Turkey is an excellent alternative to red meats like beef. If you’re not sure you’re ready to make the switch, hear me out because there are so many benefits to using ground turkey in your cooking. 

It’s an excellent source of protein, which helps you feel fuller for longer and helps your body turn fat into muscle. The niacin in turkey is great for both your digestive and nervous systems, while the vitamin B6 content boosts brain function and your immune system.

If you’re not sold yet, what if we told you it tastes pretty good too? By adding in low-calorie/zero-point herbs and spices or ingredients like jalapenos, cheese, or sun-dried tomato, it’s a really versatile meat flavor-wise. Other meats can have quite a strong flavor of themselves, but with turkey, you have many more options because its original flavor is quite mild.

Check out these 17 Weight Watchers ground turkey recipes and see what you think!

Turkey Salsa Cheese Stuffed Burgers

1. Weight Watchers Turkey Burgers

For when you still want to enjoy BBQ season but don’t want to compromise your healthy eating, these turkey burgers are a good alternative. The addition of salsa to the turkey stops it from tasting dry, while the mozzarella oozing out the middle is a delicious low-fat choice of cheese.

2. Easy Ground Turkey Pasta

Pasta is such an easy meal to whip up but doesn’t contain much more than gluten and carbs. Adding in ground turkey gives it a good boost of protein and goodness. A yummy selection of herbs are added giving it a delicious flavor, while the mozzarella cheese is a low-cal choice that still gives that cheesy texture making it a more ‘complete’ meal than just a bowl of pasta.

bowl of turkey and potato and corn soup

3. Creamy Turkey, Potato, and Corn Soup

When you think of ground turkey, you don’t jump straight to soup. However, it really works! Often soups are either full of vegetables and not much protein, or are more filling but packed with fat from ingredients like cream. This recipe still uses cream but works out at only five points per serving, which is pretty good for a tasty and filling soup, packed with protein!

4. Turkey Sloppy Joe Pasta Bake

Sloppy Joe’s…. A childhood favorite! But certainly not Weight Watchers-friendly. This recipe uses ground turkey instead of the traditional ground beef, immediately transforming the fat and health content. It takes the concept of a Sloppy Joe and turns it into a pasta bake, less messy but still a sure-fire crowd-pleaser for the family.

bowl of turkey stew

5. Turkey Stew

This stew is a crockpot recipe, which works out at only one point per serving. So feel free to tuck into many servings at each sitting! It also freezes well, so a great choice for a batch bake. The secret ingredient is the Worcestershire sauce, giving the stew a lovely tang.

greek turkey burgers

6. Greek Turkey Burgers with Tzatziki Sauce

Turkey burgers are so versatile due to the mild flavor the meat has. It means you can essentially use turkey with any flavor you want because there isn’t anything that won’t pair with the taste of it. Looking around the world for inspiration, how about the flavors of Greece? The feta is absolutely delicious, and the homemade tzatziki is so fresh you’ll feel like you’re hanging out in Mykonos.

7. Turkey Sausage Rolls

Slightly more indulgent than other ground turkey recipes because of the puff pastry. But, everything in moderation as they say! The pastry is rolled nice and thinly so you’re not getting a huge hit of fat in each bite, making them work out at two points per roll. These can be eaten as a snack, or paired with a salad for a meal.

8. One Pot Turkey Rigatoni

Any recipe only using one pot is worth a try! A pretty classic dish, this calls for a base of onions, peppers, and garlic with a nice tomato sauce. The ground turkey adds a good texture and a dose of protein.

Weight Watchers Turkey Sausage

9. Turkey Breakfast Sausage Patties

Eating ground turkey for breakfast is an ideal way to get some protein into your morning. It’s much healthier than bacon and sausages, too! These are delicious served alongside some breakfast potatoes, and even a soft egg to dip them in the yolk.

10. Turkey Cheesy Queso Dip

Does anyone else love to step up their dip game when hosting? This is perfect for New Year’s Eve, or the Superbowl, or actually, any kind of celebration gathering. It essentially contains everything you need from a meal too, so don’t feel bad if you eat this for dinner!

11. Turkey Sloppy Joe Tater Tot Casserole

How to enjoy tater tots for breakfast while still passing for an adult? This casserole, that’s how. By adding ground turkey and shredded cheese, it definitely becomes acceptable to chow down on these mini hash browns no matter what your age.

12. Turkey Taco Croissant Cups

It’s a lot of effort to create a taco bar when guests come over, but these taco cups are the perfect compromise. They have everything you want in a taco, but without everyone awkwardly eating them while trying not to spill them or the multiple dishes to wash up after the party. They also look super cute!

13. Turkey Roasted Pepper Skillet

Homemade roasted red peppers are what makes this recipe stand out. After you’ve done it once, you’ll never go back to store-bought! The cumin and chili powder used add a smoky taste, and the final cook melts the cheese beautifully.

14. Turkey Bacon Cheeseburger Dip

Another dip recipe to pull out for the big events you want to impress at! At a potluck you can’t bring over enough burgers for the whole party, but this dip shows you know where it’s at. The ground turkey and bacon are cooked separately while the ‘dip’ is mixed. Then it’s all added together, cooked under the grill, and topped with cheese and bacon. 

15. Turkey Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole

This tasty breakfast dish actually works for any meal of the day! It’s also delicious enough to eat for all three meals on the same day… A whopping 10 eggs are used, so make sure you stock up before baking this one!

16. Tex Mex Turkey Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s Pie is one of those comfort foods that reminds everyone of home and their mom or dad making them feel better. This recipe mixes up the classic Italian herb flavors by using tex mex inspired spices instead. Consider throwing in some salsa for a kick.

17. Turkey Meatloaf Muffins

This recipe was created with quick lunches or snacks in mind, but ones that are high in protein and goodness rather than carb or sugar-heavy. The ground turkey obviously gives the protein, but it has a bunch of veggies as well which helps make the muffins more moist and brimming with vitamins.

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17 Flavorful Weight Watchers Ground Turkey Recipes

Turkey Salsa Cheese Stuffed Burgers
Turkey is an excellent alternative to red meats like beef. Check out these 17 Weight Watchers ground turkey recipes and see what you think!
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