Puff pastry is an excellent base for desserts. This flaky pastry has been around for an impressive amount of time! Kitchen Project states it was invented in France in 1645. We all know that French desserts are some of the best desserts around. However, over time, people have experimented with this pastry type and created entirely new desserts of different origins. In its simplest form, puff pastry has a basic composition of flour, water, salt, and butter, but the layers of butter make it very airy and crisp.

Since you can typically purchase pre-made frozen puff pastry in sheets, you can cut the dough into different sizes. You can keep it as a large sheet, cut stripes or squares, or even use cookie cutters to cut out circles! Moreover, because of its simple buttery taste, it’s complementary with any sweet ingredient, from fruit pie filling to cream cheese to chocolate. This list contains recipes for doughnuts, cakes, churros, hand pies, and more to inspire your next baking endeavor!

1. Chocolate Orange Puff Pastry Braid

Tasting Thyme shared this recipe for a gorgeous puff pastry dessert braid. You can fill the puff pastry sheet with the orange milk chocolate filling. Then, weave the pieces over each other to create the braid! Although the recipe explains how to make puff pastry homemade, you can also use the premade sheets if that’s what you have. Nevertheless, this is an easy recipe that only takes 20 minutes to prep and 20 minutes to cook!

2. Mascarpone Puff Pastry

These vibrant puff pastry tarts are perfect for Sunday brunch. However, you can also enjoy them after a yummy dinner since they’re delicious any time of day. The puff pastry acts as the foundation for the tart, then is topped with a mascarpone frosting, lemon curd, and mixed berries; you can top it with a light dusting of powdered sugar to give it a better presentation! Just wait to put the sugar until the last minute.

3. Reese’s Stuffed Puff Pastry Donuts

These decadent donuts are perfect for when you want to impress your friends with your baking skills! In total, you only need six ingredients to make them. Gather puff pastry sheets, eggs, Reese’s peanut butter cups, chocolate sauce, and sprinkles. These donuts become incredibly light and airy. The chocolate makes them super rich, so one is certainly enough to satisfy your craving!

4. Easy Pumpkin Hand Pies with Puff Pastry

If you are someone who doesn’t like to let go of the pumpkin spice season, you’re not alone. You can make these delicious pumpkin hand pies anytime you wish! You only need puree, eggs, brown sugar, pumpkin pie spice, and puff pastry. The recipe also suggests egg washing the hand pies before baking, which gives them a nice golden crust. Enjoy this with a steaming cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

5. Apples in Puff Pastry (With Chocolate Nut Filling)

Everyday Delicious posted this incredible fruity puff pastry recipe, and we just had to share. This is certainly a unique recipe since you leave the apples whole; you just need to remove the core. You can then fill the apples with a scrumptious filling made with walnuts and chocolate hazelnut spread. When you see these puff pastry desserts on a plate, you won’t expect to bite into something so marvelous! The stuffed apple is undoubtedly a pleasant surprise.

6. Easy Strawberry Napoleon

We couldn’t include puff pastry desserts without including some classic French sweet treats. This dessert is otherwise known as mille feuille! However, this isn’t the exact traditional version. It has its unique twist with strawberry preserves, cream cheese, and fresh strawberries. You’ll love biting into the crisp pastry, creamy filling, and fresh fruit. This is certainly a light dessert that won’t leave you feeling bloated.

7. Honeycomb Cake – Puff Pastry Cherry Cake

Here is an impressive recipe by Let The Baking Begin. This cake has such a striking appearance that it is perfect for serving at parties! The honeycomb cake almost looks like roses when you slice into it. It has three components: puff pastry cherry cake, the frosting, and the ganache. You can also include some chocolate sprinkles for extra garnish! The best part? You only need two puff pastry sheets to make this.

8. Strawberry Napoleons

Here’s another Napoleon recipe with strawberries, except this one has homemade pastry cream, which is incredibly rich and creamy. This dessert has layers of fresh fruit, buttery puff pastry, cream, and a simple icing. But it doesn’t stop there. You can also make a whipped cream topping for it. This recipe makes 12 servings, so it’s great for small gatherings and works for various occasions.

9. Apple Puff Pastry Buns

Who doesn’t love a dessert that can double as a morning pastry? These Apple Puff Pastry Buns are too good to be true! They only require five ingredients: fresh apples, frozen puff pastry, unsalted butter, sugar, and cinnamon. Once done, the apple pieces are perfectly tender, which balances the fluffy pastry. This recipe makes eight buns, but you can always double it if you want to. In total, it takes 30 minutes to make!

10. Chocolate Almond Puff Pastry Twists

Chocolate and almonds team up to make an irresistible sweet treat in this recipe. The primary component is the store-bought puff pastry sheets! However, you’ll also need almond paste, sugar, butter, chocolate, and sliced almonds. You can use raw or toasted almonds. We suggest toasting them yourself, which enhances their flavor. Dip these in whipped cream or even serve them with ice cream!

11. Easy Chocolate Puff Pastry Roll with Frozen Puff Pastry Dough

This divine Chocolate Puff Pastry Roll might remind you of a chocolate croissant. It’s also effortless to make since all you need to do is take Hershey’s chocolate and wrap the puff pastry sheet around it. After it bakes, the chocolate is perfectly melted and gooey, while the pastry is buttery and browned! There are plenty of ways to serve this. Top it with a dollop of whipped cream, powdered sugar, or fresh fruit.

