As I step into the warm month of July, it’s the perfect time for me to refresh my meal planning routine and focus on a delicious and nutritious journey with Weight Watchers. To help kickstart my summer wellness goals, I’ve crafted a mouthwatering WW meal plan that will keep my taste buds satisfied and keep me on track throughout the week.

This first week of July Weight Watchers meal plan is thoughtfully designed to provide a balanced array of recipes for my breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even a sweet treat for dessert. I am even working in some fun things for the 4th of July! All of these flavorful dishes are tailored to keep my daily Points budget below 20, giving me the flexibility to incorporate additional snacks or adjust portions according to my preferences.

I recognize that my dietary needs and Points budget are unique, which is why this meal plan serves as a customizable guide for healthy eating. Feel free to make adjustments based on your lifestyle and food preferences. This July Weight Watchers meal plan showcases an enticing range of dishes to savor the tastes of summer while nourishing the body and soul. Let’s jump in! 

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WW Meal Plan SUNDAY June 30

B: Biscuits N Gravy Bake (7 points) 

L: BLT Pasta Salad (6 points) 

D: Chicken Bacon Ranch Tostadas (4 points)

Dessert: Strawberry Chocolate Chip Bars (3 points) 

Total WW Points: 20 

Notes: The biscuits N gravy bake is perfect if you’ve got family in town. It’s savory, filling, and even non-dieters will love it. 

WW Meal Plan MONDAY July 1

B: 5 Blueberry Banana Pancakes (5 points) 

L: 2 Chicken Parmesan Cakes (4 points)

D: Light Salmon Alfredo (4 points)

Dessert: 2 Fruit Crisps (1 point) 

Total WW Points: 14

Notes: Use your favorite zero point side dish along with the chicken parmesan cakes. It’ll be fantastic over a salad. 

WW Meal Plan TUESDAY July 2

B: 3 PBJ Pancake Muffins (3 points)  

L: Chicken Cobb Sandwich (7 points)

D: One Pot Cheeseburger Pasta  (7 points)

Dessert: Rocky Road Brownies (2 points) 

Total WW Points: 19

Notes: The PBJ Pancake muffins are just one point each, so have as many as you need! 

WW Meal Plan WEDNESDAY July 3

B: Spinach, Mushroom, Asiago Quiche (5 points) 

L: Shredded Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches (0 points + points from bun) 

D: Fresh and Hearty Salad (5 points) 

Dessert: Lemon Bars (5 points) 

Total WW Points: 15+ 

Notes: Use a low point bun or high fiber wrap for the shredded buffalo chicken. The meat makes a great meal prep option because it makes a lot without a ton of effort. 

WW Meal Plan THURSDAY July 4

B: Banana Split Cottage Cheese Breakfast Bowl (6 points)

L: Grilled Chicken Breast (0 points) + Slow Cooker Corn on the Cob (0 points)

D: Jalapeno Cheddar Burgers (6 points) + Lightened Up Potato Salad (3 points) 

Dessert: Watermelon Wedges (0 points)

Total WW Points: 15

Notes: Take full advantage of the holiday and grill flavor meats! Lean meats are zero points, so you can fill up and not miss out. Happy Fourth of July! 

WW Meal Plan FRIDAY July 5

B: 2 Omelet Onion Rings (2 points) 

L: Tomato, Basil. Mozzarella Panini (8 points) 

D: Chicken Quesadilla Pie (2 points) 

Dessert: Chocolate Banana Icebox Cake (6 points)

Total WW Points: 18

Notes: I love this chocolate banana icebox cake in the summer. It’s cool, refreshing, and has the perfect amount of sweetness without being overpowering. 

WW Meal Plan SATURDAY July 6   

B: Banana Oatmeal Yogurt Cups (2 points) 

L: Grilled Chicken and Blueberry Salad (7 points) 

D: Tomato, Hummus, and Spinach Sandwich (3 points) 

Dessert: Weight Watchers Peach Cobbler (3 points)

Total WW Points: 15

Notes: The peach cobbler is to die for. Save some for dessert tomorrow, because you’re going to want it, and it’s just 3 Weight Watchers points! 

