There is no need to feel sentenced to a lifetime of poached chicken and steamed broccoli, healthy low-calorie chicken recipes can be flavorful!

The secret is to avoid cream or cheese-heavy sauces, and opt for tomato or vegetable-based instead. That doesn’t mean you can never have cheese, a sprinkling can add enough flavor to please your tastebuds while still being healthy.

Still stumped for ideas? Here are 29 delicious low-calorie chicken recipes.

healthy chicken parm spaghetti bake

1. Chicken Parmesan Spaghetti Bake

This recipe calls for whole-grain spaghetti, which makes it a more healthy yet filling meal than regular white spaghetti. The base is marinara sauce, with three types of cheese mixed with shredded chicken and pasta, then baked together in the oven for a family-pleasing dinner. See? I said you could have cheese!

baked tuscan chicken and potatoes close up

2. Deliciously Light Bake Tuscan Chicken

Traditionally heavy on oil, cream, and cheese, this is a lightened-up version that proves slimming chicken recipes don’t have to be boring. It’s also pretty versatile and can be served on the side of different foods, including potatoes, pasta, or bread. Even just a side of vegetables if you’re looking to reduce your carb intake.

Mexican rice bowl with brown rice and chicken.

3. Weight Watchers Spicy Mexican Chicken Burrito Bowl

Burrito bowls always look impressive and are just as tasty. Using Mexican spices, the chicken sits atop a bowl of wholesome and heart-healthy brown rice. If you want to make the bowl a tad more indulgent, you can top it with Greek yogurt, avocado, salsa or cheese.

ww chicken parmesan on plate with salad

4. Weight Watchers Chicken Parmesan

Breaded chicken doesn’t have to be fattening or unhealthy when you make it yourself. A little trick with this recipe is to season the breadcrumbs for a real punch of flavor. You can opt to have the chicken on the side of a salad, zucchini noodles, brown rice, or potatoes. Basically, it goes with everything!

weight watchers chicken tacos on white plate

5. Weight Watchers Chicken Tacos

This recipe uses slow-roasted poblano salsa but it’s such a versatile recipe you can sub in any type of salsa to pair with the chicken. Red cabbage is used raw to give the taco a fresh crunch, while the lime gives a sharp tang. The avocado adds creaminess as well as healthy fat, leaving you fuller for longer.

weight watchers buffalo chicken soup

6. Weight Watchers Buffalo Chicken Soup

This is a hearty soup for a cold autumnal day. Soup is a fantastic way to pile vegetables into your meal, while the chicken here gives a protein boost often lacking in soup recipes. It’s made in the crock pot and can be made in big batches and frozen for later.

Weight Watchers Chicken Noodle Soup

7. Weight Watchers Chicken Noodle Soup

Everyone needs a go-to chicken noodle soup recipe, and this is yours! There is no need for something like chicken noodle soup to be anything other than low-calorie and healthy. It’s also a one-pot crock pot recipe, so quick and easy, and freezes very well for those days you wake up feeling under the weather.

bowl of weight watchers taco soup

8. Weight Watchers Chicken Taco Soup

Amp up this recipe by adding shredded cheese and a side of tortilla chips if you’re feeling like a treat. The delicious flavors of Mexico are all over this delicious taco soup. Shredded chicken gives a healthy protein boost, and it’s packed with plenty of vegetables as well.

air fryer cajun chicken bites

9. Cajun Chicken Bites

Sometimes it can feel like we use the same spices in every meal, and every so often we just want to say no to cumin and paprika. In this dish, the Cajun seasoning is the unique stand-out flavor. Pair it with rice or potatoes and you’ll have yourself a beautiful meal.

Weight watchers friendly greek chicken bowl

10. Easy Greek Chicken Salad Bowls

This meal can be easily prepped on a Sunday afternoon, ready for the week ahead. It comprises chunky chopped salad vegetables and slices of baked chicken. The feta can then be crumbled and added in just before consuming, for a salty and tasty meal. Who said low-calorie chicken recipes had to be boring?

Baked Chicken Bruschetta

11. Baked Bruschetta Chicken

If creating a meal from an appetizer sounds appealing to you, check this recipe out. It takes the flavors of bruschetta and adds them to chicken for a complete meal. Serve alongside bread or potatoes for a hearty dinner.

chicken broccoli fettucini alfredo in black frying pan

12. One-Pot Chicken Broccoli Fettuccini Alfredo

For a low-calorie creamy sauce, this recipe calls for low-fat milk combined with a small amount of cream to pull off that indulgent flavor. Broccoli is the main veggie added, giving a boost of immune and hormone support.

weight watchers friendly chicken bowl

13. Easy Chicken Burrito Bowls

Burrito bowls start with a base of rice and you add from there. This recipe idea calls for sweetcorn, cheese, and salsa to be added on top. The chicken used is ground and cooked in a yummy Mexican-spice combo.