12. Samoa Napoleon Cake (Mille – Feuille)

Here’s an interesting take on the classic Napoleon dessert. This recipe has a creative twist that reminds you of Samoa cookies with chocolate, caramel, and toasted coconut. It also has an excellent display; it looks incredibly elegant despite being easy to make. For this recipe, you’ll need puff pastry, gelatin, heavy cream, caramel apple dip, coconut, and chocolate. The caramel apple dip is convenient since you don’t have to make homemade caramel!

13. Raspberry Vanilla Puff Pastry Ice Cream Sandwiches

Utilize frozen puff pastry sheets to make the most delicious ice cream sandwiches ever! Rather than using cookies for the base, the frozen puff pastry offers a completely different flavor and texture. Although you can use any ice cream, the recipe suggests fresh raspberries with vanilla ice cream! It would also taste amazing with chocolate, peanut butter, or even caramel ice cream.

14. The Croissookie

If you’re looking for a fusion between croissant, cookie, and fried Oreo, this is for you. No, it isn’t fried, but the puff pastry surrounds the Oreo and might remind you of a deep-fried coating because it becomes perfectly crispy! To make this recipe, you’ll need frozen puff pastry, double-stuffed Oreos, powdered sugar, chocolate chips, and egg wash. Luckily for you, the puff pastry bakes quickly, so this is an easy dessert to whip up.

15. Pecan Pie Pastry

Pies And Tacos shared this recipe to transform puff pastry sheets into mini pecan pies! This is genius when you want your dessert to be like finger food. You can serve these on a platter, and everyone can serve themselves. This recipe combines pastry sheets with corn syrup, brown sugar, and pecan filling. To top the pastry, you’ll also need some sugar, cinnamon, and egg wash.

16. Puff Pastry Baked Churros

Churros might seem like a huge task to make homemade, but you can use a shortcut recipe like this one. Make incredibly yummy and beautiful churros with the help of frozen puff pastry sheets. Aside from that, all you need is butter, sugar, and cinnamon! You can bake the puff pastry after you cut it into strips. Then, dunk it in melted butter and cinnamon sugar to finish them off. This is a fun recipe to do with the kids!

17. Puff Pastry Cinnamon Rolls

These cinnamon rolls are suitable for breakfast or an after-dinner treat! You don’t need to make the dough from scratch. Use pre-rolled puff pastry sheets and add caramel sauce, mixed spices, cinnamon, brown sugar, and butter. The caramel sauce makes them extra special, but you can also use cream cheese icing if you want more of a classic cinnamon roll.

18. Puff Pastry Berries & Cream Wreath

Next time you host a party, this simple yet scrumptious dessert wreath will wow all your guests. It begins with frozen puff pastry sheets! However, it also utilizes heavy cream, sugar, lemon juice, berries, and powdered sugar. It’s up to you which type of berries you want to use. We suggest using a combination so that the wreath comes out super colorful!

19. Lazy Cream Horns

With a 15-minute prep time and a 5-minute cooking time, you won’t believe how quickly you can have this fancy dessert ready to be served. The primary components include puff pastry sheets, butter, powdered sugar, vanilla, and marshmallow fluff in the filling. You can either use a pastry bag with a tip (to pipe unique designs) or simply smother the filling with a spoon in between baked puff pastry.

20. Raspberry Pastry Twists

Here’s another sweet treat that can be enjoyed as a dessert in the evening or eaten in the morning with your breakfast! These pastry twists have a unique appearance due to the bright raspberry jam. To make it easy, use the store-bought puff pastry and a pizza cutter to slice it thinly. When you serve these, you can drizzle icing over them or sprinkle on some powdered sugar.

21. Chocolate Puff Pastry

You’ll be in chocolate heaven with these three-ingredient Chocolate Puff Pastry delights. It is a simple recipe with chocolate chips, powdered sugar, and frozen puff pastry. The combination of the rich chocolate and the buttery pastry is all you need to feel satisfied! From start to finish, this recipe takes 25 minutes and makes 12 servings. Whether you want to use dark or semi-sweet chocolate is up to you!

22. Lemon Puff Pastry

Great Grub Delicious Treats created this recipe that’s perfect for people who love their sweet treats with a tangy undertone! Thanks to the lemon pie filling, it has a wonderful citrusy essence. This recipe also has some cream cheese to balance the acidity of the lemon. Create the family-size dessert by using the large puff pastry sheets and then braiding the sides. You can drizzle the finished product with icing or serve it with Cool Whip.

23. Flaky Puff Pastry Cherry Bombs

These unique cherry desserts are somewhat of a fusion between a muffin and a turnover. They have a scrumptious cream cheese and cherry filling that resides in the center. When you bite into these crispy puff pastry treats, you’ll be impressed by the sweet yet tart taste and wonderful texture. You can also drizzle them with a vanilla extract, cream, and powdered sugar frosting.

24. Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Puff Pastry Cookies

Did you realize you can turn puff pastry sheets into unique chocolate chip cookies? This recipe shows you exactly how! It also has cream cheese, which tastes phenomenal, between the sweet chocolate and the yummy puff pastry. These cookies would taste delicious with a glass of milk, whether it be dairy milk, almond milk, or even oat milk! Another option is to enjoy them with soft-serve ice cream.

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