Mega-mogul and media superstar Oprah Winfrey is known for being one of the most relatable people in the business with a weight loss journey that’s nothing short of inspirational. She’s also been partnered with Weight Watchers since 2015, and her favorite recipes involve guilt-free indulging that leaves you with points to spare and never sacrifices flavor.

Oprah starts her mornings off right with savory, mouthwatering casseroles and sweet treats that pair perfectly with a steaming cup of coffee. These Oprah-inspired Weight Watchers breakfast recipes will make every morning fabulous and satisfy you until lunch. They’re some of my favorites, and most of them come together in less time than it takes to scan the morning headlines.

southwestern frittata with strawberries on a white plate
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1. Chicken Frittata (Southwestern Style)

If you want to get the biggest bang for your breakfast buck, this chicken frittata packed with zero point Weight Watchers foods is the optimal choice. It’s hearty and satisfying, with one lone point per serving. The secret is the flavorful vegetables, including juicy peppers, corn, tomatoes, and a touch of lime juice and chili to give it a kick that coffee can’t duplicate. Rounded out with shredded chicken and perfectly cooked eggs, it’s a protein and nutrient-dense meal.

weight watchers two ingredient dough cinnamon rolls

2. Two Ingredient Dough Cinnamon Rolls

You can have your glaze-drizzled cinnamon rolls and keep your diet, too, with these super-simple, devilishly decadent two point, two-ingredient dough rolls. Plain Greek yogurt and flour make up the easy base. Roll out your dough, add brown sugar and cinnamon for that signature swirl, and enjoy these breakfast beauties with a touch of glaze. I whip these up a few times a month, and they’re a great alternative to store-bought, calorie-heavy cinnamon buns.

Huevos Rancheros platted with tortillas

3. Huevos Rancheros

Oprah loves bold flavors and hearty dishes, which is why these Huevos Rancheros fit right into her breakfast repertoire. Treat yourself to beautifully fried eggs, fiery chiles, and silky bean puree studded with tomatoes in this nutrient-packed breakfast perfect for weekend brunch. Plus, this dish clocks in at two Weight Watchers points per serving.

Cinnamon Toast Bubble Up in white dish

4. Cinnamon French Toast Bubble Up

I absolutely adore a good bubble up casserole, and this option satisfies my sweet tooth and stirs up some childhood nostalgia for a mere four Weight Watchers points. The French toast base is a combination of Pillsbury biscuits, cinnamon, sugar, and eggs with a generous dollop of vanilla to round off the casserole perfectly. It comes together in a flash and is scrumptious enough to serve company.  

5. Spinach and Feta Make-Ahead Breakfast Sandwich

Oprah’s go-to morning fare is a breakfast sandwich, and this one is an excellent homage to the Queen of All Media and will only cost you one Weight Watchers point. You’ll get the zing of feta cheese and the nutrient boost from the spinach, and you can make them ahead, which means that they’re perfect for busy weekday mornings when you need breakfast on the go.

weight watchers friendly overnight oats in jar

6. Pumpkin Latte Overnight Oats

Enjoy your PSL in hearty, creamy overnight oat form for seven Weight Watchers points. This breakfast treat has plenty of things going for it. First, it’s incredibly easy to put together the night before, making it a simple and filling meal for busy schedules. Secondly, you’ll love the myriad of decadent flavors you’ll get from each bite, including rich, velvety pumpkin puree, freshly brewed coffee, and creamy Greek yogurt. Balanced out with a dollop of honey, a touch of cinnamon, and oats, it’s a complete meal that will keep you powered up and ready for the day well until lunchtime. 

7. Blueberry Peach Cream Cheese Bake

This six point fruity, luscious, cream cheese bake is what I go for when I’m craving dessert for breakfast. Since it’s packed with antioxidant-rich blueberries, you’ll get a nice nutrient boost too. The combination of tangy blueberries and summer-fresh peaches is inspired, but you don’t have to wait until the warmer months to make it. Use frozen fruit, biscuits, and light cream cheese for this marvelous concoction, and you’ll get a taste of August, even on the grayest winter days.

Sweet and satisfying Weight Watchers apple pancakes with garnish.

8. Weight Watchers Friendly Apple Pancakes

One point pancakes? Sign me up! This recipe couldn’t be simpler or more diet-friendly, and since Oprah loves a stack of pancakes on her brunch table, she’s bound to approve this recipe. Rolled oats provide some heft, and juicy apple makes each bite sing. Plus, all you need to do is blend the ingredients for a satiny batter with perfectly distributed apple flavor in every bite. They come together in literally 15 minutes, and you’ll be able to enjoy a homecooked breakfast that leaves you with plenty of wiggle room for your points later in the day.

9. Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Bars

Oprah doesn’t believe in diet deprivation, and these tasty oatmeal bars taste sinful but are super skinny at six Weight Watchers points per serving. Plus, they’re packed with fiber, so you’ll stay full longer and keep your digestive system happy. I love them because they remind me of homemade chocolate chip cookies with the added oomph of rolled oats. You can also enjoy them for a quick snack during the day or even for both. Why not?

10. Hash Brown Bacon and Egg Bake 

Hash browns, bacon, and eggs are a match made in glorious foodie heaven, but indulging in this trifecta of yummy ingredients usually comes with a calorie cost. Fortunately, this version is only five points and hits all the flavor notes I crave. Plus, you’ll enjoy a carb hit with a base of Pillsbury biscuits. The key is to use egg whites in addition to your whole eggs. Make it even more nutritious with diced veggies. I love fresh red and green pepper, purple onion, or a few sliced mushrooms to amp up the flavor and give me extra vitamins.

Cilbir, consisting of perfectly poached Turkish eggs atop a bed of plain yogurt and a rich lemon garlic butter sauce.

11. Turkish Eggs

You would never know that Cilbir or Turkish Eggs are only one Weight Watchers point from their luxurious and creamy texture, but that’s the beauty of this simple but elegant dish. I love the big flavors in this one, like loads of garlic, butter, and a hit of paprika to go with the poached egg in a Greek yogurt sauce. Add some lemon zest for a light citrus touch to tie the whole thing together. I love this dish because the flavors work perfectly together, but the combination is refreshing and unexpected to my palate. It’s one of those go-to meals I reach for when I want comfort-food eggs with a savory spin.

Rise and shine like the champion you are with these Oprah-inspired breakfast recipes. Each one fits nicely into your Weight Watchers routine, and all of them deliver big on flavors and textures and are riffs on familiar breakfast favorites. 

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