Leftovers are meant to be thrown in the trash can right? Wrong! There are different ways in which you can turn your leftovers into a pot of bursting flavors. They can be made into different delicious delights from breakfast to tantalizing dinner dishes, especially our leftover prime ribs.

In this blog, we have compiled 20 mouth-watering, delightful ways you can turn your leftover prime ribs into dishes of never-ending bites of meaty goodness for any time or event of the day.

So no need to worry about what to do with those remaining pieces of prime ribs. Bring out your pen and paper, go to the kitchen and let’s start cooking!

1.  Prime Rib Hash

Breakfast does not only have to be all about tea, or bread, bacon, and eggs. With leftover ribs from last dinner, you can create a simple, easy, delicious, and hearty breakfast like the Bake it with Love prime rib hash recipe for the family. With your leftover ribs sautéd with potatoes, onions, milk, flour, eggs and seasonings like turmeric and nutmeg, breakfast is served.

2.  Philly Cheesesteak Sliders

Sliders are a delicious pick for appetizers when having a family gathering or an intimate party. The Philly Cheesesteak sliders recipe from The Latina Homemaker contains ingredients like sauce, caramelized onions, and cheese. It can be served with onion rings, French fries and even tater tots for children. This makes for a delicious snack while waiting for the main food.

3.  Prime Rib French Dip

Take lunch to another level by cooking it with those stored leftover ribs and finesse. With the ribs ducked in an Au jus filled with many flavours, and butter, and loaded up on toasted hoagie rolls, you have yourself a big meaty bite of goodness. You can spice it up with some mac and cheese or roasted sweet potatoes like in the Bake it with Love recipe.

4.  Prime Rib and Eggs Benedict

Who says you can not have a little delicious fun between breakfast and lunch? Well, you can. Using toasted muffins as the base, create a beautiful layering of poached eggs, your leftover prime rib, sauce, and desired seasons. Though the Nibble Me this recipe made use of hash brown cakes as the base of the plating. You can go with anyone you prefer.

5.  Prime Rib Potpie

A long stressful day at work does not mean you should not eat a rich and delicious meal. This simple dinner option allows you to use ingredients in the pantry to create a rich, colorful and flavorful food plating. The Food.com Irish recipe contains prime ribs, and other seasonings and veggies that make it a pot of goodies.

6.  Prime Rib Fajitas

A fan of tacos? Spice up your taco days with this delicious recipe. Soak your ribs in any fajita seasoning of your choice and then combine them in a pot with veggies and spread on warm tortillas. You can use the Add a Pinch recipe that makes use of lime, onions and a blend of spices perfect for fajita dishes.

7.  Prime Rib Fried Rice

Fried rice does not have to be boring and should be rich in meat. Your leftover prime rib is the way to go after remaining little pieces of ribs and its sauce from the family gathering of the day before. OMG, Yummy! recipe has the prime rib in a mixture of rice, soy sauce, veggies and eggs.

8.  Prime Rib Pizza

Who says pizza only has to have pepperoni on top? This pizza recipe by All Recipes makes use of prime ribs and other flavorful ingredients like horseradish and Swiss cheese, mushrooms, sour cream and potatoes to make a tasty delight. This would be bliss for pizza lovers who also love meat.

9.  Prime Rib Quesadillas

Cheesy meaty quesadillas? Yummy! This recipe by The Guy Who Grills provides you with the best way to make a cheesy meaty plate of quesadillas goodness. It can be eaten as lunch or dinner, however, you like it. You can use your favorite fillings or the one in the recipe and it can be served with sour cream or guacamole.

10. Prime Rib and Potato soup

Are you a lover of potatoes and soups? Then it is something you will love. With your leftover prime rib and other ingredients, you can create a pot of meaty delight. The recipe by Bakedboikedandbasted is a good and easy guide on how to prepare the dish. It can be enjoyed as an appetizer during gatherings or brunch at home.

11. Prime Rib Enchiladas

Do you know prime rib is amazing in enchiladas? So take out your leftover prime rib and follow the recipe by Great Grub, Delicious Treats on how to make a delicious plating of prime rib enchiladas, for you and the family with ingredients like charro beans, green chiles and olives. This gives a different delicious route from the traditional enchiladas.

12. Stuffed Peppers with Prime Rib Philly Cheesesteak Filling

Are you a fan of stuffing? Well, you can enjoy a serving of peppers stuffed with prime rib Philly cheesesteak filling. The recipe by Bake it with Love combines prime rib with other ingredients to create delicious meaty peppers. You can alternate any ingredient for your preferred choice.

13. Prime Rib Bibimbap

Do you enjoy experimenting with intercontinental dishes? Do you love Korean food and culture? This dish is of Korean origin but can be modified by adding prime rib for a unique taste. This recipe by Tiffy Cooks gives a detailed rundown on how to go about making this dish using your prime rib, eggs, veggies and some Korean relishes.

14. Prime Rib Sliders

Sliders are easy lunch recipes that can be packed for the children when they are going to school or enjoyed at home. This recipe by Silver Springs Food gives you a juicy way to utilize prime rib, horseradish and pickles for a bit of goodness

15. Prime Rib Club Sandwich

Elevate your lunch and your children’s school lunch from basic triangle sandwiches to a delicious sandwich filled with meaty goodness.

The recipe by Wonky Wonderful combines ingredients like caramelized onions, horseradish, and spring greens, with prime rib, layering them on a piece of bread to create a sumptuous meal. 

16. Prime Rib Ragu

Pasta is a delightful dish that can be eaten as a fried stir-fry, with a sauce, or as a jollof stir-fry. Ragu is a sauce made to be eaten with pasta. This ragu recipe by Bake it with Love is made with prime ribs, tomato, beef bouillon, and veggies. You can switch up the veggies and spices to your desired choices.

17. Prime Rib Stroganoff

Don’t you just love the idea of having something to munch on that gives a sense of comfort when you are down, exhausted, sad or just having a bad day? Well, this recipe by Keeping it Simple combines delightful ingredients to produce a comfy, delightful sauce for your pasta.

18. Prime Rib and Gnocchi Skillet

Leftovers can be transformed into different amazing dishes for snacking or even a main dish. This skillet recipe by Little House Big Alaska makes use of prime ribs and gnocchi to create a perfect skillet dish ideal for breakfast, brunch or even an appetizer. Yum!

19. Prime Rib Barley Soup

Soup dishes are delightful and filled with different bursting flavors. Pull out your leftover prime ribs and make use of this recipe by Or Whatever You Do to cook up a delicious tongue-biting soup.  It is also easy to prepare and can be eaten as an appetizer or brunch dish.

20. Prime Rib Nachos

A friends and family gathering will not be ideal without a three-course meal arrangement and nachos are a simple, perfect choice for an appetizer. This simple recipe by Grill your ass off will make the perfect, delicious nachos come to life with your prime ribs and other ingredients.

With these recipes, you do not have any reason to dispose of leftovers of meaty goodness. Take your leftover prime ribs and make mouth-watering dishes for any time of the day.

You can accompany the dishes with any chilled drink of your choice. Explore with your leftovers, have fun and don’t forget to share your experience with us. Enjoy!

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20 Leftover Prime Rib Recipes

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20 of the best leftover prime rib recipes from around the web


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