I thought it would be fun to show a day in the life of my recipes for all 3 MyWW programs, blue, green and purple. While they are all similar they are also very different in their own way. Whether you are team blue, green or purple you can easily fit a day of my recipes in and stay on track, with lots of points left over for snacks. Please know that this is just a suggestion, I am not saying eat like this in a day and lose weight, I am just showing you options for 3 meals in a day on any of the programs.

Blue program (Freestyle as we know it) Daily points- 23SP


Breakfast bubble up cups .. These are so good and pretty simple to make, at 2Sp each on the blue program you can have 2 served with some fruit for a 4SP breakfast


These cheesy chicken fritters are a fan favorite and great to make up and take for lunch, they reheat well and great served with a salad. They are just 1SP on the blue program, 3 fritters with a salad would make for a satisfying lunch for 3SP


My one-pot Mexican chicken & rice is a new recipe and was a big hit right away! This dish instantly became one of my new favorites and I will probably make it weekly.. One serving on the blue program is 4SP, I would have 1.5 servings (which is 1.5 cups) for a nice filling dinner. Total points 6SP

This brings the total daily points used to 13Sp, leaving you with 10SP for snacks, or you can use some for dressing on a salad, maybe have a bun with the chicken and rice dish.. with only using 13 of your 23 daily budget for your 3 main meals I think you have enough points left to incorporate your favorite things and end the day on track.

Green program (very similar to old smart points beyond the scale) Daily points- 30SP


Berry crumble french toast bake, I love this recipe and often make it on the weekends, it is one of the reasons the green program works so well for me, I have a sweet tooth and I am not someone who eats eggs for breakfast, so this nice sweet treat hits the spot and I like having the points to enjoy something like this. 8SP per serving on the green program.


Creamy chicken & bacon alfredo soup, I love a good warm bowl of soup for lunch and this one is delicious! 4SP per serving on the green program.


A fan favorite and I think one of the first bubble up recipes I made, this taco fiesta bubble up is so good and makes a great family meal. 7SP per serving on the green program


Total smart points for the day on the green program is 19.. with a daily budget of 30 points that still leaves 11SP for snacks and anything you might want to add to one of your meals.

Purple program, similar to the old simply filling program. Daily points- 16SP


Southwest chicken frittata, this dish has so much flavor and it is great for meal prep, just 1SP per serving on the purple program, served with some fruit it will make for a nice filling breakfast.


Soup always makes a great lunch, it is easy to pack if you work outside of the house. This slow cooker chicken taco soup has become a favorite of mine. Soup freezes well making it great for meal prep! Zero SP per serving on the purple program.


I love buffalo chicken ANYTHING!! You will notice I have many recipes for it and this buffalo chicken pasta bake was one of the first I ever made, it remains a favorite. 5 smart points per serving on the purple program.

Total points used for the day on the purple program is 6SP, and with a daily point allowance of 16SP you have 10 points left for snacks or anything you want to add to one of the meals.


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  1. On your one-day recipes of the green program, the soup lunch option says the points are from the blue program… is that a typo?

    1. Hi Pam, yes typo and I just fixed it thank you 🙂 I have been non stop updating recipes and my head is a bit scattered between blue, green and purple haha so I apologize

  2. I just recently found your site and I love it! Thank you so much for all the wonderful recipes. And I love this blog with the daily meal suggestions.