At Drizzle we are ringing in the new year with 15 simple yet nourishing casseroles that every Weight Watchers member should have in their rotation this year. These easy recipes deliver big on flavor and nutrition while keeping you within your point budget. 

Satisfying for any meal of the day, warm and gooey casseroles are so versatile—plus, they are great to make for meal prep throughout the week. Interested in more one-pot meals for the family? Try these delicious Weight Watchers bubble-up recipes, too! 

Tuna casserole in black casserole pan
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Weight Watchers Tuna Casserole

Tuna casserole is one of the most iconic casserole recipes there is, and this low-point Weight Watchers version does not disappoint! This fiber-rich and nutritious recipe comes together in under an hour and freezes well, making it perfect for meal prep.

Tuna comes together with hearty, whole-wheat noodles and your favorite veggies in a light yet cheesy sauce flavored with mustard. Garnish with fresh herbs or potato chips for added texture and crunch.  Just 2 WW points per serving!

piece of jiffy corn casserole

Weight Watchers Jiffy Corn Casserole

The iconic Jiffy Corn Casserole is cheesy, creamy, and loaded with sweet and succulent corn. This lightened-up version uses unsweetened applеsaucе and fat-frее Grееk yogurt to achieve the rich and creamy texture this dish is known for without the points.

This delicious and balanced one-pot meal comes together in under an hour and freezes beautifully. At just 7 WW points per serving, you can enjoy leftovers of this satisfying dish throughout the week guilt-free!

Bacon cheeseburger casserole

Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole

This epic casserole delivers the fun flavors of a bacon cheeseburger with less than 250 calories and 8 grams of fat per serving, making it ideal for when you’re craving something naughty but don’t want to overindulge.

This family-friendly dish combines beef, crispy bacon, cheese, ketchup, mustard, onions, and bread crumbs for a delicious and satisfying meal that’s ready in under an hour. This one comes in at 8 WW points per serving. 

Green Chile Chicken Enchilada Casserole

This festive casserole gets its flare from Frontera Green Chili Enchilada Sauce, which combines perfectly with the chicken, onion, cheddar cheese, black olives, and seasonings in this Tex-Mex dish. 

Easily made in the Crock Pot, his recipe comes in at just 4-6 Weight Watchers points depending on how you track and the toppings you use. As written, each delicious serving is only 191 calories. 

piece of pineapple casserole on white plate

Weight Watchers Friendly Pineapple Casserole

Pineapple casserole is a sweet and savory Southern classic! Typically enjoyed during the holidays, this dish marries toasty buttеry chееsе and crackers with a luscious, swееt, and crеamy pinеapplе filling that will have you asking for more.

Zero-point granulated sweetener and hearty whole wheat crackers help to make this Weight Watchers-friendly Pineapple Casserole a guilt-free indulgence. Each serving is worth just 4 WW points! 

Bourbon infused sweet potato casserole in white dish

Bourbon-Infused Sweet Potato Casserole

Elevate any menu with this bourbon-infused sweet potato casserole, a grown-up version of the marshmallow-covered holiday classic most of us grew up with. This Weight Watchers-friendly maple bourbon vanilla sweet potato casserole is creamy and delicious, and the warm, crunchy topping puts it over the top!

This dish is easy to make ahead and can feasibly be made into a healthy dessert—just add a scoop of your favorite ice cream! As written, a serving of this festive casserole comes in at 9 WW points. 

Chicken stuffed casserole on white plate

Stove Top Chicken Casserole

This stove-top chicken casserole is a hearty, healthy, and comforting meal bursting with classic flavors. Chicken is an excellent source of protein, and it’s also low in fat, making it a great choice for a healthy casserole. Vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, and green beans further boost the nutritional value of this dish.

Ready in under an hour, this family-favorite one-pot meal couldn’t be easier. Plus, it comes in at just 4 WW points per serving!

Quick and delicious Stuffed Pepper casserole topped with melted cheese.

