Wondering what to make with that bag of rice flour in the cupboard? Rice flour is versatile, gluten-free, and delicate. It’s made from ground rice grains into one of several types, each with its own characteristics and uses!

White Rice Flour is the most common and made from finely ground white rice. It has a mild flavor and smooth texture. That’s why it’s used for recipes like soup, bread, cakes, cookies, and pancakes. Glutinous Rice Flour on the other hand is used for desserts like mochi!

The rice flour recipes on this list are made with one of these two types. You need the glutinous kind for things like sticky cakes and mochi bread while the standard type is used in baking blends, to thicken soups, and more. 

More about glutinous rice flour … it’s made from short-grain glutinous rice. Despite its name, it’s actually gluten-free and gets its stickiness from the high amylopectin starch content. It’s a staple in Asian desserts and treats like dumplings, mochi, and rice cakes.

Some manufacturers have rice flour blends that combine different types of gluten free mixes. For example they might have tapioca flour, potato starch, or almond flour. If you’re ready to check out some of these rice flour recipes like sticky cakes, mochi donuts, mochi bread, gluten free mushroom soup, and Mochika chicken this is the list for you! 

1. Grilled Chewy Rice Cake (燒餅)

Grilled Chewy Rice Cake (燒餅) has just two Chinese characters to describe it. They are roughly translated to ‘grilled rice cake.’ The simple name does not quite describe what ingredient makes them so amazing- which is the glutinous rice flour used rather than regular rice flour! This is what creates that heavenly mochi-like texture. Grilling or frying just adds another level of scrumptiousness! I’ve never wanted any other pastry over rice cakes! They are just so amazing, delicious, simple, and decadent! 

2. Easy Rice Flour Pancakes 

This rice flour recipe for pancakes will make you want to eat them again and again. I always have it on hand to satisfy my cravings for a lovely breakfast! Don’t let food allergies get in your way and prevent you from indulging in a scrumptious pancake breakfast. Don’t expect them to be exactly like traditional fluffy pancakes, they are their own type of dish. But don’t fret, they have what you adore: flavor and fluff! Just make sure your rice flour is ground very fine for best results. 

3. Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins | With Rice Flour

Rice flour recipes like these Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins are moist, tender, and bursting with blueberry flavor. This is the easiest and most delicious gluten-free muffin recipe! The key to a successful gluten free muffin is a gluten free flour blend. You will need superfine white rice flour, cornstarch (or 1 full cup superfine white rice flour), xanthan gum, baking powder, baking soda, kosher salt, granulated sugar, packed light brown sugar, room temperature buttermilk, and a few more things. 

4. Mochi Doughnuts Recipe 

Glutinous Rice Flour Doughnuts Recipe will have you in love with mochi style desserts in a flash. They are literally chewy crispy bites of heaven that are fried to perfection before being coated in cinnamon and sugar. I always have glutinous rice flour in my pantry because there’s nothing else like it. These donuts are super light, a bit chewy and have a sugary coating outside of a moist and pillowy interior.  Using glutinous rice flour in this recipe is a must otherwise it won’t work out the same way. 

5. Sweet Sticky Rice Balls in Soup (Yin-Yang Tong Yuan)

Sweet stuffed rice balls, also known as Yin-Yang Tong Yuan, are a super popular dessert in China especially during holidays like the Lantern Festival. Also for special occasions like weddings and other celebrations. The Chinese word yuanis is a term that means “reunion,” symbolizing harmony and togetherness. Sometimes these rice balls are served in a sweet translucent broth and stuffed with ground black sesame. However this recipe calls for creamy chocolate and sesame seeds. 

6. Gluten-Free Cream of Mushroom Soup

Did you know that it’s quite easy to make gluten-free cream soups at home? They aren’t hard to make at all, and gluten-free sweet rice flour is the perfect thickener. Gluten-free cream of mushroom soup with a vibrant flavor is ready in less than 20 minutes! Just grab some mushrooms, onions, garlic, and cream!  The gluten-free rice flour and chicken broth is heavenly then it’s all topped off with fresh basil. It’s versatile and can be utilized for other things like tuna casserole and other casserole ideas.

7. Savory Chinese Winter Solstice Soup

Rice flour recipes like Savory Chinese Winter Solstice Soup will make you a die hard fan in an instant. It is packed with flavor and super cozy and comforting. You can eat it to celebrate the Winter Solstice or on any night you’re craving a hot bowl of deliciousness. All you have to do is combine raw chicken bones, water, a bit of ginger, and some salt in a pot then boil on medium-high then follow a few more steps. 

8. Gluten Free Tempura

This gluten free recipe for rice flour based tempura is loaded with flavor, is incredibly comforting, and totally hits the spot! What is tempura anyhow? It is a Japanese batter that’s used to coat everything from vegetables and meat to ice cream and mochi! It is a lot of fun, and makes for an easily customizable base for an appetizer or meal. There are so many foods that you can batter and fry using this method. With classic tempura, overdeveloping the gluten (by over stirring stirring) causes the batter to be too doughy instead of light and airy- but with this method you never have to worry! 

9. Banh Xeo Recipe – Authentic Vietnamese Crepe Pancake

If you haven’t had the chance to taste Vietnamese Banh Xeo, you are in for an incredible treat. This recipe shows you how to make Banh Xeo right at home with easy to follow steps! Banh Xeo is often called the Vietnamese omelet because it resembles one. However it’s not made out of egg at all! All you need is rice flour, turmeric, pork belly, shrimp and bean sprouts. It’s crispy and drizzled with nuoc mam sauce.

