Looking for Asian Pear Recipes for every mood? We’ve got you covered! What is an Asian pear? This fruit is also known as an apple pear or Korean pear. It is native to East Asia and produced in China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. They are noticeably different from regular pears because they have a different shape and texture. They are round and stumpy like an apple with a light crisp and juicy flesh. Asian pears can be green, yellow, or bronze and may have speckles or russeting on their skin. These features make for a lovely ingredient in various meals and dishes! 

Asian pears have a firm and crunchy texture, making them fun to eat raw! They are sweet and mildly aromatic, with subtle floral and pear-like notes that pair well in desserts and savory dishes alike. Furthermore they’re rich in fiber, vitamins (such as vitamin C and K), and minerals (like potassium and copper). Their low calorie content and high water content make them  popular with healthy foodies too! If you’re ready to dig into this list of Asian Pear Recipes we won’t stop you, keep scrolling for more deliciousness! 

1. Savory Asian Pear Tart

Try this Savory Asian Pear Tarte for a nice tasty treat with fresh flavors! It’s a fun tart for a brunch party, wedding shower, and so much more. Featuring 1 puff pastry sheet,  ½ goat cheese log, and 1 Asian pear that is halved and thinly sliced. You will also need 1 handful of pistachios, 1 egg white for basting, 1 sprig of fresh thyme, and some balsamic glaze and honey for drizzle. Doesn’t that combination of flavors sound delicious?

2. Asian Pear Slaw With Ginger And Lime

Asian Pear Recipes like Slaw are a delightful addition to your meal routine. This slaw is a bit sweet, a tad crunchy, and has the right amount of spice. If you’re looking for natural sweetness to add to your recipes, Asian pears are just the ticket! Their flavor pairs perfectly with so many main meals like Thai food and other Asian foods. The way this slaw is lightly seasoned and flavored with ginger and lime will delight your senses. 

3. Asian Pear Sorbet

Believe it or not Asian Pears make delightful sorbet recipes. It is so refreshing with the right amount of sweetness. It’s crazy that you only need 4 ingredients! All you need is 2 ¼ pounds (about three)  Asian pears that are peeled, cored, and cut into eighths! You will also need 1 ½ cups sake, ½ cup sugar, and 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice. One medium lemon has plenty, so that’s all you need. 

4. Asian Pear & Cardamom Cream Muffins

Asian pear and cardamom cream muffins are one of the best recipes ever. They’re so easy to make too! Just whisk together the oil, cream, vanilla, egg, and brown sugar. In another bowl mix the white whole wheat flour, baking powder, ground cardamom, and salt. Gently fold the wet ingredients into the dry ones, fill the muffin liners, and bake! Trust me you will love these flavors. 

5. Spiced Asian Pear

This Spiced Asian Pear Recipe is like a chutney. It goes great with turkey, pork or even with some melted brie cheese. This is the best method for preserving your Asian pears too. Featuring delicious spices, red wine vinegar, white sugar, and brown sugar. They combine to make a fabulous chutney style medley. Just chop the pears, simmer the sugar, vinegar and spices, then pour it over the pears in a large jar. Let it rest and serve however you choose! 

6. Blue Cheese & Asian Pear Tartines 

Asian Pear Recipes like these tartines with blue cheese will delight you. It starts with 1 loaf of your favorite crusty bread or baguette. Definitely not a loaf with holes in it though because it won’t hold the toppings! You also need extra-virgin olive oil and a creamy wedge of cambozola cheese (or whatever your favorite blue cheese is.) I actually don’t care what brand of blue cheese I’m eating, I just love them all! Make sure your Asian pear is thinly sliced! 

7. Korean Steamed Pear / 배숙

Korean Steamed Pear, also known as “Baesuk” (배숙), is absolutely delicious and nutritious! This traditional Korean dessert is also a medicinal drink made by steaming pears with honey and spices. It is believed to have health benefits and is commonly made during the winter to help fight off colds and soothe sore throats. Just take whole pears, carefully remove the core, fill it with honey and spices, and steam! Yum. 

8. Asian Pear Cobbler Dessert

Asian Pear Cobbler is a delightful dessert featuring a buttery, biscuit-like topping. It’s a beautiful treat that’s perfect for showcasing the deliciousness of Asian pears. You will need about 6 pears that are rinsed, peeled, and sliced. All you really need is butter, flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, and one or two more ingredients. It bakes to a beautiful fluffy, crumbly, perfection and makes for a winning dessert. 

9. Asian Pear Prosciutto Appetizers

Have you tasted the winning combination of Asian Pears and Prosciutto? Boy, are you in for a treat! This snack is light, zesty, refreshing, sweet, and crunchy. Featuring creamy-tart goat cheese to bring all the flavors together. Asian Pear Prosciutto Appetizers are delightful for any social gathering! For example they’re an excellent finger food for cocktail parties, holiday gathering, showers, and more. 

