Here we go again.. Each week I’ve been giving you a peek at some of the things I buy, both here in Canada where I live and also from the U.S since I live close enough to the border. I may change these to bi-weekly posts just for the fear of running out of things to show you 😉

I was eager to try out Kodiak cakes new flavors and my favorite of the two (crunchy peanut butter and dark chocolate) is the chocolate one. If you really want to give it an extra chocolate boost you can add a little cocoa powder to it. Its available at Target in the U.S, for 1/2 cup of mix which should make you 1 full waffle its 6 smart points or 5 points plus.


I made this delicious waffle topped with some berries, cream and a little melted dark chocolate, 8 smart points or 6 points plus.


I love these apple chips!! I buy them at Costco here in Canada but I’m pretty sure I have seen them in the U.S. Now there could probably be a debate a mile long when it comes to these and counting points, WW rules will tell you to count them, but as you can see the only ingredient is “apple”. I personally don’t count them and I say do what is best for you, I don’t eat too many at a time, maybe 1-2 servings. If I were to eat half the bag (which I doubt I ever would in one sitting, then I’d probably add some points to my day for them)



I love these garlic knots! I have only been able to find them at Walmart in the U.S. The package gives instructions for cooking them in the bag (either on the grill or in oven) but I take them out of the bag and cook them in the oven at 350F for about 10 minutes and they cook perfectly. They are so yummy and garlicky.. They are 3 smart points and 3 points plus each.



I love coconut, I enjoy baking with it and also topping my yogurt and even banana’s with it. I really like the Bob’s Red Mill coconut flakes, I buy this at Goodness Me or Whole Foods. 1/4 cup is 3 points plus or 6 smart points. I usually just use a sprinkle on yogurt and fruit, maybe equivalent to 1/2T so since I follow points plus I don’t count it, for smart points I would add a point.



This chocolate granola is a President’s Choice product which is a Canadian company, I buy it at my local Fortino’s grocery store but any store that sells PC products in Canada will carry it. I mainly use it to top yogurt with or in a yogurt parfait.  1/3 cup is 4 smart points or 3 points plus.



Well there’s 5 more products you might want to get your hands on 🙂 If I don’t post some next week I will definitely post the week after.

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