If you are watching what you eat, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the pleasant things in life, like dessert! Of course, many desserts are unhealthy and packed with tons of calories, sugar, and carbs. This is where homemade recipes come into play! If you make the sweet treats yourself, you know exactly what’s going into them and how nutritious they are. Compared to if you buy a dessert at a restaurant or the grocery store, it might be harder to find something in the calorie range that you are looking for.

All of the sweet treats on this list taste so amazing that you could never guess they are low in calories! We’ve got something for you if you like warm, spiced desserts such as Crustless Pumpkin Pie or Applesauce Cake. On the other hand, for all the chocolate fans out there, the Greek Yogurt Brownies or the Low-Calorie Chocolate Mousse are fantastic options. There are even some zesty recipes, such as our Weight Watchers Key Lime Pie and the Lemon Bars. Ready for some guilt-free desserts that won’t sabotage your calorie goals?

1. Crustless Pumpkin Pie

Experience the delightful flavors of a sweet and spiced pumpkin pie! This recipe is low in calories and carbs. Since it doesn’t have a crust, it makes it much healthier! The main components are pumpkin puree, sugar substitute, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and pumpkin spice. Additionally, eggs are used as a binder, and almond milk helps it to be silky. Serve this on the holidays to impress your family!

2. Low Calorie Cookies (34 Calories)

These cookies look and taste so amazing that we can’t believe they are only 34 calories each! The recipe has flour, cocoa powder, brown sugar, and other typical baking ingredients. However, what helps the recipe to be so healthy is the all-natural zero-calorie brown sugar and the unsweetened applesauce and vanilla in place of granulated sugar. These cookies are so chocolatey and taste best fresh out of the oven!

3. No Churn Espresso Ice Cream

Don’t have an ice cream machine? No worries! You don’t need an appliance for this incredible ice cream recipe by Karen Ehman. The ice cream only requires sugar substitutes, instant coffee powder, low-fat milk, vanilla, and Tru Whip. You can also have fun by adding some mix-ins like chocolate chips or shaved chocolate! With each serving of ice cream that you enjoy, there are only 35 calories!

4. Skinny Berry Crisp

This charming and scrumptious Skinny Berry Crisp will likely remind you of your grandmother’s baking. It has such an old-fashioned baking feel to it. Use frozen mixed berries, cherries, or solely blueberries as the base. Make it crispy by topping it with flavors of cinnamon and nutmeg to pair with the berry filling. This dessert is easy enough to make during the week, even if you don’t have much time. The preparation before putting it in the oven is minimal!

5. Greek Yogurt Brownies

Nothing compares to gooey, chocolatey brownies that are soft. These brownies are special because they have Greek yogurt, which gives them more protein! They also have melted chocolate, sugar substitutes, cocoa powder, and other common baking ingredients. Additionally, there’s the option of adding chocolate chips or chunks if you just can’t get enough of the chocolate! Slice these brownies into squares or triangles, and enjoy!

low calorie sweet and salty no bake cookies in basket
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6. Sweet & Salty No-Bake Cookies

We love how convenient no-bake cookies are! Our recipe for Sweet & Salty No-Bake Cookies only takes 30 minutes to make, and they are 68 calories per serving! How impressive is that? With sweet caramel sauce, mini chocolate chips, and honey, your taste buds will be in awe. Salty crushed pretzels and light peanut butter balance the sweetness! This will surely become a favorite in your household.

7. Light & Easy Low Calorie No Bake Coconut Cream Mounds Bar Pie

Simple Nourished Living created this recipe, which is so sophisticated and fancy. It is also Weight Watchers friendly, so cheers to that! This dessert has decadent components such as sweetened flaked coconut, sugar-free vanilla pudding, lightly whipped topping, and sugar-free chocolate syrup. For convenience, you can use an Oreo pre-made pie crust! It also has coconut extract for delicious undertones.

8. Low Calorie Chocolate Mousse

Sometimes, you are craving something sweet, but you just want a dessert that’s on the simple side. Luckily, when this happens, this is the perfect choice for you. It’s a basic chocolate mousse that is rich and super easy to make. It has nut butter, chocolate chips, and 0% Greek yogurt! You might be thinking, that’s it? Yep, it’s really that effortless! Sprinkle on coconut, chopped nuts, or whipped cream if you want to dress it up.

