This is your go-to guide for the best breads to eat on Weight Watchers, whether you are buying bread or baking your own. Because YES, you can eat carbs and lose weight! In fact, whole-grain bread is rich in fiber and nutrients needed in a balanced diet. 

Learning the right kinds of bread to eat in moderation is critical for many following a Weight Watchers diet. A major draw of this program is not having to give up the foods we love, but rather learning how to enjoy them in a balanced way. 

In this post, we share tips on what to look for and what to avoid when shopping for bread and recommend our top 5 brands of Weight Watcher-friendly bread. We also include 10 recipes for Weight Watcher-friendly breads to make at home. 

If you really can’t get enough, check out these 25 cozy stuffed bread recipes, too!

What to look for in a store-bought bread 

According to Weight Watchers, the top consideration when buying bread is the ingredient list. Ideally, you want 16 grams of whole grains per serving. Look for a brand that uses whole grains as the FIRST ingredient. If it’s the second or third ingredient listed, whole grains may not make up a substantial part of the bread.

What exactly are whole grains? In addition to grains like oats, millet, buckwheat, brown rice, barley, and quinoa, whole grains include flours that have been milled using the entire grain, preserving its fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Whole-grain wheat, rye, and spelt are great options. 

What to avoid in a store-bought bread

When reading the label, steer clear of bread made with “white flour,” “enriched white flour” or “wheat flour.” These grains have been refined, meaning they’ve been stripped of their nutrient- and fiber-rich bran and germ, leaving only starch with none of the health benefits you’re after. You also want to avoid trans fats—which may come in the form of partially hydrogenated, vegetable oil shortening, or hydrogenated vegetable oil in the ingredients list—and added refined sugar and corn syrup.  

5 Best Store-Bought Breads for Weight Watchers

In addition to Weight Watchers’ brand of bread, there are many low-point options available at the store. Here are our top 5 picks in terms of taste, texture, and accessibility. 

  1. Pepperidge Farm Light Soft Wheat Bread (1 point per slice)
  1. Sarah Lee 100% Whole Wheat with Honey Bread (1 point per slice)
  1. Schmidt Old Tyme 647 Wheat Bread (1 point per slice)
  1. Dave’s Killer Bread (2 points per slice)
  1. Sara Lee Artesano Golden Wheat (3 points per slice)

For more store-bought bread brands that are low in Weight Watchers points, head to Smiley’s Points for a complete list broken down by points. 

10 Great Homemade Weight Watchers Bread Recipes

If you’re looking to bake your own bread, we’ve rounded up 10 delicious and health-conscious bread recipes from Drizzle and beyond. From simple sandwich bread to decadent dessert loaves, these recipes are big in taste and low in points. 

chocolate chip banana loaf, sliced on white plate
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  1. Chocolate Chip Banana Loaf (5 points per slice): This better-for-you loaf uses Lily’s no-sugar-added chocolate chips and stevia to keep points in check. 
healthy cornbread on white plate
  1. Healthy Cornbread (3 points per piece): This honey-sweetened cornbread is the perfect accompaniment to winter crockpot recipes and casseroles
Apple Fritter loaf on white plate
  1. Apple Fritter Loaf (5 points per slice): This moist and flavorful bread combines apples, cinnamon, and brown sugar for the perfect fall breakfast or snack. 
slice of ginger bread loaf on white plate
  1. Gingerbread Loaf (5 points per piece): This fluffy, lightened-up loaf has the gingerbread flavor you love with less point-heavy molasses. Ready in an hour!
christmas tree pull apart bread on white parchment paper
  1. Pull Apart Christmas Tree Cheesy Bread (5 points per serving): The perfect Christmas appetizer is here—It’s simple to make, cheesy, and super fun!
banana bread with crumble topping sliced on cutting board
  1. Banana Bread with Crumb Topping (6 points per piece): A sweet and decadent crumble-topped banana bread with cinnamon and minimal sugar. 
chocolate chip caramel bread sliced on white plate
  1. Caramel Chocolate Chip Banana Bread (4 Smart Points per piece): A classic banana loaf elevated with indulgent caramel sauce and chocolate chips. 
blueberry lemon loaf sliced on cutting board
  1. Blueberry Lemon Loaf (3 points per slice): This bread has the perfect combination of tart and sweet, with bright lemon and juicy bursts of blueberries.
  1. Weight Watchers White Bread Recipe (2 points per slice): This simple yet versatile bread can be made with a bread machine or mixer. 
  1.  2-Ingredient Weight Watchers Dough: Made with just Greek yogurt and self-rising flour, this versatile dough can be used for bread loaves, rolls, bagels, pizza dough, and more! 

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