10. Asian Pear Cole Slaw Recipe

Asian Pear recipes like this Cole Slaw are a refreshing twist on traditional coleslaw. If you love the crisp and juicy flavor of Asian pears then this slaw is for you. This Asian Pear Cole Slaw stands out from the rest, featuring nutritious ingredients that taste amazing. With raw cabbage, thinly sliced fennel bulb, and a subtle licorice flavor. Fennel is actually a good source of fiber and vitamin C. It’s all combined with crunchy celery and radish that brings everything together. 

11. Asian Pear Turnovers With Miso Glaze 

Asian pear turnovers with miso glaze are fun, scrumptious, and perfect for guests. They couldn’t be easier either! Just combine the diced Asian pears, granulated sugar, cornstarch, ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg, and a pinch of salt. Then roll out the pastry, fill them up, and fold them over. While they’re baking you can whip up the miso glaze. The flavor combination will send you into orbit! 

12. Caramelized Pears

Asian Pear Recipes like this refreshing dessert will have you jumping for joy. They are simmered to perfection in a sweet browned butter that will have you drooling. These pears are so good you can eat them by themselves or level up with whipped cream. A scoop of vanilla ice cream won’t hurt either. Surprise everyone at your next dinner party with caramelized pears! 

13. Brie Prosciutto Pizza with Asian Pear and Finch 

Looking for something scrumptious and a little bit elegant? Try this Brie Prosciutto Pizza with Asian Pear and Finch! It is silky smooth, crispy, savory, and salty with melted brie, Asian Pears, prosciutto, and fried sage leaves. You won’t believe it’s ready so quickly and prepared so easily! Serve this up as a winning dish for brunch, lunch, parties, showers, and more! 

14. Canning Asian Pears

Are you interested to know how to can Asian Pears? It’s the best way to preserve them so they don’t go to waste! They taste amazing and can be stored for longer periods of time. You will need some equipment to properly can the pears such as a water bath canner, canning jars, canning seals, and rings. You will also need a jar lifter, a canning funnel, a large pot, and bowls to cook the pears. Then to transfer them to you will need large spoons, a sharp knife, towels, dish cloths, and a ladle. 

15. Rosemary Asian Pear Crisp 

This dessert is one of my favorite Asian Pear Recipes ever! If you’ve never tasted the marvelous flavor combination of crispy Asian Pears and aromatic Rosemary herb, now is the perfect time to try it! It is perfect in the fall and winter months when Asian pears are in season! It’s crumbly, flaky, buttery, and crisp! Serve it up for a winning dessert on special occasions. Your entire family will be begging for the recipe. 

16. Asian Pear And Walnut Salad

This fresh and flavorful Asian Pear And Walnut Salad is perfect for a warm spring afternoon or light healthy dinner. However the maple mustard vinaigrette makes it all around excellent for Fall! Key ingredients needed include: a 5 oz pack of organic salad greens, 1 thinly sliced asian pear, 1/4 cup pomegranate arils, and 1/2 cup chopped walnuts. Drizzle the salad with 1 teaspoon avocado or olive oil and add a big pinch of sea salt! Yum. 

17. Asian Pear Bundt with Five-Spice Swirl 

Asian Pear Bundt with Five-Spice Swirl is so moist, tender, and sweet. It has a decadent swirl made of sugar and 5 spice powder. What is 5 spice powder? It is a popular Chinese spice blend with star anise, cloves, Chinese cinnamon (Cassia), Sichuan (or Chinese) peppercorns, and fennel seeds. These five spices are ground into a fine powder and mixed together creating a complex blend that’s used in both savory and sweet recipes!  

18. Asian Pear Scones With Miso Honey Butter

Looking for Asian Pear Recipes for scones? Try this dish with Miso Honey Butter! The chopped Asian pears are folded into the scone dough then baked. Afterwards the scones are drizzled in Miso Honey Butter! What is Miso Honey Butter? It’s a tasty condiment that combines the umami goodness of miso paste with the sweetness of honey and creamy butter. Once you try it you’ll want to make it all the time. 

19. Roasted Pears (With Balsamic And Honey)

Roasted Pears with Balsamic And Honey will make you an Asian Pear lover instantly. It’s ready in 30 minutes with only 4 ingredients. For best results use large pears that are slightly underripe. You also need 2 teaspoons of unsalted butter,  3 tablespoons of good quality balsamic vinegar, and 4 teaspoons of runny honey. If you want more honey you can add as much as you want! The best thing about these pears is that you can make big batches for parties or special occasions. 

20. Asian Pear Pork Tenderloin

Looking for the best main course featuring Asian Pears? Try this tender juicy pork tenderloin. The pork tenderloin is slow cooked to perfection with a medley of decadent flavors. In addition to pears it has onion, salt, dried tarragon, and black pepper! You will also need unsalted melted butter,  and mustard. For best results use a Jim Beam mustard variety! Top the whole recipe off with some light brown sugar and apple cider vinegar. 

