If you are a true BBQ enthusiast, then you know nothing beats the feeling of wanting to take out your Weber Grill to cook up something delicious. 

Don’t worry, we know that feeling. 

We also know that sometimes, you can run out of ideas regarding what to grill. 

Relax, we’ve got that covered as well. 

In this article, we’ll share not one, but twelve tasty recipes from top chefs that you can try right now on your Weber Grill. 

So, if you’re set, put on your apron, get your grill out, and let’s start cooking.

uncooked ingredients for air fryer salmon bites
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1) Greg Higgins’ Grilled Chinook Salmon with Chanterelles

When quality Salmon meets with the burning surface of a Weber grill, the only result is nothing but tasty deliciousness. However, you have yet to experience the full flavor of Grilled Chinook Salmon if you have not tried Greg Higgins’ recipe. 

As the co-founder of Higgins Portland, an Oregon original farm-to-table restaurant, you can bet that his farm-to-table recipes, just like this one are right on.

So, if you’re in the mood for fish, a crunchy exterior with a juicy inside, and a little bit of ingredients from the farmer’s market, you need to make this recipe right now. Plus, it only takes a total grill time of 5 to 7 minutes. 

grilled shrimp and veggies on skewers

2) Sue Zemanich’s Shrimp-and-Okra Kebabs with Grilled Peaches and Jalapeno-Bourbon Vinaigrette.

The second recipe is Sue Zemanich’s delicious boozy dash of flavor. If you like shrimp and you want to have something light and green for your lunch, this is a great idea. 

It is also the perfect recipe to try during the summer times when all these ingredients can be found easily and fresh. Just make sure that you get the freshly peeled Shrimp or the frozen ones beforehand to skip the first part of peeling. 

It takes a total of 45 minutes and this can stand as a shellfish main course. 

glazed smoked spare ribs on a pan

3) Mei Lin’s Sweet-and-Spicy Spareribs with Korean Barbecue Sauce

Another delicious recipe to try on your Weber is Mei Lin’s Sweet-and-spicy Spareribs. When the executive chef roasts her ribs she makes sure to do it on low heat, or as Mei Lin calls it, she’ll slow-roast the spareribs in the oven. 

She’ll do this until the ribs are super tender and the timing depends on your oven type. 

After roasting, she then goes over to glaze the meal with the sauce. You should know that Mei Lin’s Korean Barbecue sauce is sweet and spicy with a spike of gochujang.

An added note is that Mei Lin uses her special BBQ sauce for other things than grilled spare ribs. Mix it with melted butter and toss it on the side of your delicious fried chicken.

4) Sheldon Simeon’s Pulehu Steak Tip Skewers with Maui Onion Finadene Sauce

Celebrity chef Sheldon Simeon’s recipe is the last one we’ll be looking at, but it’s certainly not the least in any way. This Hawaiian recipe is already a delicious pick, but with some of Sheldon’s secret ingredients, you’ll be left with a dish that’s not just crispy, but also a sauce that’s thick and deep-flavored.

Please don’t hesitate to share any more celebrity chef recipes you know and kindly leave a comment below if you tried any of these recipes. Best of luck on your upcoming Weber journey. 

air fried asparagus on white plate

5) Zoi Antonitsas’ Grilled Asparagus with Taramasalata

Zoi is a celebrity chef who was also a former contestant in one of the biggest, cooking shows in the world — Top Chef. With over 20 years of experience as a chef, you can be sure she has tons of grilling recipes under her sleeve. 

Nonetheless, there’s one that stands out and the best part is that you can try it right now at home with your Weber. 

Her recipe is filled with easy-to-get ingredients and will only take you about 30 minutes of active time. 

So, if you want to enjoy some homemade, healthy, but tasty snack with a bit of cream on the side, you need to try this recipe. 

6) Daniel Humm’s Grilled Apricot, Arugula, and Goat Cheese Salad

Are you looking for a smoky-sweet appetizer to grill atop your Weber? Then try out this 30-minute recipe with lots of Apricots, Arugula, and Goat cheese. 

Fun fact: Apricot helps to improve digestion and eye health, so if you need a little bit of boost in this area, Daniel Humm’s recipe will help you out. Also, top chef Daniel Humm recommended using a toasted pine nut dressing for added flavor. 

Oyster Sauce in white serving dish
photo credit: successo images/shutterstock

7) Brooke Williamson’s Grilled Oysters with Bacon Vinaigrette

Celebrity chef and Reality cooking show winner, Brooke Williamson recommends all Weber BBQ enthusiasts to try this recipe before cooking your main course. It’s perfect for every season and as long as you have the ingredients readily available, it’ll only take you 30-45 minutes to have this tasty recipe on the table. 

This dish is also a great choice if you’re trying to minimize how much smoke you use in your food. Since the oysters are supposed to be cooked only slightly, it’s the best dish for people who want grilled foods but less smoke. 

8) Stephanie Izard’s Grilled Potato Salad with Mustard Seeds

Do you like potatoes and salad? Here’s a potato salad recipe from celebrity Weber chef Stephanie Izard. While it takes a handful of 50 minutes to prepare, it is one of the healthiest snacks you can have that suits all events. 

If you’re just having breakfast, having some friends over for lunch, or you want to whip up something for date night, this is an amazing option to try. 

It can stand as a main dish if you aim for a light meal and it can also be a side for your BBQ or cookout. Think about it.

9) Greg Higgins’ Grilled Oregon Albacore with Flame-Roasted Chili Raita

Another delicious recipe from Higgins is his grilled Oregon Albacore. Instead of tuna, Higgins recommends going all out with the flavorful versions of Albacore, while playing around with chili. 

This dish is one that’ll go well with spring and summer, especially if you like the moist, melting taste of perfectly grilled fish. Just set aside about 30 – 45 minutes and your meal will be ready for munching.

smoke rack of ribs on grill

10) Andy Ricker’s Honey-Glazed Baby Back Ribs with Whiskey Marinade.

‘Sweet’ has no limits with Andy’s special baby back ribs recipe. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, you might just want to skip past this one, because this recipe is a sweetness fountain waiting to erupt in your mouth. 

It only takes 30 minutes of active time, but because you’ll need to cook the ribs until tender, the total cooking time is six hours. That means you’ll need to prepare yourself for this tasty meal. 

While Andy recommends cooking on low fire, he also has a few other tips to follow, so read the recipe well before firing up your Weber grill.

habanero salsa in stone bowl

11) Marcelo Betancourt’s Mixed Grill with Fresh Tomato-and-Pepper Salsa

This recipe is not focused on the main course but on the dip. The idea is to grill whatever you think you can grill and mix it all together. Ensure to take note of all the tips we’ve mentioned previously on this blog to guarantee a tasty and beautiful meal. 

When you’re done, follow this recipe to cook up your criolla grill side. It’ll take you only a few minutes to make this but you should know, that you’ll be marinating a lot of fresh ingredients. 

12) Travis Lett’s Grilled Apricots and Arugula Salad

Not only famous chef Daniel Humm has the salad recipe on hand. Travis Lett, a celebrity chef, has also tried this recipe. His version also has grilled apricots and arugula, but instead of goat cheese, he uses burrata and country ham. This is a better option for individuals who want a breakfast without creamy cheese. Travis often alters the salad depending on the season by substituting apricots for pears, peaches, or plums. 

But at the end of the day, the method is still the same—delicious perfection!

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