Remember to account for any additional snacks, beverages, or ZeroPoint foods you include throughout the day. Stay hydrated with water or other zero-calorie drinks. Diet sodas, unsweet tea, black coffee, and Crystal Light are great options that won’t affect your points. 

Now it’s time to get to the grocery store! Use this sectioned list to grab everything you need for the week. 

July Weight Watchers Meal Plan Grocery List


– Red onion

– Jalapeno

– Tomatoes

– Lettuce

– Green onions

– Zucchinis

– Garlic

– Mixed greens

– Blueberries

– Roma tomatoes

– Basil leaves

– Mandarins or tangerines

– Cherry tomatoes

– Edamame (optional)

– Baby spinach

– Cilantro

– Peaches (fresh, frozen, or canned)

– Bananas

– Lemons

– Kiwi

– Strawberries

– Mushrooms

– Peppers

– Onions

– Spinach


– 95% lean ground beef (or turkey)

– Bacon

– Boneless, skinless chicken breasts

– Salmon fillets

– Turkey breakfast sausage


– Reduced fat shredded cheddar cheese

– Low fat cottage cheese

– Fat-free sour cream

– Parmesan cheese

– Part-skim mozzarella cheese

– Eggs

– Skim milk

– Non-fat Greek yogurt

– Light butter substitute

– Egg whites

– Buttermilk biscuits (Pillsbury)


– Whole wheat pasta

– Dry elbow macaroni

– Spaghetti

– Whole wheat bread (focaccia)

– Multigrain bread

– High fiber tortilla (Xtreme Ole)

– Self-rising flour

– All-purpose flour

– Wonton wrappers

– White flour

– Oats

– Pre-made pie crust dough (Pillsbury)

– Kodiak Cakes flapjack & waffle mix (buttermilk protein-packed)

Canned Goods:

– Diced tomatoes

– Roasted garlic hummus (or hummus of choice)


– Mustard

– Worcestershire sauce

– Cider vinegar

– Fat-free mayonnaise

– Italian breadcrumbs

– Low-fat spaghetti sauce

– Buffalo wing sauce

– Dry ranch mix

– Olive oil

– Apple cider vinegar

– Honey

– Dijon mustard

– Sugar-free lime jello powder

– Strawberry Greek yogurt (plain or vanilla)

– Vanilla extract

– Country gravy mix (McCormick or Pioneer Brand)

– Sugar-free jam

Baking Goods:

– Cornstarch

– Monk fruit sweetener with erythritol 

– Unsweetened cocoa powder

– Baking powder

– Powdered sugar

– Sugar

– Mini chocolate chips


– Cajun seasoning

– Low-sodium chicken broth

– Sliced almonds

– Granola

– Banana cream Jell-o Zero-sugar, Reduced-calorie instant pudding mix

– Low-fat graham crackers

– Marshmallow fluff

– 70% dark chocolate (Lindt)

– Egg substitute (Egg Beaters)

Zero Point Snacks (Anytime of Day) 

Zero Point Devlied Eggs (Great for taking to the 4th of July Potluck) 

Roasted Chile Lime Cauliflower

Tofu Chips 

Simple Shrimp Ceviche 

More Zero Point Snacks here

Visit the WW app or website to access the recipe builder and track your daily food intake and points. 

Tips for Easy Prep: 

1. Take advantage of summer’s bountiful produce by incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables into your meal prep. Grill up some zucchini, peppers, and eggplant for a delicious and healthy side dish or salad topper.

2. Beat the heat by preparing cool, refreshing meals like chilled soups, colorful salads, and no-cook snacks. Gazpacho, watermelon salad, and yogurt parfaits are perfect for hot summer days.

3. Make the most of outdoor cooking by firing up the grill for your meal prep. Grill a bunch of chicken, shrimp, or tofu to use in salads, wraps, and grain bowls throughout the week.

4. Stay hydrated during the summer months by incorporating water-rich foods into your meal prep. Cucumbers, melons, berries, and citrus fruits are all excellent options that will help keep you cool and refreshed.

So, I’m embracing the start of a new month and diving into this carefully crafted menu that will guide me toward a healthier, happier self. With each delicious meal, I’ll be one step closer to achieving my wellness goals and setting a positive tone for the rest of my summer. Go ahead and join me!

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