There’s nothing better than a warm bowl of hearty soup on a cold day. Below you will find 32 of the best weight watchers soup recipes.  

I’ve tried to include a big variety of types of soups–some with vegetable broth, some with chicken broth, and some with beef broth.

When you scroll down you’ll see vegetable soups, pasta soups, and soups with meat in them. 

I’ve also tried to include soups with a variety of preparations—so if you prefer to use your crock pot, instant pot, or just the stove top you should be all set. 

The one thing these soups all have in common is that they are all low point weight watcher soup recipes. So all of these soups are designed to help you with your healthy eating and weight loss goals. 

I know that a lot of readers are using some of the older weight watchers plans, so I have included points from a wide variety of the classic weight watcher plans. If you want all the details on the newest plan, you can find my post on the new weight watchers plan here. 

One of the best parts of soup is that there are endless ways to vary the recipes to your own taste. When you click any of the recipes below, you will find many ways you can tweak these recipes to fit your personal tastes. 

Bowl of weight watchers friendly creamy turkey potato soup

1. Creamy turkey potato & corn soup 

I love using the crock pot to make this hearty soup. Just brown the meat, then throw everything into the crock pot in the morning–and you have dinner taken care of before you even start your day. 

I think the ground turkey pairs perfectly with a mix of creamed corn and southwestern corn, but if you prefer a different protein, I will walk you through how to substitute other meat choices in the recipe. 

And in the post, I also share a couple tricks for shaving off a couple more ww points from the recipe. 

Bowl of slow cooker beef and barley weight watchers soup
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2. Slow cooker beef & barley soup 

Fresh vegetables, barley, and chunks of seared sirloin simmer in beef broth in this weight watchers friendly soup. In the recipe post, I’ll show you how to substitute ground beef, or a leaner meat like ground chicken if you want to lower your weight watchers points even more. Simply enter your preferred protein into your WW app to see your exact point total if you make a change. 

This is the perfect slow cooker soup recipe for a cold day. In the recipe post, I’ll show you my favorite fresh herbs to sprinkle on top of the soup before you serve. 

Pot of WW broccoli cauliflower soup

3. Broccoli & cauliflower cheddar soup

This low point WW broccoli and cauliflower cheddar soup is creamy and delicious. This soup cooks so quickly, I just make it on the stove top. If you love making soup, an immersion blender is your best friend, but if you don’t have one, don’t worry–I’ll show you how you can make this soup in a traditional blender also. \

I love how much flavor sauteed garlic and onion add to the chicken broth of this delicious soup. I used reduced fat-cheddar cheese in this version of the soup, but in the recipe I will show you other cheese options  you could use. 

Another thing that makes this a great recipe is that you can easily make large amounts of this soup and then freeze it–this tasty soup reheats really well.

4. Instant Pot Moroccan-Spiced Lentil Stew 

The Instant Pot makes this delicious weight watchers soup recipe incredibly quick and easy–just 25 minutes cook time! 

This lentil soup recipe uses French green lentils, but you can certainly substitute a different type of lentil if you prefer. If you do decide to substitute a different type of lentil just make sure to adjust your cook time to match–because each type of lentil has its own ideal cook time. has a wonderful resource “How to cook lentils” if you decide to try a different type of lentil. 

When the stew comes out of the Instant Pot, add a little lemon juice to brighten it up, and then garnish with fresh parsley and cilantro. 

Bowl of weight watchers friendly cabbage roll soup

5. Slow cooker cabbage roll soup

This healthy soup is packed with lots of veggies and is only 1 point on WW. The veggies are the star of this recipe–chopped cabbage, fresh red peppers, diced tomatoes, and chopped celery simmer in a vegetable broth flavored with tomato paste. 

I love to add ground turkey to this weight watchers cabbage soup as a way to pack some lean protein into the meal. 

This version of the recipe also includes white rice–and the rice makes up most of the ww points on the old purple plan and blue plan–but you can definitely leave the rice out if you are looking for a zero points soup recipe. 

Bowl of roasted carrot and pumpkin soup (zero weight watchers points)

6. Zero point roasted carrot and pumpkin soup

This delicious soup is zero ww points. It’s zero points on both the old freestyle program and zero points on the personal points program. So, you can enjoy this healthy, creamy soup completely guilt-free! 

