There’s something about the sugary siren call of a bakery that makes me powerless, but generally, bakery shelves are loaded up with calorie-heavy, diet-busting goodies that will set you and your weight loss goals back. Fortunately, there’s a way for you to savor every bit of carb-laden, fresh-out-of-the-oven goodness for only five Weight Watchers points or less. I stand by each of these yummy recipes, and I guarantee that you’ll never be tempted by the seductive aroma of a store-bought donut again once you’ve made them at home.

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1. Apple Crumble Muffins

These one-point muffins totally hit the spot with a moist and flavorful apple and caramel base and a light, crumbly topping that’s buttery, sugary, and straight-up delicious. I love the interplay of texture with these muffins and that they’re individual treats that take portion size math out of the equation. Unsweetened apple sauce and tender chunks of apple infuse the base with tons of flavor; caramel sauce and brown sugar add delicate depth, and a splash of vanilla brings the whole masterpiece together.

Red velvet cupcake cut in half

2. Weight Watchers Red Velvet Cupcakes

The combination of dense red velvet cake and velvety icing is one of my favorites, and you can enjoy it for just four Weight Watcher points per serving. The cupcake base gets a kick of tangy buttermilk and a dash of vanilla and cocoa powder for a deep, rich flavor that’s the perfect treat at the end of a long day. The thick icing is the perfect counterpoint to the cake, and every bite has an ideal ratio of cake and cream, making this a decadent but still diet-friendly treat.  

3. S’Mores Donuts

Ditch the high-calorie bakery donuts in favor of this inspired treat that takes its cues from one of my favorite camping snacks: s’mores. With just three points per serving, they’re a smart, summer-friendly treat with a tasty donut base swirled with marshmallows, dark chocolate, and crushed graham crackers. Almond milk lends a bit of moistness to the base without packing on the calories, and I always have some on hand in case I want to whip up a batch of these beauties. 

4. Apple Fritter Bread

We all know and love traditional apple fritters, but the conventional kind can have loads of sneaky fat and calories baked into each serving. Never fear because you can still get your fritter fix and stick to your daily points with this delicious bread that will set you back just five points per serving. Every bite is loaded with brown sugar, cinnamon, and tender bites of apple. Plus, the icing glaze ties it all together.

5. Chocolate Glazed Donut

Yummy chocolate glazed donuts are a great breakfast treat or that perfect late-night bite when you’re craving something chocolatey. These five-point donuts beat out anything you can get at the bakery, and they’re super simple to make with standard kitchen ingredients you probably have on hand right now. The simple base is just eggs, milk, sugar, flour, cocoa powder, vanilla, and baking powder, and the glaze is just a bit of vanilla confectionary sugar and water. They’ll be done in less time than it takes you to hop in your car and head to the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts.

Kodiak Cakes with Sprinkles

6. Kodiak Cakes Muffins with Sprinkles

These muffins come together in a snap if you have Kodiak Cakes mix on hand. They’re great if you’re craving something moderately sweet and light as air. Plus, Kodiak Cakes mix is high in protein, so one of these two-point muffins can keep you full for the long run. Rainbow sprinkles add a touch of color and whimsy to the finished product, and I like to add a bit of cinnamon for some flavor depth and additional spice.

chocolate chip banana loaf, sliced on white plate

7. Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

I adore this banana bread because it hits on all of the childhood nostalgia notes for me, plus I get to get my chocolate fix in the form of Lily’s sugar-free dark chocolate chips. The base has oodles of fantastic homey flavors like brown sugar, delicate banana, and vanilla, and it gets a lot of its heft from unsweetened applesauce. Enjoy a guilt-free slice for just five Weight Watcher points.  

3 cherry cupcakes stacked on top of each other

8. Maraschino Cherry Muffins

These Barbie-pink cuties are just three points apiece and full of sweet maraschino cherry flavoring. I love mixing up a batch for last-minute get-togethers because I know that I can indulge and stay within my daily points, and they’re always a hit. The combination of maraschino cherries and vanilla is a winner, and just a dash of pink food coloring gives these muffins their signature hue.

Weight watchers friendly peanut butter chocolate donut

9. Peanut Butter Donuts

Four-point peanut butter donuts? Sign me up! The secret ingredient in these bakery favorites is PB2 powder, which gives you all of the flavor for a fraction of your caloric cost. Brown sugar and a bit of banana add moistness and extra flavor, and each donut gets topped with a swirl of dark chocolate and peanut butter to tie it all together. They’re easy to make, divine, and waistline-friendly.

10. Carrot Loaf with Cream Cheese Frosting

If you love carrot cake but don’t like the calorie tradeoff of the store-bought stuff, this dessert is for you. It’s just five points per slice, but you’ll get all the moistness you crave thanks to a Greek yogurt base. There are also all of the familiar spices and flavors, including brown sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, and thinly shredded carrots. Top it all off with light cream cheese frosting sweetened with a bit of confectionary sugar and vanilla extract, and you’ll have your next new favorite summertime dessert.

11. Raspberry Jam Muffins

The kid in me loves these muffins because the sugar-free jam inside is like a tasty treasure. You’ll also get the ideal amount of muffin base and jam in every bite and enjoy some textural interest from the Quaker rolled oats. Mashed bananas and oats make up the bulk of the base, and cinnamon lends some tasty sweetness. Use any flavor of jam that you’d like, or mix and match for a totally customized muffin.

slice of ginger bread loaf on white plate

12. Gingerbread Loaf

Gingerbread is not only for the holidays; I love this spicy and sweet flavor any time of the year, which is why I was so thrilled to find this five-point gingerbread loaf recipe with just a few minutes of hands-on time. Using common pantry spices like cloves, ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg, you’ll create a complex flavor balanced beautifully by the brown sugar and molasses. Applesauce adds a bit of moisture, and low-fat buttermilk gives the loaf some tanginess. Top it with a bit of confectionery sugar, and you have a gorgeous and delicious dessert.  

funfetti cupcakes on white plate

13. Funfetti Cupcakes 

Fabulous Funfetti cupcakes are my five-point go-to treat when I’m craving something kid-friendly and colorful from the bakery. Plus, this recipe comes with a creamy vanilla pudding icing that perfectly offsets the base. Vanilla Greek yogurt is my superstar ingredient here because it lends some sweetness and richness to the base, gives you a nice protein kick, and won’t sabotage your diet.  

Create the ultimate, guilt-free bakery experience in your own kitchen with these thirteen Weight Watcher-friendly recipes that are sure to satisfy any craving. I’m sure that once you make them, they’ll be a part of your regular recipe rotation.

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