These mouthwatering lunch recipes have caught everyone’s attention, and for good reason! Although there are numerous delicious WW-friendly recipes to try out, sometimes you need an option that you can whip up quickly or prepare in advance for meal prep. Also, staying on track with your points is essential; enjoying low or moderate-point recipes during lunchtime can help you space your points throughout the day.

These recipes meet both of these standards. They are suitable for WW members and don’t require much preparation. Not to mention, each option has an incredible flavor that will want to make you cook it again and again! This list contains a variety of dishes, including soups, salads, wraps, sandwiches, and more. Whether you prefer a light option like Buffalo Chicken Wraps or a comforting dish like Creamy Turkey Potato and Corn Soup, there’s something for everyone to keep their energy up throughout the day.

Buffalo Chicken Pinwheels on Baking Sheet
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1. Buffalo Chicken Pinwheels

This spicy Buffalo Pinwheel recipe can be served with a side salad for a delicious, light lunch. It’s incredibly easy to make them since you can simply use low-carb tortillas instead of baking crescent dough or another dough type! The filling comprises shredded chicken, light cream cheese, light ranch dressing, reduced-fat cheese, and Frank’s hot sauce! These are super easy to make ahead and use for meal prep.

mini corndog muffins on white plate

2. Mini Corn Dog Muffins

Take a trip down memory lane by indulging in mini corn dogs for lunch! You can serve these with homemade potato wedges or another side dish. Each mini corn dog is only two points on the current Weight Watchers system. This recipe tastes like authentic corn dogs from the fair since the batter is made homemade with cornmeal, flour, sugar, and other ingredients. For best results, use hot dogs or another type of cooked sausage.

chicken alfredo wrap on plate

3. Chicken Alfredo Wraps

Enjoy the flavors of the classic Chicken Alfredo as a lunch wrap. This irresistible recipe features Alfredo sauce, chicken pieces, parmesan cheese, and crispy bacon pieces in an original Flatout wrap. This is a super quick lunch to throw together. It only takes 15 minutes from start to finish. Although it tastes incredibly savory and delicious, it is ultra-nutritious!

spinach and artichoke grilled cheese

4. Spinach and Artichoke Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Who doesn’t love a classic grilled cheese sandwich now and then? This recipe is an upgraded version. With a crispy, toasty outer layer and perfectly gooey cheese on the inside, these sandwiches are to die for. You’ll enjoy hints of asiago cheese, artichoke, baby spinach, light cream cheese, and garlic when you bite into them. Eat this with a small cup of soup if you want a more filling lunch!

buffalo chicken ranch wraps on white plate

5. Buffalo Chicken Wraps

There’s nothing like a Buffalo chicken wrap with crisp lettuce, creamy ranch dressing, chicken, and Frank’s hot sauce. This wrap is versatile because it can be served with so many different types of side dishes, or you can enjoy it as is. Each wrap is approximately 8 points! You can also swap out regular tortillas for Carb Balance or other alternative tortillas to make it lower in points.

Turkey taco pasta salad

6. Turkey Taco Pasta Salad

Although some people eat pasta salad as a side dish, you can enjoy it as a lunch with fresh fruit! This well-loved recipe combines zesty ingredients such as taco seasoning, peppers, calorie-wise Catalina dressing, and red onions. It also has juicy grape tomatoes, crisp iceberg lettuce, reduced-fat shredded cheese, and fat-free ground turkey. Although you can use any pasta shape, we suggest using rotini-style pasta.

broccoli cheddar soup

7. Broccoli and Cauliflower Cheddar Soup

When the weather is colder, enjoying a warm and comforting soup for lunch is nice. That’s why everyone loves this cheesy soup recipe! Usually, soups take a while to make, but you can make this one in just over a half-hour. You’ll need cauliflower, broccoli, red onions, and assorted seasonings with chicken broth to make it. Finish it with a bit of half-and-half and reduced-fat shredded cheese to make it creamy and rich.

turkey meatloaf muffins

8. Delicious and Healthy Meatloaf Muffins

Meatloaf doesn’t always have to be enjoyed as a heavy dinner with mashed potatoes. You can enjoy it for lunch, too, in the form of mini meatloaf muffins! This way, you can easily eat it on the go and pair it with lighter sides. These homemade meatloaf muffins cook for about 40 minutes. The primary components include fat-free ground turkey, peppers, onions, carrots, and zucchini, so it is packed with veggies!

Spinach and artichoke pasta salad in white bowl

9. Spinach and Artichoke Pasta Salad

Here is another pasta salad you can quickly make for a delicious lunch. To keep it low-point, we suggest using whole wheat pasta! Aside from that, you will need chopped spinach, artichoke, nonfat plain Greek yogurt, fat-free sour cream, and light mayo. Include mix-ins such as chopped garlic, red onions, and parmesan cheese, which give it more flavor depth.

weight watchers friendly chicken bowl

10. Easy Chicken Burrito Bowls

This quick lunch recipe only takes 25 minutes to make! You can even make it beforehand since it holds up well in the refrigerator, which is probably why so many people appreciate it! While enjoying this lunch, your taste buds will come across a variety of flavors and textures. It has rice, plump corn kernels, shredded cheese, seasoned ground chicken, and yummy Pico de gallo with diced jalapenos.

slow cooker sausage potato soup

11. Creamy Turkey Potato and Corn Soup

This cherished turkey and potato soup recipe is Weight Watchers-friendly. It’s a fantastic, flavorful lunch recipe that can also double as dinner. It has plenty of flavors, with ground turkey, diced onions, mini potatoes, and corn. It’s also deliciously creamy because of the creamed corn and heavy cream. Each serving is only five points on the current Weight Watcher system!

Cucumber Chicken Ranch Wraps

12. Spinach, Cucumber, Chicken, and Ranch Wraps

With only 10 minutes of preparation time, these unique wraps are a breeze to make! They will leave you feeling light yet satisfied. Each wrap has shredded chicken, providing you with plenty of protein. It also has fresh diced cucumber, spinach, and ranch dressing in a Protein Up Flatout Wrap. We suggest making homemade ranch dressing that is zero points! That way, it keeps the points amount lower for the entire meal.

weight watchers friendly flatout monte cristo sandwich

13. Monte Cristo Flatout Sandwich

Here’s another recipe that everyone can’t seem to get enough of. Although many people may consider Monte Cristo sandwiches more of a breakfast item, they also work as an early lunch! To make this recipe, you will need Flatout fold-it bread, eggs, milk, ranch dressing, deli ham, and asiago cheese. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to include some simple seasonings, too! You will love how quick and tasty these are.

easy chicken fritters on white plate

14. Easiest Chicken Fritters

Since these marvelous Chicken Fritters are only one point per serving on the current Weight Watchers system, this might just become your new favorite recipe. You can dip these chicken fritters into your favorite sauce or enjoy them with another side dish. They turn out nice and crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. For best results, use chicken breast meat and gather other ingredients such as parmesan cheese, garlic, basil, and chives.

ww chicken burger on white plate

15. Cracked Chicken Burgers

Looking for a satisfying lunch that’s on the heartier side? These Cracked Chicken Burgers will satiate your hunger, but they still are exceptionally light compared to the average burger. Make the patties homemade with ground chicken, then cook them on an outdoor BBQ or indoor grill. You’ll love the cheesy taste of the mozzarella and cheddar paired with the crispy bacon crumbs.

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