There are certain restaurant dishes that I crave over and over again. Whether it’s a juicy and tender Chik-Fil-A grilled sandwich or Olive Garden’s Asiago Tortelloni, these dishes are what I think of when I picture the perfect comfort food. Unfortunately, restaurant-style dishes don’t play so nicely with your Weight Watchers goals. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice your diet or never give in to your cravings. These delicious dupes taste as good as the original.

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1. Herb Grilled Salmon (Olive Garden Copycat)

At just three Weight Watchers points per serving, you can indulge yourself with one of Olive Garden’s most famous dishes, totally guilt-free. With flaky, dense salmon, buttery sauce spiked with Italian herbs, and a garlicky twist, this recipe tastes nearly identical to the original. Plus, it comes together quickly thanks to the fast-cooking salmon, and you can amp up the nutritional value by serving it alongside some roasted vegetables.

Crispy Brussel Sprouts on white plate

2. Red Lobster’s Brussels Sprouts

Red Lobster might be known for its mouthwatering cuisine, but it’s also the kind of spot where you can easily find yourself leaving a pants size larger than when you went in. These copycat sprouts are the perfect side dish, with three Weight Watchers points per serving and an Asian-inspired glaze packed with antioxidant-rich ginger. Plus, sprouts themselves are nutritional powerhouses, with plenty of fiber and vitamins. Use reduced-sodium soy sauce to keep your salt intake low, and enjoy with a sprinkle of fried onions for textural interest.

3. Redrock Grilled Shrimp (Longhorn Steakhouse)

The decadent surf to Longhorn Steakhouse’s selection of turfs, these grilled shrimp are a menu fave and will set you back just four Weight Watchers points per mouthwatering serving. An inspired combination of juicy jumbo shrimp, spicy cayenne pepper, garlic, and a splash of BBQ sauce, these shrimp are my go-to if I want something hearty and flavor-packed. Plus, the rice makes them a complete meal easy enough to prepare on a weeknight.

Fiesta lime chicken

4. Fiesta Lime Chicken (Applebees)

This dish is a long-standing staple on Applebees’ menu, and I’ve certainly ordered it a time or five in my life. It’s got a solid flavor profile, with the chicken being the perfect foil for lime, cheese, and seasoning. This variation is a mere four points and hits on all of the high notes of the original with creamy mozzarella cheese, marinara sauce, a hint of soy, and some taco seasoning for flavor depth. Finish it with coriander, and you have a dupe that tastes just like the original, with absolutely none of the original guilt. 

chick fil a

5. Chik-Fil-A Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Chik-Fil-A’s chicken is legendary, and their grilled chicken sandwich is a go-to for plenty of patrons. If you want to skip the drive-thru and save yourself the calories, you can do it at home for just five Weight Watchers points. You’ll get a lot of flavor bang from pickles and a bit of pickle juice, and enjoy a zesty marinade full of strong and harmonious flavors like paprika, celery salt, and garlic pepper.

bowl of red beans and rice

6. Popeye’s Red Beans and Rice 

This dupe does double-duty by staying super close to the original flavor palate and filling you up for hours to come. Enjoy it for five Weight Watchers points and get your daily dose of fiber thanks to canned red beans. The real flavor starter is the turkey bacon, but the spices deserve quite a bit of credit, especially fiery red pepper flakes and smoked paprika, which takes the rice to the next level. I always make this one; it’s super simple if you use canned beans, and it’s an economical, guilt-free, and utterly tasty treat.

7. Outback’s Blooming Chicken  

Outback’s Blooming Chicken is a variation on its staple and, arguably, most famous dish: the Blooming Onion. While Outback’s motto might be to not mess with perfection, we’ve tinkered with the recipe somewhat to give you all the fab flavor but a fraction of the calories. This dupe is only four points per serving and tastes just like the original. My trusty air fryer gives me that crave-able crunch without the calories, and a blend of Greek yogurt, Worcestershire, ketchup, and spices mimics the Blooming Onion perfectly.

Margherita Chicken top image

8. Olive Garden Grilled Chicken Margherita

You can enjoy a flawless Olive Garden dupe for just four Weight Watchers points per serving. This dish is a textural marvel, with zesty and velvety pesto, vibrant cherry tomatoes, and juicy chicken, all tied together with a citrusy sauce. Plus, it’s simple to prepare and can go from your pan to the dinner table in just shy of 30 minutes. If you’re craving Olive Garden, this recipe is a godsend for your wallet and waistline. 

Two egg bites and cup of espresso

9. Starbucks Instant Pot Egg Bites

If I’m in need of some serious rocket fuel in the morning, a steamy Starbucks venti will do the trick. I’m always tempted to grab one of their egg bites to go along with it until I remember that I can make this dupe at home for just one point per serving. There are so many things to adore about this recipe, least of all how Weight Watchers friendly it is, but what I really love is the fact that these little bites of joy are so versatile. Use anything you want, pop them in the instant pot, and you’ll have Starbucks dupes in less time than it takes to brew a proper coffee. 

Whataburger Patty Melt served with sauce

10. Whataburger Patty Melt

This Whataburger dupe will set you back 12 Weight Watchers points, which might seem like a lot until you consider what the original will do to your plan (hint: it’s nearly three times as much damage). If you want to indulge intelligently, cook up your own Whataburger patties and crown them with a mayonnaise and Dijon mustard sauce, some thick slices of cheddar, and an inspired spice blend that riffs on the restaurant’s recipe. 

Asiago Tortelloni Alfredo with Grilled Chicken

11. Asiago Tortelloni Alfredo With Grilled Chicken (Olive Garden)

Whenever I make this recipe, I feel like I’m giving myself a huge bear hug. It’s the ultimate cheesy comfort food, and with this smart dupe that tastes just like the real thing, you’ll only use 11 Weight Watchers points. This dish has a lot going for it, but the biggest thing has got to be that it tastes like it would pack on ten pounds. Instead, you’ll benefit from light Alfredo sauce and a few strategic pats of butter for a flavorful, diet-friendly indulgence. 

Giant Stuffed Cheese Shells served in a plate

12. Giant Cheese Stuffed Shells (Olive Garden)

Another celebration of carbs and cheese from everyone’s favorite Italian restaurant, these stuffed shell dupes from Olive Garden are ten Weight Watchers points for each shell. Enjoy tender pasta, gooey cheese, and creamy Alfredo sauce in every perfect bite. Thanks to a few smart substitutions, this recipe keeps the original flavor profile and shaves down the diet-busting calorie count at the same time.

copycat Chick-fil-A mac and cheese sauce

13. Chick-Fil-A Mac and Cheese

The pinnacle of Chick-Fil-A’s pantheon of side dishes, and this dupe with just over 11 Weight Watchers points per serving is an excellent way to treat yourself. It’s full of different, decadent cheeses, topped with crispy panko, and packed with fork-tender, flavorful macaroni. We all have those days when we need a plate of mac and cheese, and this is the one I reach for every time.

These dupes can help you stay on track with your Weight Watchers goals, and you won’t have to deprive yourself for a second. Plus, they’re simple to make, and most of them use ingredients that you have right at home. 

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