21. Pork Chops with Asian Pear and Caramelized Onion 

Not in the mood to make a tenderloin but still want an Asian Pear Recipe with pork? Try Pork Chops with Asian Pear and Caramelized Onion! It’s faster to cook than tenderloin yet still tender, moist, and delicious. You won’t believe it is ready in 25 minutes only! If you want to make it AIP friendly, replace the dried or fresh tarragon for fennel seed.

22. Ginger-Soy Glazed Pork Chops With Asian Pear Slaw 

Ginger-soy glazed pork chops will instantly become your new favorite meal! The Asian Pear Slaw is next level delicious! It’s fresh, crisp, vibrant, and something a little different than normal. Pro tip: add a small dash of fish sauce to the dressing for an added Asian flair. For best results use boneless pork loin chops for this dish. It’s fabulous paired with Asian Pears and ginger soy. 

23. Beef Patty with Asian Pear/ Sanjeok

Beef Patty with Asian Pear Sanjeok is a delicious Korean dish that’s sure to be a hit! The combination of seasoned beef patties and thinly sliced Asian pear is devine. They are then threaded onto skewers and grilled or pan-fried. The savory and sweet flavors burst with goodness in your mouth. Just combine the ground beef, grated Asian pear, minced garlic, soy sauce, sesame oil, brown sugar, grated ginger, and black pepper Marinate, skewer, and cook- bam you’re done. 

24. Lamb Bulgogi with Asian Pear Dipping Sauce 

Lamb Bulgogi with Asian Pear Dipping Sauce is a scrumptious Korean recipe that’s sure to be a winner. Bulgogi is a popular Korean barbecue recipe often made with thinly sliced beef, but this version uses lamb and it’s well worth a try. Especially when combined with the Asian Pear Dipping Sauce! The sauce is so good, it has mirin (sweet Japanese rice wine), sugar, Asian sesame oil, toasted sesame seeds, and jalapeño chiles. 

25. Vegan Crispy Tofu with Asian Pear Salad 

Vegan Crispy Tofu with Asian Pear Salad is a fresh and vibrant plant based dish! Featuring crispy tofu, Asian pears, and a variety of vegetables, all tossed in a delicious dressing. It’s light, nutritious, crispy, and celebrates the natural sweetness of Asian pears. The best part is that it’s also packed with plant based protein from the tofu. Did you know tofu was rich in protein? I bet you didn’t know it’s also keto friendly too! Just a few fun vegan facts you might want to know. 


26. Steak Korean Tacos With Asian Pear Mango Slaw 

Who doesn’t love tacos? And with the rising popularity of delicious Korean dishes it makes perfect sense to create an amazing fusion. The mark of a great taco is the flavor of the meat. For these Korean tacos it’s thinly sliced and caramelized Bulgogi. The meat is tenderized using a marinade flavored with soy, ginger, garlic, sesame and scallions. The savory and delicious meat is then topped with a crisp slaw featuring ingredients such as sliced cabbage, Asian pear and mango. 

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26 Asian Pear Recipes That Are Too Good to Believe

By: Drizzle
Servings: 8
Prep: 5 minutes
Cook: 1 hour
Total: 1 hour 5 minutes
roasted duck fillet served with asian pears on a plate
This cranberry, apple and, pear stuffing is a favorite of mine during the holidays and it works perfectly with an asian pear!


  • 1 cup vegetable broth
  • 1 egg
  • 2 Tbsp egg whites
  • 3 Tbsp melted reduced calorie margarine
  • 2-120 g boxes of stove top stuffing, I used the cornbread flavor.
  • 1 apple, diced (I left peel on)
  • 1 Asian pear, diced
  • 1 cup diced red onion
  • 1 Tbsp chopped pecans or walnuts
  • 1/2 cup dried cranberries
  • 2 tsp sage
  • 1 tsp rosemary
  • Salt & pepper, just a dash


  • Plug your crock pot in and turn to high.
  • Whisk your egg, egg whites, melted margarine and broth together and pour into crock pot.
  • Place stove top stuffing into pot, then add your diced apple, pear, and onion.
  • Mix in your dried cranberries, nuts, seasonings and salt/pepper. Give it a good stir and then let cook on high for 1 hour, stirring a few times. Best served same day, can keep warm in crock pot til ready to serve. Makes 8-1 cup servings ..(I think 1/2 cup serving as a side will be plenty) 1 cup serving is 6sp or 5pp, 1/2 cup serving is 3sp or 2pp..
  • Nutritional info per 1 cup serving.. Calories 170.. Fat 4.7g… Saturated fat 0.5g… Carbs 29.5g… Fiber 1.6g… Sugars 7.3g… Proteins 4.5g

Additional Info

Course: Main meals
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