Wherever you are on your Weight Watchers journey, you have probably realized that cooking food at home is a major strategy for staying within your points budget. Steps like switching from delivery to delicious Chinese takeout recipes made healthier at home—even just a few times a week—can make a big difference in your weight loss efforts. 

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The Progress Line by WW was designed to help you transition to cooking at home more. Read on for our favorite Weight Watchers tools to get you started, and don’t forget to check out these must-have meal prep basics to make your home cooking easy and fun!

(Please Note: I’m not affiliated with Weight Watchers in any way. This is just my personal opinion. I’ve provided links to the products on amazon for informational purposes. I do not receive a commission if you buy. Let me know down in the comments your favorite WW accessories.)

1. WW Slow Cooker

A slow cooker is at the top of our list for any home cook! Not only is slow cooking a wonderful way to deepen flavors, tenderize meat, and cook tantalizing stews, they are fantastic for one-pot meals requiring minimal prep. Turn on the slow cooker before work and have a hot, healthy, and delicious meal waiting for you when you return. Be sure to give our 14 Weight Watchers Crock Pot recipes a try!

2. WW Air Fryer

Air fryers have gained a lot of attention in recent years and for good reason. They are incredibly versatile machines that, among many other functions, use circulating hot air to “fry” foods without oil. WW’s air fryer has 6 functions, a digital LED display, and dual side-by-side non-stick baskets so you can cook multiple foods at once. WW has online recipes to try, or test out some of Drizzle’s 20 Weight Watchers-friendly air fryer recipes!

3. WW 3-Tier Steamer

Give your favorite meals a healthy boost by cooking them in this 3-tier steamer! Steaming food retains nutrients, a crisp texture, and vibrant color while locking in flavor, and avoiding the need for calorie-dense oils. The WW steamer uses minimal electricity and includes a 60-minute timer, rice bowl, and collapsible tiers and can cook delicious rice, meat, fish, and veggies dishes. and save storage space after use. Easy clean-up and storage, too!

4. WW Health Grill

Move over George Foreman, because the WW Health Grill is here! Cook healthier meals for the family with the Health Grill from Progress by WW using little to no oil. Cleanup is easy and minimal with this non-stick grill, and you will save 86% on energy bills using this grill when comparing the energy used on an electric stovetop. Check out WW’s online recipes or get inspired by our favorite 24 George Foreman recipes

5. WW Mini Snack Maker

Do we need a mini snack maker? Maybe not. But it is adorable, affordable, incredibly versatile, and fast! Plus, it’ll take up very little storage space. This compact electric grill can make a variety of snacks such as pancakes, crepes, cookies, omelets, and more. We’d love to make some mini WW apple pancakes on this little guy! 

6. WW Mini Chopper

This mini chopper makes meal prep a breeze! Use it to make salsas, dips, hummus, and breadcrumbs, or use it in lieu of your chopping hand when prepping veggies and aromatics. A convenient feeding chute allows you to easily add in oil or liquids while you chop, without removing the lid. Plus, the chopping bowl is removable and can used as a serving dish, too! 

7. WW Omelette Maker

This non-stick, dual-chamber omelet maker is so versatile, that it might need another name. Not only can this device make delicious, healthy omelets (for two!), but it can also grill chicken, make desserts, and so more. You can even use the dual sides to cook two foods at once, making for a fast, easy, and healthy meal! The omelet maker features cool touch handles and power/ready indicator lights for safety and convenience. 

8. WW Popcorn Maker

Popcorn is a healthy, high-fiber snack that can easily go wrong. Packaged popcorn is laden with bad oils, butter, preservatives, and chemicals. The WW Popcorn Maker is here to save the day! Using hot air to pop the kernels, this machine eliminates the need for oils, allows you to make as much or as little popcorn as you need, and is done in as little as three minutes! 

9. WW Egg Cooker

Whether you like them soft-boiled, hard-boiled, or poached, this electric Egg Cooker from Progress by WW will be a go-to tool for all your brunch and breakfast needs. The egg cooker can cook up to 6 eggs at once and comes with a measuring cup (for the right amount of water, every time), an egg piercer, and poaching cups. Be sure to make our WW Deviled Eggs with your perfectly boiled eggs!

10. WW 3-in-1 Blender Set

Choose from the chop, whisk, and blend attachments to make meal prep effortless with this 3-in-1 blender set. Great for blending soups, smoothies, dips, eggs, and guacamole or rough chopping fruits and veggies, this unit has 2 speeds to suit your recipe needs. For added convenience, the unit comes with a 500ml bowl to store your prepped ingredients. It’s small yet mighty, and it stores easily to boot. 

11. WW Hand Mixer

Healthy baking is at your fingertips with this easy-store Hand Mixer from Progress by WW. From freshly baked bread to fluffy muffins, this lightweight, 5-speed hand mixer with multiple attachments will make things simple. Using a hand mixer ensures your dough will have the perfect consistency every time. Take these 15 Weight Watchers Baking Recipes out for a spin!

12. WW Cookware Basics

In case you’re really starting from scratch in your kitchen, the WW Progress Line also includes cookware. Load up on cooking essentials like a non-stick frying ban, a baking tray, a wok, saucepans, and more! These cookware items are non-stick, sturdy, and affordable. Whether you’re making a healthy stir fry or a nourishing soup, you’ll be ready to go!

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