New changes have come to the Weight Watchers program in the form of more ZeroPoint foods. This new change benefits you in two ways- you get more foods to choose from without having to spend your daily points. And because ZeroPoint foods are very healthy, you’ll be introducing even more vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients into your diet. Let’s take a look at what these foods are. 

What are the Zero Point foods? 

Weight Watchers has given you over 200 ZeroPoint foods to choose from. They won’t all be listed here (check your ww app!) but the general categories are lean meats, fruits, veggies, high-fiber grains, and non-fat dairy. Here is a short list that Weight Watchers gives as a sneak peek:

  • Non-starchy veggies (think anything green!) 
  • Fruit
  • Fat-free yogurt and cottage cheese
  • Eggs and Poultry
  • Fish and Shellfish
  • Tofu and Tempeh
  • Corn and Popcorn
  • Beans, peas, lentils

Why are Zero Point foods zero points? 

You might be thinking, all food has calories, right? How can these foods be zero points? Yes, these foods have calories, but the point of WW is to change food behavior and help you create a healthy lifestyle. By making these foods zero points, WW is nudging you to choose them over higher point foods. The ZeroPoint foods are all very nutrient-dense and foods that you wouldn’t have any issues with eating too much of. 

Do these changes affect my daily points? 

You may see a decrease in overall daily points due to the length of the ZeroPoints food list. With over 200 foods to choose from, WW lowered daily points to encourage you to choose these zero point foods instead. 

What if I overeat the Zero Point foods? 

The likelihood of you bingeing on cauliflower and kale is very low. WW specifically picked foods that are going to make you feel good after you eat them, and satisfied. They won’t leave you with a sugar crash and craving more food like processed food does. As long as you eat normally- you won’t be at risk of overeating. For example: if you normally have 2 eggs at breakfast, keep that the same. If you realize you’re hungry a bit later, add another egg the next morning. Don’t start out eating 4-5 eggs if you’ve never done that before just because they’re zero points. 

What If I don’t like the Zero Point foods? 

The list of recipes compiled below uses Zero Point foods in a variety of ways. No one likes to eat plain veggies- so take advantage of this list and find something you will like! 

Zero Point Food- Lean Protein

Turkey Salsa Cheese Stuffed Burgers

Weight Watchers Turkey Burgers

Poultry is a ZeroPoint food and normally, chicken breast and ground turkey get a bad rap for being bland and dry. But these turkey burgers are delicious and moist. You can fill up on these for dinner or lunch and feel good about it. 

cooked coconut shrimp and asparagus

Weight Watchers Air Fryer Coconut Shrimp 

Shrimp is a great ZeroPoint option, but why just have shrimp when you can make Air Fryer Coconut Shrimp! This would make a great appetizer if you’re in charge of bringing one to your next dinner party. That way you can make sure there’s going to be something there you can fill up on. 

ZeroPoint Food – Veggies

cabbage roll soup in crock pot

Weight Watchers Cabbage Soup

Don’t skip this recipe just because it has cabbage in it. This soup is warm and filling and has tons of ZeroPoint vegetables. It’s a great way to use up any veggies that may be on their last leg. 

Bowl of taco soup ready to be served.
Source: Drizzle Me Skinny

Weight Watchers Taco Soup 

This soup has lean meat, lots of veggies, and some corn which takes advantage of several foods on the list. The flavor is the star of this though. It will hit the spot on a cold night! 

ZeroPoint Food – Vegan Options

cooked vegan chicken nuggets

Vegan Chicken Nuggets

This recipe is gold for a vegan looking to stay on track with their Weight Watchers plan. Oats, cauliflower, and beans make up the “meaty” texture and all fall on the ZeroPoint list. Add a bunch of spices, and you’ve got vegan chicken nuggets! 

vegan blueberry muffins ingredients

Vegan Blueberry Muffins

Again, since oats were placed on the list, you can do quite a bit with them! They’re high in fiber and a great carb for energy. Use fresh blueberries instead of dried in this recipe, and you’ve got a no-bake muffin for just a few points. 

Finished air fryer zucchini fritters with dipping sauce

Air Fryer Zucchini Fritters

Completely vegan and zero points- you can’t get a snack better than that. With these veggie fritters, not only are you getting a delicious treat, but you’re also getting in some of your daily vitamins and minerals. 

Zero Point Food- Fruit

Jello grapes ready for a snack
Source: Drizzle Me Skinny

Zero Point Weight Watchers Jello Grapes

Not only is this recipe a breeze to make (your kids can do it!), but it’ll also kick that candy craving without using any of your points! 

Banana bread loaf with one piece cut out
Source: Drizzle Me Skinny

Weight Watchers Banana Bread

Since fruit is zero points, of course you should make banana bread! This recipe only has a few tbsp of sugar total, so the slices come out to be 4 points each. You may even have a little room to add a few sugar-free chocolate chips. 

Zero Point Food – Fun Food

weight watchers pizza sitting on wood block

Weight Watchers Pizza

You want to keep this recipe in your weekly rotation because it is so versatile. You can add however many veggies you want to make it more filling. You can even bulk it up with lean ground turkey and not have to worry about adding any more points to it. 

weight watchers key lime pie

Weight Watchers Key Lime Pie

While the banana bread is a comforting wintertime treat, this key lime pie is perfect for spring and summer. And it only has a few ingredients! The sugar-free lime jello is zero points, which makes each slice only 5 points. And you can whip the whole thing up in about 10 minutes. 

Use these recipes to plan out your weekly menu and take advantage of filling up on healthy, nutrient-dense foods. You’ll feel great and will be able to​​ use the extra points for a splurge on the weekend. 

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Weight Watchers Zero Point Foods (2024)

vegan blueberry muffins ingredients
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  1. Thank you. I thought Dish with Dee mentioned non fat milk but no. That’s too bad. Otherwise I am satisfied with plan no points list. Will see points I am allowed.

  2. Why are animal products 0 points when we know how unhealthy they are for heart and brain health and diseases like T2,hypertension, lipid profiles, etc., are damaging to the climate, and is a cruel practice? At the very least, they have no fiber and their nutritional profile is nowhere near as varied as whole plant foods.