor is added with cheese, bacon, eggs, and herbs.

Weight watchers Air Fryer Cinnamon Roll Bites on white plate

32. Air Fryer Cinnamon Roll Bites

In a bid to create as many types of cinnamon roll-inspired breakfast foods as possible, I bring you cinnamon roll bites. They are cooked in the air fryer to make them deliciously crispy on the outside, but super soft and gooey on the inside. These are really easy too, the recipe dictates store-bought dough which is chopped up and flavored before air frying. Simple but not overly fattening, perfect for a quick breakfast that still brings the fun factor!

lemon blueberry pancake

33. Baked Blueberry Lemon Square Pancakes

This is a fantastic way to cook pancakes. I don’t know about you, but I find it can be so time-consuming cooking them in a pan. This way they are all being cooked in one go, and you simply slice them up into squares. Everyone can eat at the same time, you’re not standing over a pan for an hour, or you can store them and reheat them during the week. There is no downside to this recipe!

flatout jam pancake sandwich

34. Flatout Jam Pancake Sandwich

A jam sandwich is an iconic British lunch, but I’ve transformed it into a breakfast food fit for the rest of the world! Using flatout bread smeared with jam, you then fold it and smear it again, before frying it up and pouring over the ‘batter’ on both sides while in the pan. Confused? You’ll just have to try it out and see!

mini protein waffles on white plate

35. Mini Protein Waffles

Combining waffles with protein makes me so happy because it makes these dessert-style breakfasts a much more sustainable option for breakfast. We need a bit of protein to fuel our body in the mornings, and often waffles and pancakes are just loaded with refined carbs. This recipe just goes ahead and throws in protein powder to ramp up that protein content, so it’s much higher than just from the eggs and Greek yogurt.

And I’ll leave you with the full recipe for my Blueberry Maple Breakfast Bake.

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35 Easy Weight Watchers Breakfast Ideas

By: Drizzle
Servings: 6
Prep: 1 hour
Cook: 40 minutes
Total: 1 hour 40 minutes
This Blueberry Maple Bake is the perfect way to satisfy your craving for sweet breakfast while staying on track.


  • 1 package great value biscuits, 7.5oz *I buy these in the U.S, if you are in Canada you can use the smallest size you can find and weigh out 7.5oz for accurate point count
  • 2 cups fresh blueberries, frozen can be used as well
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 cup milk *I use unsweetened cashew milk simply because I don't consume much dairy, you can use any milk however it may change the points
  • 1/2 cup sugar free maple syrup *mine is pictured, 1/2= 5SP
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 Tbsp sugar
  • 1.5 Tbsp flour
  • 2 tsp light butter, melted


  • Bake the biscuits according to the package, it is best if you can bake them the night before so they are not too fresh and soft.
  • Spray a 9×13 casserole dish with some cooking spray.
  • Cut each of the biscuits into 12 pieces, spread pieces evenly over the bottom of the dish.
  • Spread out the fresh blueberries on top of the biscuit pieces.
  • In a bowl or large measuring cup whisk together the eggs, milk, syrup, vanilla and cinnamon.
  • Pour evenly over the biscuits and blueberries, cover and let sit in the fridge for 30 min – 1 hour, if you want to make this up overnight that is fine too. You can bake right away but for best results let it soak in the fridge for a bit first.
  • In a small bowl mix together the sugar, flour and melted butter til it forms a crumb, sprinkle evenly over top of the bake.
  • Heat oven to 350F and bake for 40 minutes.
  • Makes 6 servings, store in the fridge and it will freeze well.


Personal Points- 5-7 depending on your 0PP foods
Smart points- blue & purple- 5 using WW recipe builder
Smart points- green- 6 using WW recipe builder
Points plus- 5 using PP calculator
Nutritional info per serving..Calories… 208…Fat 6.1g..Sat fat 1.5g…Carbs 31g…Fiber 1.8g…Sugar 12.4g..Protein 7.1g using My Fitness Pal *Note- this includes all ingredients if using these number in the WW calculator you will get a higher point value due to zero point foods being in this recipe

Additional Info

Course: Breakfast
Tried this recipe?Mention @drizzlemeskinny or tag #drizzlemeskinny!

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