Map of popular pies by state from Google Trends
Image Credit: Google Trends
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Thanksgiving pie…one of the most quintessential elements of the Holiday feast. Well before the big day many are thinking about, possibly obsessing over what pie to be crafting. Pumpkin pie is the Thanksgiving classic but there are so many options it’s hard to decide which one to create. We all have our go-to or favorite recipes, maybe even an old family recipe we dust off once a year for nostalgia purposes. Either way, you want it to be a hit among your guests and that may mean you decide to go with a more classic pie over some new recipe.

Well, in case you wondered what other fellow Americans will be making this holiday, Google Trends has us covered. Google did us all a favor and made a list and map of the top “most searched” pies per State. The results are informative and somewhat amusing. For example, fruit pies topped the list, then custard pies, then savory. Some States were unique and unexpected, such as Kansas with Frito Chili Pie, Oregon with Tamale Pie, and Pennsylvania with Shoofly pie. I had to Google Shoofly pie and it’s basically a molasses pie with a crumb topping similar to coffee cake, yum!

Here are the top 5 searched pies:

  1. Apple
  2. Pumpkin
  3. Key Lime
  4. Sweet Potato
  5. Pecan

Based on these very important scientific results, I have compiled a list of the best recipes for each of the top 5 pies listed above.


With the clear winner being apple, it’s no wonder there is the saying “as American as apple pie.” This classic fruit pie is by far the most popular and for so many reasons it makes perfect sense. It’s the thin layers of tart apple, cinnamon, sugar bubbling together to create that gorgeously balanced filling. This recipe from Tastes of Lizzy T is just that, with her addition of fresh squeezed lemon and that hint of nutmeg, this recipe may just be perfect.


Coming in 2nd, pumpkin pie. This pie is by far one of the easiest to make. With only 6 ingredients and no top crust to fuss with, this could be the pie to make if you are a novice baker. This Crazy for Crust recipe is so easy, they even describe it as “No Fail” and I 100% agree. The sweetened condensed milk is what makes it. It’s so delicious! Plop a giant dollop of whipped cream on top and you can’t go wrong.


As much as Key Lime is bright and tasty, it was a little surprising to see this make the top 5. This pie can be a bit labor intensive but this recipe from Confetti and Bliss breaks down every step to make it clear-cut and easy. She beautifully details every step with her knowledge and exquisite photography. Give this recipe a try, it is sure to impress!


A Southern favorite, this pie comes in at #4 and for good reason. Just like pumpkin pie this pie holds the same long-standing traditional weight when it comes to Thanksgiving. This pie is sweet and dense and perfectly spiced with those great warm Fall spices. Laura from Joy Food Sunshine creates a beautiful recipe that starts with roasting the sweet potatoes. This caramelization technique brings that natural, earthy sweetness forward that really kicks up the flavor.


And lastly, pecan pie is another holiday favorite. Classified as a “sugar pie,” this sweet, nutty, rich dessert stands up to the custardy pumpkin pie any day. Pecans are sweet and buttery with that slightly bitter bite at the end and that’s what makes this pie so delicious. The viscosity of the filling and the texture of the pecans make for a culinary marriage that is perfectly balanced.

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