If you have made many soups, you will know that the classic way to increase flavor is to add more salt and add more fat to increase creaminess. This heart-healthy soup has tons of flavor without pouring in a mountain of extra salt.  The secret is the combination of spices–coriander, ginger, cumin and cinnamon–which layer in complex flavor without sending your blood pressure through the roof. 

When you check out this vegetarian friendly soup recipe, you will see how canned pumpkin adds so much creaminess that you won’t even miss the heavy cream. 

7. Easy Lentil Swiss Chard Soup Recipe

This is another wonderful healthy lentil soup recipe. I love how the subtle sweetness of the swiss chard complements the earthiness of the lentils. Under the old weight watchers smart points plan this comes in at just 1 blue point and 1 purple point. 

This recipe comes from, and the post includes tons of valuable information about the benefits of swiss chard. 

This soup is a great comfort food that will warm you up on a cold night. 


Bowl of www golden chickpea and cauliflower soup

8. Crock pot golden chickpea and cauliflower soup 

I made this soup because I wanted to take advantage of the zero point foods in the old weight watchers freestyle program. I had intended to freeze the extra soup–but it was so good that not much of it made it to the freezer! 

This is another soup recipe that is perfect for the crock pot. Just sautee the chickpeas and cauliflower with a couple cloves of diced garlic in vegetable oil. Then pour vegetable broth over the fresh veggies, close the lid and cook on low heat–and just like that–voila your dinner plans are set. 

In the recipe post, I’ll show you the spices I use to season this vegetable soup. I’ll also show you how to cut the cooking time in half if you are running low on time. 

Bowl of slow cooker chicken taco soup

9. Slow cooker chicken taco weight watchers soup

This weight watchers taco soup recipe is delicious and so simple to make, to top it off it is zero smart points on WW freestyle!

I love how the fresh bell peppers, red onions, and corn pair with the ground chicken. If anyone ever tells you that weight watchers recipes can’t be delicious, make this for them. It is sure to be a fan favorite. 

In the recipe, I share tips for getting the most flavor out of this soup–plus I talk about a few variations (anyone like black beans?)

Bowl of low ww point bacond cheeseburger soup

10. Bacon cheeseburger soup

Sometimes you just want bacon. And this low point bacon cheeseburger soup is the perfect way to get some more bacon into your life without blowing up your diet. 

This is another soup that is perfect for the slow cooker. Once you get all the ingredients in the slow cooker it’s just 3-4 hours on high heat for the perfect hearty soup. 

When you see how I got the potatoes into this recipe, you might think I’m crazy–but trust me–just give it a try. 

11. Green Pea Soup with Panko-Almond Topping 

This soup is worth making once simply because it is so beautiful. The bright green soup is striking when served in a white bowl. Make it for a dinner party–your guests will be impressed! 

Thankfully, this soup tastes as good as it looks. And since peas are a zero point vegetable, this soup is also a certified low-point weight watchers recipe. 

And this green pea soup cooks so quickly you can easily make it in a large saucepan on the stove top. Give it a try, you won’t regret it! 

Bowl of weight watchers friendly buffalo chicken soup

12. Buffalo chicken soup

If you have been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I am a huge fan of buffalo chicken

Frank’s hot sauce provides tons of flavor for this soup’s broth. And using my zero smart point ranch dressing recipe keeps this recipe low on points.

Try this soup for your next game day party—your guests will leave impressed. 

Bowl of weight watchers friendly curry cauliflower soup (zero points)

13. Zero points creamy curry cauliflower soup

This delicious curry cauliflower soup has zero weight watchers points! 

I love how fast this tasty soup comes together. It cooks in about 30 minutes on the stove top on medium heat. 

The pureed cauliflower is silky smooth and the soup has tons of flavor thanks to the curry powder, chili powder, and cayenne pepper. 

This recipe is also incredibly versatile. In the post, I’ll show you how you can transform this same base into a flavorful sauce for chicken and rice

14. Weight Watchers Cabbage Soup Recipe (zero point)

This tasty weight watchers cabbage soup recipe is another zero point recipe. 