Sweet and Spicy baked chicken

14. Sweet & Spicy Baked Chicken

You’ve heard of sweet and sour, but what about sweet and spicy? If you can believe it, it’s even better. The flavors balance each other out beautifully and it’s not as syrupy as a sweet and sour sauce. This recipe calls for the chicken breasts to be baked in a delicious combination of sugar-free syrup mixed with three types of chili. 

Sheet Pan Chicken Shawarma

15. Sheet Pan Shawarma

Middle Eastern flavors are used in this yummy chicken wrap. All cooked on the same sheet, making clean up a breeze, it’s easy to throw together in a pinch. Flavors include paprika, turmeric, and cumin, while the delicious drizzle sauce is based with yogurt.

Chicken enchilada pasta bake

16. Chicken Enchilada Pasta Bake

This dinner idea takes the components of an enchilada and throws them all in a pasta bake. Much easier than piecing together enchiladas for sure! And just as delicious, making it a perfect weeknight family dinner.

spoonful of slow cooker chicken and dumplings

17. Slow Cooker Chicken & Dumplings

Is there anything that screams comfort food more than chicken and dumplings? Made in the slow cooker, the aroma of this hearty meal will waft through the house all day. The sauce calls for low-fat Cambell’s cream of chicken soup, but it sure doesn’t taste like you’ve skimped on the calories!

Caesar Chicken on white plate

18. Caesar Baked Chicken

There is something satisfying about a good chicken caesar salad. The chicken here is perfectly baked and accompanies the classic romaine lettuce and yummy dressing. The ingredients of caesar dressings can vary wildly, this one calls for a simple pre-made low-cal option.

healthy slow cooker pulled chicken

19. Easy Slow Cooker Pulled Chicken

The options for this pulled chicken are endless, add it to a white roll, to salad, or even top nachos with it. Made in a crock pot, it shredded easily after cooking for hours. The sauce combo is similar to that of pulled pork, but the chicken makes it more friendly to the waistline. 

Chipotle and Lime chicken burgers

20. Chipotle and Lime Chicken Burgers

You’ll feel like a queen after serving up these flavourful burgers. The seasonings can also be played around with to create slightly different versions, for example using cajun seasoning instead of chipotle. They can be cooked at home or on the grill if it’s summer, and served alongside a salad or healthy homemade fries.

three southwest chicken tacos with toppings

21. Southwest Chicken Tacos

Looking for a way to shake up Taco Tuesday? This recipe is a good place to start. It has you dumping salsa and veg into a crockpot and cooking slowly over chicken. When you’re ready to eat, just shred it up and throw it in a tortilla!

Healthy Chicken Fritters

22. Cheesy Chicken Fritters

We’ve all heard of potato fritters, but chicken fritters? These are super easy to make, you’re basically just combining chopped chicken with egg, cheese, flour, and herbs. The ‘fritters’ are then lightly fried and served with a side salad. They can be made in bulk and frozen, making them ideal for meal prepping.

Artichoke Asiago Stuffed Chicken

23. Artichoke & Asiago Stuffed Chicken

If you can stuff a chicken breast with cheese and bacon, why can’t you stuff it with artichoke and asiago dip? Literally no reason. This delectable dish is satisfying and best served with a small dose of roast potatoes. Or a salad if you’re that way inclined…

two white chicken chili tacos in hand

24. White Chicken Chili Tacos

These oozing tacos taste like they shouldn’t be low-calorie. Be sure to use corn tortillas for a more authentic flavor, they also crisp up when baked in the oven than flour tortillas. Because they are filled and baked before serving it makes the clean-up much quicker than a self-serve taco night! 

Cucumber Chicken Ranch Wraps

25. Spinach, Cucumber, Chicken & Ranch Wraps

Homemade ranch dressing is the key to making this low-calorie. Often in recipes, there are very simple changes to lighten them up. The spinach adds a boost of iron, calcium, and magnesium, while the chicken amps up the protein level which is important in weight loss.

Healthy Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

26. Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

Meatballs don’t have to be served with a mountain of spaghetti. These meatballs are satisfying enough on their own, brushed with a delicious buffalo sauce. They can be eaten as a meal or served as part of a party spread.

Pineapple chicken and rice wraps

27. Pineapple Chicken and Rice Wraps

Flatbreads are a great way to change up the way you serve a meal. Bored of scrambled eggs and bacon? Roll it in a flatbread and call it a breakfast burrito! This recipe takes a tasty pineapple chicken recipe and pops it in a wrap for a more convenient way to eat it.

Coconut Chicken Curry Soup

28. Coconut Chicken Curry Soup 

Using light coconut milk in this soup makes a significant difference in the calorie count without sacrificing flavor. The delicious spice combination mixes curry powder, garam masala, and turmeric for a healthy and rich-tasting soup. The chicken is easily made in the crockpot to be shredded and added to the soup base.

Chicken Fajita Rolls

29. Chicken Fajita Rolls

This idea takes the heavy meal of chicken fajitas and turns them into an appetizer. They are the perfect addition to a party spread, especially when served with a cute dipping bowl of Pico de Gallo. Almost like a taquito, spring roll wrappers are filled with fajita mix and fried to create something akin to a Mexican spring roll!

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