9. Lemon Bars

No matter what time of year it is, lemon bars’ sweet and tart flavor is the perfect pick-me-up. With a tender, buttery crust and a slightly tart filling, they have the perfect flavor balance. Not to mention, this is better than any lemon bar you will buy from the store. It’s made with freshly squeezed lemon juice, so it doesn’t get any better! Sprinkle them with powdered sugar just before you serve them for a charming presentation.

These cookie bars are perfect for gatherings since you can make the dough, press it into a pan, and bake it. It doesn’t require any scooping beforehand, and it’s easy to slice them up and serve them to guests. When following this recipe, each cookie bar only has 100 calories! They are super light and fluffy while also being satisfying. The chocolate chips surely upgrade their presentation and taste.

11. The Best Low Calorie Carrot Cake

Weight Loss With Veera has the ultimate recipe for carrot cake fans! Whether you are in charge of dessert for an event or simply want to treat yourself, this carrot cake will do the job. It has traditional ingredients but in a healthier way. For example, it has grated carrots, raisins, walnuts, and even a classic cream cheese frosting! The best part is that it only takes roughly 10 minutes to prep and 20 minutes to bake!

12. Applesauce Cake

Make sure to bookmark this Applesauce Cake recipe because you won’t want to forget it. This moist cake has the perfect crumb. It’s a dream! The dessert has applesauce, but it also has apple cider vinegar for a pronounced flavor. You have the option to add walnuts, coconut, or raisins in addition to all of the baking spices. Lastly, you can make a simple glaze to decorate the cake and give it a gorgeous display!

weight watchers friendly key lime pie on white plate

13. Weight Watchers Key Lime Pie

We have another no-bake recipe for you to try out! Our Weight Watchers-friendly Key Lime Pie is so cloud-like and airy. Enjoy a slice of heaven when you make this recipe from fat-free lime Jell-o, fat-free Cool Whip, and Key Lime yogurt! How genius is that? You don’t need to spend time juicing limes; the yogurt is good for you! It also uses a pre-made crust to save some time.

14. Healthy Cheesecake

Cheesecake is one of the most indulgent desserts, but it usually comes with a price. It can be difficult to find low-calorie versions. Luckily, The Big Man’s World shared this recipe that is low in calories! It has a cookie crust, cream cheese, Greek yogurt, eggs, sugar substitute, and other ingredients. It is a basic yet traditional New York cheesecake! So, you don’t need to add mix-ins because its flavor and texture speak for itself.

15. Sugar-Free Yogurt Cake

Did you know that yogurt cakes are always so moist and light? The yogurt lightens the cake batter; it’s noticeable even after it bakes! This recipe is also sugar-free, so it’s not only impressive in texture, but it’s healthy. You only need nonfat Greek yogurt, vanilla extract, cornstarch, monk fruit sweetener, and eggs. If you’ve never tried monk fruit sweetener, here is your chance! It is suitable for people who want a delicious sugar alternative.

16. Low Calorie Peanut Butter Cookies

When you see the adorable crisscross design on a cookie, you automatically know it’s a decadent peanut butter cookie! But by looking at these cookies, you would never know they only require three ingredients. This recipe contains peanut butter, all-natural 0-calorie sugar, and eggs. That’s all it takes to make a cookie that is nice and tender on the inside with golden brown edges!

17. The Best Low Calorie Single Serve Berry Crumble – 93 Calories

This berry crumble is similar to the Berry Crisp, except it is single-serve. This is wonderful for when you just want dessert for yourself and don’t need to spend time making large portions. All you need is a ramekin to assemble the crumble in. For the base, use frozen berries, stevia, and a dash of lemon juice, which brightens the berry flavors. The topping has oats, stevia, flour, cinnamon, and apple sauce.

18. Healthy Baked Apples

These baked apples look so elegant, yet they are so easy to make! They only require four ingredients aside from the apples themselves. Use any variety of baking apples you wish, such as Honeycrisp or Golden Delicious. Stuff the apple with cinnamon, coconut sugar, and butter perfectly baked into the fruit. You can also scoop things like Greek yogurt, mousse, or ice cream into the apples after they come out of the oven.