This healthy soup is stuffed full of fresh veggies–green beans, crushed tomatoes, carrots and, of course, cabbage. The chicken broth is bursting with flavor thanks to the italian seasoning and parsley. 

This is a perfect hearty soup for a cold afternoon. The recipe post by is definitely worth checking out–it includes tons of variations (I love the idea of adding red pepper flakes) and a lot of details about the health benefits of eating cabbage. 

15. Smoked Ham Soup with White Beans

If you are looking for a flavorful filling soup, this weight watchers friendly soup recipe is for you. 

The soup is bursting with flavor thanks to chunks of smoked ham. The nutty earthiness of the white beans pairs perfectly with the smokiness of the ham. 

This soup is so hearty it’s sure to satisfy even the hungriest eater. 

RecipeGirl also provides tips for how to make this recipe gluten-free. Give this recipe a try, you won’t regret it. 

Bowl of weight watchers chicken noodle soup

16. Slow cooker chicken noodle soup

Chicken noodle soup is the classic comfort food–and for good reason–it’s delicious! This version uses zero points veggies and lean chicken breast to keep the weight watchers points low. 

I like using rotini for the pasta–the shape holds up well to the flavor of the chicken soup–but you should feel free to use your own favorite pasta. If you are serving this soup to kids, it can be entertaining to mix in some fun pasta shapes. 

This is another soup recipe where the slow cooker comes in very handy–I like to cook the soup on low heat for about 7 hours. 

Bowl of ww loaded baked potato soup

17. Loaded baked potato weight watcher soup 

This baked potato soup comes in a bit higher on weight watchers points than most of the other soup recipes on this list–but it tastes so good it’s worth splurging. 

The classic flavor pairing of bacon, cheese, green onion, and potatoes come together to make a hearty soup that will quickly become a family favorite. 

Using the slow-cooker makes this a perfect 1 pot meal

Creamy tomato tortellini weight watchers soup

18. Creamy tomato tortellini WW soup

This hearty weight watchers tortellini soup is perfect for a cold winter day. 

I used the crock pot to make this tasty soup, but you can easily make it on the stovetop if you prefer. This low point pasta soup is a real crowd pleaser. 

I love to top this great soup with my low-point crouton recipe

19. Weight Watchers Garden Vegetable Soup Recipe

This soup is an incredibly simple way to get your daily veggies in. 

Simply spray a large saucepan with nonstick cooking spray, sautee the aromatics on low heat, then add the vegetable broth, tomato paste, as well as fresh green beans, and cabbage. In 20 minutes you’ll have a delicious weight watchers garden vegetable soup. 

This recipe comes from The best part of this recipe is that you can easily substitute seasonal vegetables–so it will be just as good in the spring or fall as it is in the winter. 

Bowl of ww cauliflower potato leek soup

20. Weight watchers friendly Cauliflower, potato and leek soup

This delicious vegetarian friendly soup uses no fat greek yogurt to add creaminess to the classic flavor combination of potato and leeks. 

Long-time readers of this blog will know that greek yogurt is one of my favorite tricks for lightening up recipes. 

It doesn’t take long to master this trick, but once you do you can use it to lighten up any classic cream of vegetable soup.

Bowl of crock pot butternut squash pumpkin soup

21. Crock pot butternut squash & pumpkin soup (1 weight watchers point)

 I love how the creaminess that coconut milk adds to Thai soups like Tom Kha Gai. My idea for this soup was to start with classic autumn vegetables butternut squash and pumpkin and use coconut milk to bring that subtle light creaminess that you get in Thai coconut soups.

I was really happy with how it turned out. I used granny smith apples, cinnamon, and nutmeg to sweeten the soup–it tastes like a big holiday hug.

You know I love a little extra heat in my food, so I added some cayenne, but you can definitely skip it if you don’t like spicy food as much as I do. 

22. A Completely Guilt-Free Recipe Weight Watchers Zero Point Asian Soup

This zero point weight watchers soup from UncleJerrysKitchen manages to feel light while also filling you up. 

The vegetable broth is flavored with ginger, garlic, scallion, and red pepper flakes. Fresh bok choy, napa cabbage, and red bell pepper simmer in the delicious broth for just a short time. 

