Happy new year friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and here is to a great 2022!

It’s that time of year that we all start trying to be more organized so I thought I’d help out by creating a list of my top 15 family-friendly lightened-up dinner recipes. The days can get hectic and planning meals out for the week can definitely save you some time. All of these recipes are simple to make with easy to find ingredients and best part, kid-friendly. Some of them can even be prepped the night before and they all freeze well if you are looking to stock the freezer up for convenient meals on those really busy days.

Hopefully this list can help you plan out some delicious meals for the whole family to enjoy.

  1. Homemade hamburger helper, this recipe is one of our favorites at my house. It serves 6 with a point range of 5-8PP depending on your 0PP foods.

2. Turkey sloppy joe tater tot casserole, who doesn’t love tater tots! Serves 6 at 6-7PP per serving.

3. Chicken & stuffing casserole, this dish is so simple to make and a great way to get in some vegetables! Serves 6 at 4-6PP per serving depending on your 0PP foods.

4. One-pot chicken parmesan, I love one-pot meals, easy clean up which works for me! Serves 6 at 3-7PP each depending on your 0PP foods.

5. Cheesy chicken fritters, one of my favorite quick and easy meals and these are great for meal prep, they freeze so well. 1-3PP each

6. Buffalo chicken pasta bake, an oldie and still such a popular recipe on my blog. Serves 6 at 4-8PP per serving depending on your 0PP foods.

7. Chicken stew, this recipe is great to have cooking away in the slow cooker all day while you get work done, and perfect to warm up with on a chilly winters day. Serves 8 at 1-4PP depending on your 0PP foods.

8. Taco fiesta bubble up, by far my most popular recipe on the blog, and with good reason, it is delicious! Serves 6 at 8PP per serving *Note- you can swap out the ground beef for turkey or chicken to lower points.

9. Spicy chicken chili, I always have this one stocked up in the freezer. It is one of my personal favorites, Serves 12 at 0-2PP per serving.

10. Sloppy joe casserole, a big hit with the kids and so simple to make. Serves 9 at 7PP per serving.

11. Chicken ranch spaghetti bake, this dish is so flavorful and never lasts at my house! Serves 6 at 3-7PP per serving depending on your 0PP foods.

12. One-pot Mexican chicken & rice, another quick and easy one-pot meal the whole family can enjoy. Serves 6 at 4-5PP.

13. White chicken chili tacos, these are a must for taco Tuesday! 2-3 points for each taco.

14. Bacon cheeseburger pie, one of my all-time personal favorite meals, I love how easy this recipe is and leftovers are just as good if not better the next day! Serves 6 at 8PP.

15. Beef & barley soup, a newer recipe but quickly became popular on the blog. Sometimes a good ole bowl of soup is just what you need for dinner. Serves 10 at 3-4PP and freezes great!




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  1. Just a note to say THANK YOU for making all these delicious recipes available! I/my family need/s to eat healthier than we have been, and I was feeling very overwhelmed with finding ideas for meals that my children would eat. Your site is perfect!! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into it. <3