19. Low Calorie Cake

At only 78 calories per serving, this cake is both healthy and divine! This is for folks who love chocolate and appreciate its rich flavor without needing much sweetness. However, you can adjust the sweetness if needed. The base of the cake has oat flour, Greek yogurt, protein powder, cocoa powder, and more. There’s also a recipe for low-calorie frosting to decorate the cake to make it show-stopping!

20. Mini Mint Oreo Cheesecake Bites

Our mini cheesecake bites are adorable, and they are only 48 calories per serving, so you might even have room to have two! With hints of fluffy cream cheese, refreshing peppermint extract, and scrumptious Oreo mint thins, you won’t be able to get enough of this. The light green color is pleasing to the eye, and you can top the dessert bites with a small chunk of Oreo thin mints for a beautiful garnish!

21. No Sugar Greek Yogurt Bake (Low Calorie, GF, Low Carb)

This recipe is sugar-free and only contains 76 calories per serving. Not to mention, it only requires a few ingredients, and it tastes phenomenal! Skinny Fitalicious explains that you can top the cake with whipped cream or maple syrup. The base of the cake has Greek yogurt, eggs, almond flour, vanilla, and cinnamon. The cake has mixed berries, so you get small, pleasant bursts of berry flavor when you bite into it!

22. Peanut Butter and Cool Whip Mousse

Mousse doesn’t have to be so complicated to make. In fact, this recipe only requires two ingredients, and you end up with light and airy mousse that will satisfy your sweet tooth! Just use some peanut butter powder and Cool Whip to incorporate the ingredients. You can even drizzle some sugar-free chocolate syrup on the dessert cups after you freeze them. This treat only has 75 calories!

If you are anything like us, you can’t help but eat cookie dough sometimes. However, that’s not always the best idea if it includes eggs. That’s why this recipe is genius. You can use this cookie dough as a dip since it is egg-free. With flavors of pumpkin puree, maple syrup, coconut flour, and cinnamon, this is the perfect dessert to snack on! You can also include dairy-free mini chocolate chips to give it a genuine cookie dough feel.

24. Low Calorie Tiramisu

Who knew tiramisu could be so healthy? This recipe has rice cakes, Greek yogurt, brewed coffee, and coconut powder. You also will need a sweetener of your choice, whether stevia, monk fruit sugar, or another option! The only downside to this recipe is that you need to plan in advance since it needs to be refrigerated to set and reach its full potential! Sprinkle the cocoa powder on top just before serving.

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24 Low Calorie Dessert Ideas

By: Drizzle
Servings: 12
Prep: 10 minutes
Cook: 20 minutes
Total: 30 minutes
weight watchers cherry muffins on white cutting board
3 WW points, 3SP blue,green & purple..3PP


  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 cup apple sauce
  • 3/4 cup milk *I used skim
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 2 cups flour
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 19 maraschino cherries, chopped into small pieces *tip- freeze them a little for easy chopping
  • Pink food coloring


  • Preheat the oven to 350F and fill a regular 12 hole muffin tin with paper liners. Parchment paper liners work well and will help prevent sticking.
  • In a bowl, whisk the eggs then stir in apple sauce, skim milk, and vanilla.
  • Mix in the all purpose flour and baking powder. Fold in the pink food coloring. Depending on what brand you are using, just add a few drops while mixing the batter until you get a pink color.
  • Cut the cherries into small pieces – you should get at least 6-8 little pieces.
  • Gently fold the chopped cherries into the muffin batter, then divide the batter over the 12 muffin cups.
  • Bake for approx 20 minutes, or until the muffins are baked through.
  • Serve warm and enjoy!


Smart points- green, blue & purple- 3 using WW recipe builder
Points plus- 3 using PP calculator
3 points per muffin based on the WW app recipe creator.  


Serving: 1muffinCalories: 92kcalCarbohydrates: 18gProtein: 4gSodium: 93mgFiber: 0.8gSugar: 3.5g

Nutrition information is automatically calculated, so should only be used as an approximation.

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