Have you ever enjoyed a bubble-up casserole? They are quite common amongst Weight Watchers users because of how delicious they are and because many bubble-up recipes are low point.

This dish can be made with various meats, cheeses, and veggies. But it gets special by adding biscuit dough pieces that you scatter into the casserole. Then, when you bake it, the biscuits “bubble up,” making the casserole fluffy and insanely indulgent.

This type of dish is exceptionally adaptable, whether you want classic and comforting flavors like a Bubble-Up Chicken Pot Pie or if you want to make something zesty like Taco Fiesta Bubble-Up Casserole. Although you can even make bubble-up breakfast casseroles, today, we’re focusing on dinner recipes that are perfect for enjoying a chilly winter night. Because let’s face it, when it’s cold outside, nothing is more satisfying than enjoying buttery and flaky biscuits in a sea of other yummy ingredients!

bubble up lasagna on white plate
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1. Bubble Up Lasagna

Our Weight Watchers-friendly recipe for a Bubble-Up Lasagna is decadent with flavors of extra lean ground beef, red onions, reduced-fat pasta sauce, and light ricotta cheese. It also has three other types of cheese, so you feel like you are enjoying a traditional lasagna. Use the pre-made biscuit dough and bake the casserole until the cheese is perfectly melted and the biscuits are done. Serve with fresh veggies!

2. Pepperoni Pizza Bubble-Up

Weight Watchers posted this recipe, which is a bubble-up but with homemade dough instead of store-bought biscuits. This pizza casserole contains garlic powder, part-skim mozzarella cheese, black olives, turkey pepperoni, and fat-free marinara sauce. All you need is white self-rising flour and plain fat-free Greek yogurt for the dough! This recipe will become a new favorite in your family, especially for the picky eaters.

3. Bubble-Up Chicken Pot Pie

Enjoy this hearty dinner by Keeping On Point. According to the recipe, this bubble-up is only five points per serving on the current Weight Watchers program! All you need is seasonings, vegetables, chicken, biscuits, fat-free sour cream, and Healthy Request Cream of Chicken Condensed Soup. Also, you can sprinkle in some reduced-fat Mexican cheese, which perfectly pairs with the other ingredients. The best part is that this only cooks for 35 minutes!

chicken bacon bubble up in white pan

4. Chicken Bacon Ranch Bubble-Up

You have to try our recipe for Chicken Bacon Ranch Bubble-Up! It’s one of the best chicken bubble bakes, featuring tender shredded chicken, zesty ranch seasoning, creamy mozzarella and sour cream, and crispy bacon. To upgrade its presentation, you can sprinkle on fresh green onions when you serve it. Or, include them inside the casserole! This recipe is only seven points per serving on the current Weight Watchers plan.

5. Beef Stroganoff Bubble-Up Casserole

If you enjoy beef stroganoff, this creative bubble-up will steal your heart. It contains extra lean ground beef, refrigerated biscuit dough, mushrooms, onions, and garlic to give it the classic stroganoff flavor. It also has beef bouillon, tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce, and paprika. This dish is extremely hearty and perfect for winter when you want something to indulge in while being cozy inside.

taco fiesta casserole in red lasagna dish

6. Taco Fiesta Bubble Up Casserole

This casserole is so colorful it will steal the show at any potluck you bring. However, enjoying it at home during the colder months is also delicious. This Taco-style bubble contains peppers, onions, cheese, taco seasoning, and salsa. The main components are extra lean ground beef and Pillsbury biscuits! You can also top it with fat-free sour cream and green onions, a nice contrast to the spicy ingredients.

7. Loaded Chicken Bubble-Up Bake

The Skinny Dish created a recipe that might remind you of a loaded baked potato. However, it is a bubble-up casserole in disguise! It has scrumptious components such as shredded chicken, refrigerated buttermilk biscuit dough, and a 98% fat-free cream of chicken soup. Also, you will need ranch seasoning, green onions, bacon bits, and shredded cheese to complete the meal. This recipe is 8 WW points per serving!

8. Bubble Up Cheesy Chicken and Broccoli Bake

If you love chicken and broccoli casseroles, get ready to taste an upgraded version when you try this unique recipe. Emily Bites shared this recipe for a delicious dinner perfect for winter that contains rich ingredients such as light butter, reduced fat sharp cheddar cheese, skinless chicken breast, and refrigerated biscuit dough. It also has skim milk, seasonings, and broccoli! You’ll be in heaven when you taste this.

white chicken chili bubble up

9. White Chicken Chili Bubble Up

Try our White Chicken Chili Bubble Up next time you crave chili but want something slightly heartier. This recipe has the classic components of a white chicken chili, except it also has buttermilk biscuits, which makes it much more satisfying and substantial. Nevertheless, it remains a low-point recipe. To make this, you must gather shredded chicken, corn, white kidney beans, mozzarella, biscuits, and more.

10. Easy Bubble-Up Italian Casserole

With ground turkey, onion, garlic, spinach, and tomatoes, this Italian-style bubble-up is a dream come true. It also contains hints of red pepper flakes, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and Italian seasoning. It is super simple to make and only needs to bake for 35 minutes. Once done, the cheese is nice and gooey on top, and the saucy components are underneath!

11. Bubble Up Enchiladas

Make enchiladas much faster when you try this quick recipe, which you can prep in only 10 minutes. It supplies you with the taste of classic enchiladas without all the effort. Some of the best ingredients include enchilada sauce, biscuits, shredded cheese, and lean ground turkey. The recipe states that you can also use lean ground beef instead! Get creative when serving this by trying different toppings.

Chicken and Spinach Artichoke Bubble up in white dish

12. Chicken, Spinach, and Artichoke Bubble Up

This delicious recipe is a perfect light dinner for the colder months. It is also a fantastic option for meal prep. It has cream cheese, fat-free mayo, and fat-free sour cream to make it saucy. It is healthy due to the artichoke, shredded chicken, chopped spinach, and reduced shredded mozzarella! Make it easy by purchasing this 7.5 oz package of biscuits, or simply weigh your dough until it reaches that weight.

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