If you’re always on the go, you might enjoy using a Blendjet or Blendjet 2. This sleek and compact blender is designed for you to take nearly anywhere. So, whether you’re at the office, on a camping trip, or just out and about, you can easily whip up a delicious smoothie or shake whenever you want.

One of the best things about the Blendjet is its convenience. You can charge it ahead of time and use it whenever you need to without worrying about finding an outlet. But if you want to make the most out of your Blendjet, you’ll want to check out some of the unique accessories that are available for it.

From travel lids to extra jars and decorative stickers, plenty of options will help you get the most out of your Blendjet. So why not take your blending game to the next level and invest in some of these awesome accessories today?

1. Orbiter Drinking Lid

One of the features that initially caught people’s attention with the Blendjet was how you can drink straight out of the blender chamber. Instead of having to bring an extra glass or a bottle on the go with you to transfer your smoothie into, you can just use part of the appliance itself. However, sometimes having an open-faced cup isn’t the most ideal situation.

Maybe you’re at the beach and don’t want sand granules or other debris to get into your smoothie. Or, maybe you’re in a place where it can easily spill. That’s where this drinking lid comes in handy! Blendjet reports that it is entirely leakproof, and you can open the lid with just one hand. It also has enough room for a straw!

2. Jetsetter Insulated Sleeve

After you blend your drink, you might not always have time to drink all of it immediately. Unfortunately, certain drinks, especially smoothies containing fresh fruit or dairy, can lose their appeal when they’re not insulated. This is especially true if you live in an area where it gets hot out!

We love this insulated sleeve you can order for your Blendjet. It will keep the jar insulated for several hours, retaining the freshness of your drink. It also has a wrist strap so you can easily carry it places. It comes in several colors: black, mint, lavender, and royal blue. This allows you to choose a color that fits your style!!

3. Large Jar (20 oz)

Did you know that the standard Blendjet 2 jar has a capacity of 16 ounces? But you can purchase an accessory that allows for 20 ounces. This is perfect for those who want extra space for their ingredients while keeping the blender compact and easy to transport.

Blendjet mentions that the jar has measurement markings, which can be useful for those who want to keep track of their ingredient intake and ensure that their Blendjet recipe comes out just right. It gives you that little bit of room that you might’ve wished the original had.

4. Extra Large Jar (32 oz)

Are you looking for an even larger blender jar size? Well, Blendjet has got you covered with their 32 oz jar! With this size, you can easily make larger portions of your favorite drinks without worrying about buying a full-sized blender elsewhere.

This jar is perfect for parties, tailgating, and camping trips. You can make breakfast smoothies for your entire family with ease. This one is double the size compared to the standard jar, so you can save time and avoid making multiple batches. Trust us, this accessory is definitely worth investing in!

5. Portable Blender Cleaning Brush Set

Although Blendjet is known for being easy to clean, typically, all you need to do is blend some water and a small amount of soap to clean the blender. But sometimes, pesky pieces of fruit or sticky ingredients like peanut butter might get stuck under the blade and are hard to reach.

Blendjet didn’t make this accessory product, but it is a cleaning brush that is universally useful for any portable blender. It is a set of brushes that make it easier to clean the hard-to-reach places of the blade!

6. Jetsetter Insulated Tote

So, we already shared the insulated sleeve you can use for your blender. But sometimes, you need to take it a step further. Thus, you can purchase an insulated tote, which can help you out when you want to store your perishable ingredients and your appliance.

It is designed with the customer in mind since it has multiple internal pockets that can fit either the Blendjet 1 or 2, JetPacks, and other components. It’s also useful for traveling since it is water-repellent and can protect your appliance and belongings!

7. Blendjet Reusable Silicone Straw

Whether you have the Orbiter drinking lid or not, you can never go wrong with a reusable straw. This silicone straw comes in three different colors: blue, purple, or pink. Although it’s $4.95, it will last you forever and has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

It also comes with a storage case and cleaning tool to maintain its quality. Why not purchase this and throw it in your insulated tote with your blender and ingredients?

8. Recipe Book Volume 1

We love that Blendjet has its own recipe books from which you can gain inspiration. These recipes are designed with this specific blender in mind. It contains recipes with alcohol, coffee, extra protein, ice cream, and more.

It even has a chapter that focuses on dips and dressings! You’ll also find images that go with each recipe to get a visual of how the drink looks and get ideas on garnishes for serving. This is a fun recipe book for any Blendjet lover out there!

9. Blendjet Stickers

Although the appliance comes in different colors and designs, sometimes you want to add more personality to your blender. You can purchase these stickers from Blendjet, filled with summer-themed images.

For instance, it has an adorable Flamingo, a Volkswagen bus, a mermaid tail, and a flower. If you don’t like this specific set, you might be able to find different stickers on Amazon that will properly adhere to your blendjet! But this pack is only around $5, so it is an affordable way to upgrade your appliance and make it more charming.

10. JetPack Protein Smoothie Packs

You are missing out if you have a Blendjet, but don’t take advantage of the different jetpacks. These packs can instantly upgrade your smoothies and simplify your blending experience.

All you need to do with these packs is add milk or water, and you have a smoothie! The best part is that they are healthy ingredients. Each pack is non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and contains no artificial flavors or sugar. They are also a good source of fiber!

11. Recipe Book Volume 2

Volume 2 of Blendjet’s recipe book has 50 additional recipes to try. From delicious smoothies to unique cocktails and shakes, there are plenty of new recipes to learn. You’ll become a Blendjet pro with this recipe book.

You no longer have to guess the amounts of fruit or ingredients to add to your smoothies when you can simply follow these recipes. Your loved ones will definitely be impressed! In total, this book has 120 pages with accompanying photos.

12. Bottle Carrier Bag Holder with Padded Shoulder Strap

Even though Blendjet doesn’t make this product, a Blendjet can fit in it! Specifically, a Blendjet with the standard jar can fit in it. You can check the measurements first before purchasing if you have different jar sizes.

Nevertheless, this bottle holder can come in handy since it has a longer strap that allows you to carry it over your shoulder, Unlike the blend jet sleeve, which only has a wrist strap. This also comes in over 15 different designs for you to choose from. This would be a great option when taking your appliance on a hike!

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