Simple Stuffed Pepper Casserole

This delicious Stuffed Pepper Casserole recipe is quick and easy, but its elevated flavors make it perfect for a family meal or entertaining guests. This recipe combines sautéed vegetables, lean ground beef, spices, and brown rice with a topping of melted mozzarella cheese.

With just 30 minutes of prep, this healthy yet delicious one-pot recipe makes 6 hearty servings at just 5 WW points per serving. 

Cheesy ground beef taco casserole on a plate, garnished with a lemon wedge and fresh herbs.

Next-Level Taco Casserole

This Weight Watchers Taco Casserole is the perfect way to take your family taco night to the next level! It’s warm, cheesy, and packed with nutrient-dense ingredients that will keep you satisfied without derailing your weight loss efforts. 

We use lean ground beef and add corn and beans for extra heartiness and protein. Tomatoes, onions, and bell peppers provide freshness and round out the dish. This lightened-up casserole recipe makes 6 servings at 5 WW points each. 

sloppy joe casserole in white pan

Weight Watchers Sloppy Joe Casserole

Comforting, warm, meaty, cheesy, and buttery are just a few of the words that describe this fun and yummy family favorite. This one-pot meal is ready in just 30 minutes total time and is a perfect balance of comfort and sensibility. 

Saucy ground beef and hidden veggies make up the base of this hearty casserole that is topped with fluffy biscuits. The recipe makes 9 servings at just 6 WW points a piece. 

shrimp alfredo casserole

Shrimp Alfredo Pasta Casserole

This pasta bake casserole is colorful, creamy, and oh-so tasty! We combine cooked pasta, lots of veggies, and cooked shrimp in a light Alfredo sauce for a one-pot meal that’s perfect for weeknight dinners or family parties. 

Ranch dressing and asiago cheese take the flavor profile of this dish to another level. The recipe makes 6 hearty servings at just 5 WW points each.

Weight Watchers Spinach Feta & Tomato Breakfast Casserole

If you’re not enjoying casseroles for breakfast, you’re missing out! They are perfect for meal prep—make a casserole and enjoy it throughout the week as an easy, satisfying breakfast! 

This Greek-inspired breakfast casserole from Weight Watchers ticks all the boxes. Simple ingredients like oregano, garlic, feta, and spinach give this dish incredible flavor and nutrition. A serving is worth just 5 WW points. 

Mushroom Swiss & Potato Weight Watchers Breakfast Casserole

Another great recipe from Weight Watchers, this Mushroom, Swiss, and Potato casserole makes for a seriously hearty and delicious breakfast. A crunchy base of hashbrowns is topped with herbed onions, garlic, mushrooms, cheese, and egg.

This slow-cooker recipe is a great hands-off meal that you can prep and forget, making it ideal for easy meal prep. This restaurant-worthy recipe makes a whopping 12 servings at just 2 WW points each.  

million dollar casserole on white plate

Weight Watchers Friendly Million Dollar Chicken Casserole

This lightened-up version of the classic Million Dollar Chicken Casserole replaces Ritz crackers with bacon and cream of chicken soup with zero-point ranch, saving you a lot of points without compromising on flavor. 

This recipe is perfect for an easy weeknight dinner or meal prep for breakfast, lunch, or dinner throughout the week. Ready in under an hour, this flavorful one-pot recipe makes 6 servings at 9 points each. 

Pillsbury Breakfast Casserole in casserole dish

Low-Point Pillsbury Breakfast Casserole

This deliciously doughy Pillsbury Breakfast Casserole is full of healthy protein and veggies topped with creamy cheese. It’s healthy, bursting with flavor, and oh-so-easy to whip up in just an hour—and only 10 minutes of active prep time!

This recipe is so versatile, a perfect “clean out the fridge” recipe to use up leftovers and produce scraps. This easy recipe makes 6 servings at just 7 points each. 

Ready to embrace casseroles in your Weight Watchers meal plan? Check out these trending posts for 5 Tips for making the perfect casserole and 5 Tips to make your casseroles more festive!

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