I decided to put together my first top ten, a combination of my most popular and personal favorite family meals. All of these dishes are easy to make and take little prep time. I get told all the time that the picky hubby (or boyfriend) even ate it and went back for seconds (or thirds!) and better yet, the picky kids loved it too! I can’t tell you how happy that makes me feel.. to know everyone is enjoying these easy recipes.. and don’t feel like they are having to eat a “lightened” up dish.. Pillsbury products are commonly used in my recipes, there is just endless opportunities with their products and I look forward to seeing what other creations I can come up with… for now enjoy  the gallery of these scrumptious and simple meals and perhaps you will be inspired to whip one up yourself! 🙂


Taco fiesta bubble up casserole.. This dish will make a great addition to your taco Tuesdays.. It is so yummy and filling. Serves 6 at 7 smart points (6pp) per serving,  you can find the recipe here


Buffalo chicken pasta bake.. A spicy and delcious pasta dish that you will want to make over and over again.. Makes for great leftovers! Serves 6 at 8 smart points (7pp) per serving, recipe can be found here


Cheesy bacon mac & cheese cups.. These tasty cups are sure to be a big hit with the kids.. I mean it’s mac and cheese… with bacon!! They are a fun dish to make and are super yummy.. Makes 12 cups at 4 smart points each (3pp) Recipe can be found here


Pizza meatloaf… Two comforts foods combined into one..yes indeed!! This pizza meatloaf was a big hit, it made ordinary meatloaf just not the same anymore 😉 I think this will be the only way I make it now, and everybody loved it! Makes 8 servings at 4 smart points each (4pp) Recipe can be found here 


Bacon cheeseburger bubble up casserole.. This tasty dish was a big hit in our house, it’s like a bacon cheeseburger without the high point bun, it tastes amazing, serves 6 at 7 smart points each (6pp) Recipe can be found here


Sloppy Joe casserole… Comfort food at it’s finest.. This dish could not be any easier to make, and sure to put a smile on everyone’s face..  doubt that you will have any leftovers 😉 Makes 9 servings at 7 smart points each (5pp) Recipe can be found here


Bacon cheeseburger pie.. I put this one on my top 3 personal favorites for sure.. It is simply put… amazing!!! Easy to make and a big hit with hubbys (or boyfriends) I promise!! Makes 6 servings at 8 smart points each (7pp) Recipe can be found here


Chicken pot pie… A simple and tasty dish that’s perfect to cook up and enjoy on a cozy evening.. A big hit with my followers on Instagram Serves 9 at 5 smart points each (4pp) recipe can be found here


Chicken fajita pasta bake.. A tasty and easy to make pasta bake that is so nice and low in points, makes for great leftovers for lunch the next day 🙂 Serves 6 at 5 smart points each (5pp) Recipe can be found here


Taco pie… A popular and classic meal that everyone loves.. This dish takes very little time and I’d be surprised if it wasn’t all gobbled up! Makes 6 servings at 8 smart points each (7pp) Recipe can be found here 



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  1. You are a lifesaver!!! Thank you so much! My family has loved everything I have tried so far. These recipes make me feel like I can do this program for a lifetime!!! Thanks Kate!!

  2. Thank you so much for these recipes. Just started weight watchers and looking for easy, tasty dinners. Can’t wait to go to the store!

    1. Hi, I have lots of pasta type dishes under “main meals” on my blog.. Nothing that is just pasta and meat sauce, you could try the bacon cheeseburger pasta bake maybe?

  3. Do you have any recipes for fish and seafood? So far everything that I have seen on here looks amazing. can’t wait to try some out!

    1. Hi Unfortunately I don’t eat seafood so you wont see many, I do have a shrimp pasta bake I made for my husband, you can search it in the search bar top right on my home page