10. Steamed Pork With Rice Four (Fenzengrou)

Rice flour recipes like Chinese-style Steamed pork with homemade rice flour are absolutely unforgettable. This recipe is also known as FenzhengRou (粉蒸肉) in Chinese. There are countless versions and flavors of this quaint steamed dish. The key to this recipe is to make the rice flour from scratch with regular short-grain rice and some sticky rice (糯米) is incorporated also in order to make a softer and chewier end result. With flavors like pork belly, chopped green onion, sweet potatoes, and more. 

11. Mochiko Chicken

Chicken Mochiko are scrumptious bite-size pieces of juicy chicken thighs coated in mochiko flour (sweet rice flour) and then deep fried to perfection. This traditional dish was introduced to Hawaiian cuisine by Japanese immigrants. And so the two Cuisines came together in a heavenly way. The Japanese Mochiko flour created a Hawaiian-style fried chicken that’s ultra crunchy! The boneless chicken pieces are first marinated in a blend of soy sauce, seasonings, Mochiko rice flour (also called glutinous rice flour) which creates an unforgettable result. 

12. Gluten-free Spicy Fried Chicken

Gluten-free Spicy Fried Chicken? Yes that’s correct, this dish is crispy and gluten-free! All you need is 15 minutes to prep and 20 minutes to cook and that results in 4 hearty portions! The best part is that you only need simple pantry staple ingredients! For example 8 small chicken pieces (drumsticks and bone-in thighs are best), vegetable or rice bran oil, for frying, dill pickles, to serve, pickled chillies, to serve! See more for the buttermilk marinade!

13. Mochi Bread 

Mouthwatering mochi bread is delightfully light and fluffy. One bite and you will be in love. Use it to make breakfast sandwiches or French toast! If you’re looking for a bread that will take things to a whole new level this chewy, light and fluffy recipe is just what you need! It is very delicate, soft, and chewy with a light crispiness on the outside. The key to the mocha bread is combining glutinous rice flour (mochiko flour) and water in the base. This is the only way to make that sticky and gooey dough that we all know and love. 

14. Hawaiian Butter Mochi With Coconut Milk

Extremely easy 1-bowl Hawaiian Butter Mochi is also made with glutinous rice flour! It is also gluten-free, buttery, creamy, with a touch of coconut. This recipe is absolutely scrumptious with a chewy texture and creamy coconut flavor. I remember when I went to Hawaii for a friend’s wedding, and this bread really brings me back! You will need Mochiko Flour (glutinouse rice flour), Coconut milk, Evaporated milk, Granulated sugar, Unsalted butter, eggs, Baking powder, Salt, and Unsweetened shredded coconut!

15. Gluten Free Brown Rice Flour Brownies 

Looking for dessert rice flour recipes? Look no further than gluten free brown rice flour brownies! They are moist, fudgy, and decadent – sweetened with pure maple syrup. You can make the brownie batter on the stove top by melting the butter, adding the sugar, then the cocoa powder and vanilla extract. Other ingredients include dark chocolate chips, plus more for mixing in the batter, eggs, instant coffee, or ground cinnamon! 

16. Coconut Rice Cakes – Bibingka

You will adore Bibingka or Coconut Rice Cakes! They are a Filipino specialty featuring rice flour and coconut milk. These gluten free cakes are fabulous with a cup of tea or a latte. A fantastic snack for Breakfast or light dessert. Coconut Rice Cakes are gluten free and easily customizable. For best results use some Banana Leaves, Rice Flour, Baking powder, Salt, Eggs, Granulated Sugar, Coconut Milk, and Unsalted Butter, and Vanilla.

17. Soft & Chewy Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies 

Rice flour recipes with crisp edges and tender centers will change your world perspective! These easy gluten-free chocolate chip cookies are really amped up in flavor from the blend of gluten-free flours – oat flour, sweet white rice flour, and tapioca flour! The brown butter, loads of bittersweet chocolate, and flaky salt will have you jumping for joy. Unbelievably tasty, simple to make, and everyone will be in disbelief that they’re gluten-free!

18. Gluten-free chocolate cake (The Easiest Ever)

Rich a decadent gluten-free chocolate cake? Yes please I’ll take two! A great gluten free chocolate cake recipe never goes out of style! This one can be whipped up using minimal ingredients and simple pantry staples. The best part is there is no need for flour blends, no weird ingredients, only finely milled white rice flour. Not only is this cake gluten free, it is FODMAP friendly, nut free and simple to make dairy free. No xanthan gum with one simple flour: white rice flour! 

Want a recipe for gluten free rice flour snickerdoodle cookies? Try this simple recipe! Everyone in my house loves these and have no idea they’re made with gluten free flour. Who doesn’t adore Snickerdoodles anyway? These bites of heaven that are rolled in a mix of sugar and cinnamon? When using rice flour in recipes, it’s essential to consider the specific type of rice flour needed. For this cookie recipe it’s standard white rice flour combined with a few other pantry staples! 

20. Gluten-Free Cream of Chicken Soup

Gluten free rice flour recipes for soup are always so hearty and comforting! When soup is thickened with gluten-free rice flour it creates a lovely silky texture. White rice flour is my favorite ingredient to thicken soups and sauces too. So what’s the best way to add the flour to the soup? Well you want to create a little paste of equal parts room temperature butter and flour. Next slowly mix them into each other until the paste forms. This isn’t a new method either, it’s actually called  “buerre manie” (burr man-yay) and it’s a popular and helpful thicken method. 

21. Creamy Broccoli Soup – Gluten FREE

This marvelously creamy broccoli soup is very simple to whip up! Plus you can make it on the stove top with a brown rice based roux. You will adore this fabulous gluten free soup. Cooking for someone with allergies? No problem as this soup only has 5 easy ingredients and is totally gluten free! All you need is butter, brown rice flour, milk, frozen broccoli florets, chicken broth, and spices. Yum! 

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