Discover the unsung hero of the kitchen that transforms ordinary meals into culinary masterpieces—frozen spinach!

Join us as we unveil the 26 Best Frozen Spinach Recipes to unleash the full potential of this green powerhouse while keeping your health goals in check.

A few of my favorites are the spinach alfredo pasta, 15-minutes spinach mac and cheese, cornbread spinach cheese bites, and the easy spinach quesadillas. Enjoy!

1. Spinach Enchiladas

These Spinach Enchiladas are packed with a filling bursting with flavors. These enchiladas are made with a delightful combination of spinach, mushrooms, and onions. Each enchilada is layered with a luscious enchilada sauce packed with complex flavors and topped with melted cheese making it a guilt-free Mexican delight perfect for vegans.

2. Easy White Spinach Pizza

Imagine a smooth and luscious spinach dip layered over a perfectly baked pizza crust. As it bakes, the mozzarella cheese melds with the spinach, creating a luscious faux cream sauce. Add bits of tangy goat cheese on top to add an extra layer of flavor. The creamy spinach mixture, coupled with melty mozzarella and tangy goat cheese, create an unbeatable flavor explosion.

3. Spinach Alfredo Pasta

Elevate your summer potlucks with this exceptional Spinach Alfredo Pasta, the perfect vegetarian casserole to satiate your comfort food cravings. This irresistible pasta dish combines Alfredo sauce, heavy cream, garlic paste, aromatic herbs, and spices. You’ll be surprised how delicious penne pasta tastes when it soaks up flavorful sauce. Frozen spinach and cheese are tossed into the mix and baked in the oven until the pasta is cooked and the cheese is melted.

4. The Easiest Spinach Lasagna

This pasta dish is a vegetarian take on the beloved classic, featuring layers of whole wheat lasagna, a divine blend of cheeses, and frozen spinach. Baked to golden and bubbly perfection, this spinach lasagna presents an enticing vision of vibrant greens that promises a wholesome experience. The velvety and creamy cheese mingles with the tender spinach, while the whole wheat lasagna adds a subtle nuttiness. Every bite is packed with flavor and is a perfect meal for vegans and non-vegans alike.

5. Spinach and Cheese Strata

Surprise your family with a hearty breakfast packed with nutrients, spinach and cheese strata. Crafted with layers of custard-soaked bread, creamy cheese, and vibrant green spinach, this Spinach and Cheese Strata will make everyone’s mouth water as you bake it in your oven. On the clock! Fear not. Assemble all the layers the night before and pop the casserole in the oven the next morning to enjoy a kick-starter breakfast.

6. Creamy Tortellini Soup

Spinach Tortellini Soup combines stuffed tortellini and vibrant spinach leaves immersed in a luscious tomato-based broth. With each spoonful, you’ll experience the comforting flavors, tender vegetables, enhancing the overall taste and providing the nourishing experience your body craves. This warm soup promises to satisfy your hunger and warm your soul. Pair this Spinach Tortellini Soup with a slice of crusty bread.

7. Creamy Spinach Pinwheels Recipe

If you’re looking for a delicious and visually impressive appetizer, look no further than Creamy Spinach Pinwheels. These delightful treats combine puff pastry flakiness with a creamy and flavorful spinach filling, creating a perfect harmony of taste and texture. Serve them as a tasty starter at your next gathering or as a satisfying afternoon tea snack to show off your confectionary skills.

8. The Best Creamed Spinach

Creamed spinach is the perfect side dish to elevate any meal, whether you want to serve it alongside juicy steak or grilled chicken. It starts with sautéing chopped spinach leaves in heavy cream, cream cheese, and parmesan cheese and is seasoned with salt and spices. This creamed spinach is packed with flavors and can turn an ordinary meal into an extraordinary feast.

9. 15-Minute Spinach Mac and Cheese

With its quick preparation time and delightful combination of flavors, this 15-Minute Spinach Mac and Cheese is an easy and quick recipe, perfect for busy individuals. It’s a leafy green twist on a beloved classic, featuring whole wheat pasta, pureed spinach, and grated white cheddar cheese. Perfect for those days when you crave comfort food but are short on time.

10. Easy Spinach Frittata

Spinach Frittata is a wholesome and flavorful dish made with frozen spinach, crumbled feta cheese, and eggs. Prepared in just 15 minutes, this frittata recipe is baked to golden-brown bubbly perfection with crumbled feta and spinach as a base with a whisked egg topping. Perfect for breakfast, brunch, or even a light dinner. Serve it with a simple salad and Italian focaccia for a satisfying meal.

11. Grandmother’s Spinach Rockefeller Recipe

Experience the culinary magic of grandma’s kitchen with every bite of this spinach Rockefeller casserole. This comforting casserole combines tender spinach, golden breadcrumbs, Parmesan, and butter, with an irresistible blend of seasonings. It celebrates the heritage, and culinary traditions passed down through generations. Baked to perfection to achieve a crispy, browned topping, this holiday delight becomes even more hearty when served with beef or lamb.

12. Cheesy Spinach Casserole With Bread Crumbs

Take your creamed cheese to another level by adding a blend of two kinds of cheese and topped with a satisfying crunch of breadcrumb bits. That is exactly what this Cheesy Spinach Casserole with Bread Crumbs is all about. It’s a versatile dish that can be enjoyed as a main course or a side dish alongside your favorite protein. With its simple preparation and delicious flavors, this casserole is a must-try for any cheese and spinach lover.

13. Spinach Fritters

You will no longer see spinach as a bland vegetable once you try these Crispy Spinach Fritters. Their crisp exterior and tender interior will please even the pickiest eaters. Admired worldwide as an unmistakable teatime snack, these fritters combine chopped spinach, onions, and garlic with eggs, Parmesan cheese, and almond flour. These fritters are fried until golden and crispy and are a must-have for those looking to incorporate more greens into their diet.

