Becoming a Weber Grill Master is easier than you might think. You bought yourself a beautiful Weber Grill, or you are seriously considering it, so you’re more than halfway there already. Now you have just a few things to brush up on and you’ll be a grill master in no time. Grilling is like anything else in life. If you want to become great at it, you have to do it again and again, over and over until it becomes second nature.  

Let’s take a look at some tips and tricks that will set you apart from regular run-of-the-mill grillers, and put you up on a pedestal that befits a true Master of the Grill.   

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1. A Weber Grill Master Uses Top Tier Equipment And Tools

A true Grill Master uses the best tools available. Every Grill Master will have different ideas about what the best tools are. This is not a bad thing. Be open to discovering new things. Weber Grills are a very fine brand that will never let you down when the going gets tough. The specifics of your new grill will vary according to several factors. Do your research upfront and continue to learn more about your grill and what it can do as you go. A Grill Master who is comfortable behind the grill, and knowledgeable about how to use it, is unstoppable.  

2. A Weber Grill Master Can And Will Improvise When Necessary

Although a Weber Grill Master uses the best tools he can procure, sometimes in life we are forced to make adjustments and improvise. The same thing goes for grill masters. For whatever reason we may find ourselves in a situation that doesn’t allow us to use the best equipment. No problem. A real Grill Master will always find a way. Make do with whatever you are able to find, and produce a brilliant meal regardless of what equipment you use or what kind of grill is available. You are the master of all things barbecue, and you will prevail!  

3. Experience And Confidence

The more you grill, the better you will become at grilling. So get out there and grill, baby, grill! These burgers aren’t going to barbecue themselves. Before you know it, grilling and producing culinary wonders with your Weber Grill will become second nature. And even though some days you may feel tired and uninspired to get out there and cook, just remember that your family and friends are depending on you. And they are hungry! 

Experience breeds confidence. Nothing is as impressive as someone who knows what they are doing and who loves doing it. But it will take some time to happen. And until the day you reach peak confidence, be fearless. Don’t be afraid to try new things and even fail at times. Failure is the best teacher. And Masters of the Grill never shy away from a free education. 

4. A Weber Grill Master Never Stops Learning

Grill Masters are eager to learn. And they will never stop in their pursuit of knowledge. This includes continuous learning about your equipment, learning new recipes, comparing different brands, etc. Knowledge is the most important thing a Grill Master possesses. Use it or lose it, as some wise person said many years ago.  

You can enrich your knowledge base while you’re here at Drizzle Me Skinny. We have great recipes you can try out on your new grill and there are lots of informative articles about your new Weber Grill and other great brands as well. Check these articles out:

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5. A Weber Grill Master Is Always Prepared

Preparation is the key to success. This is especially true when it comes to barbecue grilling. Most of the magic originates behind the scenes. The night before a grill event and the morning of the event. Prepare all your dishes in advance and don’t subject your guests to the less exciting parts of getting the food ready for the grill. Best to have it done before grilling day. This is why they call it prep work. 

You will prep all your recipes before you put them on the grill. No one who has been invited over to a barbecue wants to see their host chopping and cutting veggies and such as if they’re running out of time. They want to see you man the flames and look calm and confident while doing so. Your prep work should be done by the time you turn on your grill. Use prep time for rubbing the rubs into your meats, marinating the meats and veggies, having your seasonings ready, and making sure you have enough food to feed your guests. Never send a guest home hungry. That is the cardinal sin of the grill gods. Do not anger the grill gods!  

Check your equipment and fuel. Make sure you have plenty of briquettes or enough gas to last the day. If you’re using wood chips, soak half of them in water and leave half dry for optimal smoke performance. Make sure everything you should have, including fire prevention and safety equipment, is in a convenient place if and when you need it.

Now it’s time to go to bed and sleep like a Weber Grill Master because the fun part is coming tomorrow!

6. Indirect Grilling 

A Grill Master understands the concepts of direct grilling and indirect grilling and uses both methods as needed on the grill. Generally speaking, direct grilling is the technique to use when you are cooking small amounts of meat or other food and the cooking time is around twenty minutes. The food is placed directly over high heat and with the top down to lock in the heat evenly. Indirect grilling is a good technique for cooking larger pieces of meat and other foods for longer periods of time. With this method, the food is placed on a burner that has been turned off, while the adjacent burner(s) is on full blast. And of course, the lid is closed during this method as well.  

Knowing how to cook with indirect heating automatically expands your repertoire as a chef and sets you apart from the average Joe grilling amateurs out there. Your Weber grill will perform wonders no matter what method you use. Just remember, practice makes perfect!  

7. A Weber Grill Master Will Need Weber Accessories

Lucky for all of us, Weber has tons of useful accessories for every type of grill. You can never have too many tools in order to perform your duties as a Grill Master. A proper chef must not only look the part and act the part, but they must deliver the goods to their guests when all is said and done. Accessories are a necessity in order to become a great griller and fortunately we’ve got you covered with this breakdown of the 12 must have Weber Grill accessories.   

8. A Weber Grill Master Keeps Their Grill Clean

You must clean your grill regularly. I’m not talking spotless spit-shine clean, but there shouldn’t be remnants of last month’s grilled chicken stuck to the grates when you open it up. Despite what Al Bundy might say, old food and grease are not appetizing. Scrub your grates while they’re still warm after every grilling session to get the burnt food off of the cooking area. Now you’ll be ready to deliver fresh flavored goodies to your family and friends!

9. A Weber Grill Master Follows Safety Protocols

Remember this above all else. Your Weber grill is not a plaything. It is a tool that should be treated seriously and carefully. Be sure to follow all safety protocols while grilling, so your backyard soirée doesn’t turn into a makeshift burn center. Have fire prevention equipment and first aid kits available. Keep an eye out for curious kids and inebriated guests who are enamored with your grill so they don’t get too close. As a Weber Grill Master, the responsibility for a safe event is mainly yours.  

10. A Weber Grill Master Has Fun!  

Remember this, fellow Grill Masters. Have fun! No one wants to see a sour-faced chef dishing out their food, no matter how tasty the food is. Have some fun and smile!  Laughter goes with food very well. Using a Weber grill makes your job easier, so you can enjoy the actual event and cook delicious food at the same time. Relax, enjoy, and remember to grill as often as you can!

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