The soup is finished with some fresh bean sprouts, soy sauce, and snow peas. If you are in the mood for an asian inspired weight watcher friendly soup–you should definitely check this recipe out. You won’t be disappointed. 

Weight watchers friendly creamy chicken and bacon alfredo soup

23. Creamy chicken and bacon alfredo soup

The broth of this weight watchers friendly soup recipe is absolutely delicious. The alfredo sauce infuses so much richness into the chicken broth. The bacon adds a wonderful salty smokiness. The result is a truly decadent broth. 

 The shredded chicken is cooked in the broth for about 2 hours on high in the crock pot. 

In the recipe card, I show you my tips for making the recipe even more creamy

Weight watchers coconut chicken curry soup

24. Coconut chicken curry soup

This recipe is so hearty and flavorful you won’t believe it’s low on ww points. 

Fragrant spices like curry powder, turmeric, and garam masala pair beautifully with the coconut milk to create a delicious broth. Shredded chicken simmers in the broth for 3 hours in the crock pot on low. 

In the recipe post, I share some extra tips for lightening up the recipe.

I think the soup would probably freeze well–but it’s so delicious you won’t have any leftovers! 

Bowl of weight watchers broccoli cheese soup

25. Low point broccoli cheese soup 

This delicious low point soup uses almond milk instead of heavy cream. The result is a delicious healthy soup that is silky smooth. 

For the cheese, I recommend a combination of light cream cheese and mozzarella, but you can definitely substitute your favorite cheese. 

Finish the soup with a few pieces of bacon. It’s a guaranteed hit. 

26. Low Calorie Slow Cooker Stuffed Pepper Soup

I found this recipe on–I love the backstory about how she discovered this soup, you should definitely head over and check it out. 

Stuffed peppers are one of my favorite meals, and I love how this recipe incorporates all the delicious flavors into this hearty soup. 

The recipe post includes both a version with rice and a version without rice to lower WW points. If you can’t live without the rice, but don’t want the extra points, you could try substituting cauliflower rice as well. 

This really is a lovely delicious soup, I fully recommend it. 

Bowl of weight watchers friendly creamy potato cauliflower cheesy soup

27. Weight watchers friendly creamy potato & cauliflower cheesy soup 

This soup is another excellent choice for maintaining a healthy diet without sacrificing flavor.  This soup also uses almond milk instead of heavy cream. The result is a creamy soup that isn’t quite so heavy as the classic version. 

In the recipe post, I will show you how you can use aioli to add an extra burst of flavor to this magical soup. 

French onion soup in two bowls topped with bread and melted cheese.


French onion soup is a classic dish that originated in France. It’s made primarily from onions and is often served with toasted bread and melted cheese on top.To adapt this soup to the Weight Watchers diet, use olive oil and butter instead of sugar, use 2 slices of whole wheat bread, and a lean, low-sodium beef broth. It’s still absolutely warming and delicious. 

bowl of cowboy soup with bread


Cowboy soup is a hearty dish with roots in American Western cuisine. It includes beef, beans, vegetables, and spices, and can be made with any kind of beans or beef you have on hand. Cowboy soup is a great dish to make for a rainy Sunday or for a work potluck. You can also make it vegetarian by using just beans and vegetables.

zero point veggie soup in white bowl


This zero point Weight Watchers vegetable soup is delicious and versatile, you can easily incorporate a wide range of zero point vegetables that you have in your fridge. It freezes beautifully, and so it’s easy to make ahead of time and re-heat when you are ready. It definitely needs to be on your weekly soup rotation during the cold months. 

Tomato-based Southwest chicken soup in a bowl with a spoon.


This Chili’s Southwest Chicken Soup copycat recipe is a creamy, protein-packed soup that is perfect for a cold night. The soup is made with a variety of flavorful ingredients, including chicken, tomatoes, hominy, and chili powder. It’s easy to make and versatile, and it’s a good source of vitamins A and C.

Ham and bean soup in a bowl with spoon.


Ham and bean soup is a classic comfort food that can be made in under 15 minutes and is a good source of protein, fiber, and iron. This healthy soup recipe is made with fresh ingredients, including beans, vegetables, and herbs. It is low in fat and calories and a great way to use up leftover vegetables.

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32 Delicious Weight Watchers Soups

zero point vegetable soup in white bowl


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