14. Spinach Gratin

Treat yourself to the divine Spinach Gratin, where luscious cream cheese sauce meets spinach’s vibrant green and topped with cheese and breadcrumbs. Bake the gratin until bubbly. Its simple preparation and delicious taste make it an excellent side dish to accompany your main course. It is also perfect for meal prep!

15. Vegan Saag Chana – Instant Pot Chickpea Spinach Curry

Vegan Saag Chana is an oil-free Indian-inspired dish that combines chickpeas, spinach, a medley of aromatic spices and seasonings, and a touch of cashew cream for a rich and creamy spinach curry. Cooked in an Instant Pot, this curry is comforting and packed with wholesome ingredients. Serve this delightful curry alongside fragrant basmati rice, and you’ll have a satisfying meal in no time.

16. Spinach and Feta Orzo

Spinach and Feta Orzo is a delicious and easy-to-make recipe that brings together vibrant flavors of spinach, creamy feta cheese, and tender orzo pasta. The sautéed onions, garlic, and fresh dill create a flavorful base, while the feta cheese brings tangy creaminess to this Italian delicacy. Cooking the orzo in salted water until al dente ensures that it retains a slight bite, providing a satisfying texture to each bite.

17. Spinach and White Beans

With its simplicity and dazzling taste, you’ll be amazed at what can be achieved with just 5 ingredients and in 15 minutes. This Spinach and White Beans recipe packs two nutritional powerhouses to revitalize your body and satisfy your taste buds. This meal is perfect for a weeknight meal.

18. Cornbread Spinach Cheese Bites

Cornbread Spinach Cheese Bites are bite-sized treats perfect for parties, game nights, or as a satisfying snack any time of day. Crafted with the finest ingredients, including frozen spinach, corn muffin mix, eggs, and cheddar cheese, these freezer-friendly bites deliver an exquisite combination of taste and simplicity. Cornbread’s natural sweetness complements spinach’s subtle earthiness, while the creamy blue cheese dressing and sharp cheddar cheese add layers of richness. Happy snacking!

19. Palak Paneer (Paneer with Spinach)

Palak Paneer is a timeless Indian culinary masterpiece featuring succulent cubes of Indian cottage cheese delicately immersed in a luscious spinach puree. Enhanced with the subtle tanginess of yogurt and a blend of aromatic, warm spices, this vegetarian delight is a protein-packed alternative to meat-based dishes. Serve it with fragrant rice or warm Naan bread for a delightful culinary experience.

20. Spinach Mashed Potatoes

Spinach and Mashed Potato is a wholesome twist on a traditional classic that will delight your taste buds and nourish your soul. Crafted with a creamy base of mashed potatoes, vibrant spinach, and tangy sour cream, this delectable casserole takes comfort food to a new level. Top these mashed potatoes with mozzarella cheese and then bake to perfection to create a delightful and flavorful dish that is sure to impress your taste buds.

21. Easy Spinach Gnocchi Recipe

Experience a new level of culinary delight as you savor the mouthwatering texture and delightful flavors of this spinach-infused gnocchi. Unlike any other pasta, these little dumplings are made without potatoes, making them a healthy treat without compromising on taste. Plus, you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen to make this Spinach Gnocchi. The best part: your kids gonna love this.

22. Spinach Feta Mini Tarts

Spinach Feta Tarts are the epitome of gourmet simplicity; that’s easy to make and taste delicious. Phyllo dough tart shells delicately encase a divine filling made with spinach mix, feta and eggs. To add an extra layer of flavor, crown each tart with a sprinkle of freshly grated parmesan cheese. Bake it to golden perfection to enjoy bakery style tarts at home.  

23. Easy Spinach Quesadillas

Elevate your snacking game with these Spinach Quesadillas, made with a flavorful mixture of spinach, onions, and melted cheese, all wrapped in a crispy tortilla shell. To elevate the taste further, grill these quesadillas to add a nice char and smoky flavor. Top these quesadillas with a zesty salsa and a dollop of creamy sour cream. The salsa adds fresh flavors with tangy notes and perfectly complement the rich flavors of cheese and spinach.

24. Vegetarian Baked Ziti

Say goodbye to excessive carbs and unhealthy fats and treat your tastes buds with this baked vegetarian ziti that rivals its meaty counterpart. Instead of ground meat, this dish uses nutrient-packed vegetables to cater to your dietary preferences. Spinach, zucchini, and red peppers take center stage, infusing this dish with a burst of color and complementing the rich tomato sauce. Trust us; you won’t miss the ground meat at all.

25. Spinach Artichoke Pizza

Discover a world where meatless creations can be just as irresistible. Spinach Artichoke Pizza is the perfect way to transform your spinach artichoke dip into a delightful pizza delight that even the pickiest eater will love. Creamy spinach artichoke mix generously layered over a tender and crispy pizza crust, with cherry tomatoes and stretchy mozzarella cheese that take this all-veggie delight to another level.

26. Sauteed Spinach with Garlic

It’s time to ditch those boring greens and level up your ordinary weeknight dinners with this mouthwatering garlic and white wine sauteed spinach. The garlic lends a savory note, perfectly complemented by the subtle undertones of the white wine. Best of all, it only takes 10 minutes and 5 basic pantry ingredients to whip up this restaurant quality meal.

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26 Best Frozen Spinach Recipes

Omelette with spinach and tomatoes sauce.
Join us as we unveil the 26 Best Frozen Spinach Recipes to unleash the full potential of this green powerhouse while keeping your health goals in check.
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