About Me

Hi, my name is Kate, I am a happily married mother of one. I have been a weight watcher lifetime member for over 17 years.  I first joined  in 1998 to try and lose the 20-25 pounds I had put on in my early 20’s, my lifestyle was all about fast food and clubbing, so the pounds went on quickly. I was getting married in 2000 and wanted to be back down to a comfortable weight for my wedding. I was able to lose the weight quickly by following the program and achieved my lifetime status.

When I married in September 2000 I weighed 130lbs. It was after the wedding that I started to let things slide, I got too comfortable in my everyday life and my eating got out of control. In 2002 I got pregnant with my daughter, who was born March 2003. With my pregnancy I reached a weight of 198lbs, and after having my daughter I stayed around 185-190lbs for the longest time.  For 11 years I struggled with my weight, I rejoined weight watchers over and over again, each time with so much motivation. Most times I would commit and do great for the first 2 weeks and then I would fail and give up. I was constantly sabotaging myself saying “oh well I screwed up today, I’ll start again next Monday”, well I had 11 years of Mondays!! I became depressed, I never wanted to go out, I’d make excuses for not attending parties because I just wasn’t comfortable in my own skin. I hated shopping for clothes as I dreaded all the emotions that came with it!  In 2011 I joined WW once again and was able to lose almost 30lbs bringing my weight down to 160, I felt great… but it was short lived and within 6 months I gained it all back and once again gave up on myself! That destroyed me, I was so frustrated with myself, how could I do so well and then just gain it all back? Well welcome to the world of “the struggle is real” , and weight loss has got to be one of the hardest struggles of all!

In January of 2014, I once again said enough is enough and started my journey, but something was different this time, I seemed to have a different mindset, my will power was at a all time high and I turned to Instagram to log my journey. That turned out to be one of the best things I could of done. There is an amazing weight watcher and weight loss community on instagram and the support I instantly received was so welcoming and it gave me the motivation to succeed. I followed people who had been through the same struggles and I felt like I belonged in this community, and I was definitely welcomed with open arms. I made some sacrifices and decided no more dining out and limited alcohol. So by sticking to these commitments, and all the support I was receiving in my new community, the weight started to easily come off. I wanted to do well as I wanted to start inspiring others, and that is exactly what happened, people started telling me that they were inspired by me, and that just meant the world to me. If I could help just one person decide that today is the day then I feel good about that. Today I weigh 140lbs, and I earned back my lifetime status in November 2014, I am happy with my progress, and I have finally learned that this is a lifestyle change. Over the coarse of my journey I found a new love for getting creative in the kitchen, and curing my sweet tooth, drizzling things with dark chocolate became a new passion of mine, realizing that just a little went a long way, and that my friends is how drizzlemeskinny.com was born.

I don’t claim to be a chef, or professional baker, I am no nutritionist, I just enjoy creating weight watcher friendly foods in the comfort of my kitchen, and that is what you will find in this website. I keep things pretty simple, a lot of my recipes are basic ingredients that most people have in their kitchen. Right now it’s just me, my creative eye (or at least I think it is) and my camera. I hope you can find some simple recipes on here that will help you on your weight loss journey. And please always feel free to reach out to me for support.


On the left was Jan 6/2014, the day I walked into weight watchers for the last time over weight, weighing in at 186.6, the right is January 2017, weighing 137lbs.

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