Chipotle is one of the best fast food restaurants for Weight Watchers. Chipotle uses fresh ingredients without processed or artificial additives, plus orders are highly customizable, meaning it’s easy to make smart choices and healthy swaps. 

In this guide, we break down Chipotle’s menu items and how to order a low-point meal from this popular Mexican fast-food chain. Low and zero-point ingredients are plentiful at Chipotle, so there are lots of delicious options to choose from!

Whether you’re looking for healthy fast food options for a road trip or simply want to enjoy the convenience of fast food white dieting, check out our Weight Watchers fast food survival guide for more tips on finding the healthiest options on the go! 

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How to Build a Low-Point Meal at Chipotle

Chipotle’s custom ordering process makes this Mexican fast food chain a great choice for Weight Watchers. Similar to Subway Restaurants, Chipotle uses a “Build Your Own” style of ordering for burritos, bowls, and taco orders. 

There are also several healthy sides you can order. You can customize any order by going lighter on or choosing half-orders of higher-point ingredients and extras of lower-point foods to help you stay within your budget.  

Use this guide to learn the points value of your favorite Chipotle menu items and toppings so you can craft a low-point Chipotle order on your next visit. 

1. Select a Base

The easiest way to control your points at Chipotle is to build your own burrito or bowl. You will begin by selecting a base (a salad, bowl, or tortilla). The point values for bowls vs tortillas are:

  • Salad or burrito bowl 0 Points
  • Crispy corn tortilla (3 tacos) 6 Points
  • Flour tortilla (burrito portion) 9 Points

As you can see, selecting a salad or burrito bowl is a great 0-point option

2. Pick Your Meat Proteins

Next, you will select a meat to add to your base. The points for meats at Chipotle are as follows:

  • Steak 3 Points
  • Sofritas (tofu) 3 Points
  • Barbacoa 4 Points
  • Chicken 5 Points
  • Carnitas 7 Points

For the lowest point value, opt for steak or Sofritas, which is a plant-based protein made from tofu. 

3. Add Rice and Beans

You will then have the option to add rice and beans to your order. Both black and pinto beans are 0-point foods rich in protein, so these are good options. Rice will add points to any order. 

  • Black beans 0 Points
  • Pinto beans 0 Points
  • Cilantro-lime brown rice 6 Points
  • Cilantro-lime white rice 7 Points

4. Choose Your Toppings

Lastly, you can select your favorite toppings to add to any burrito, tacos, salad, or bowl. Here are the points for Chipotle’s topping options:

  • Romaine lettuce 0 Points
  • Fajita vegetables 0 Points
  • Fresh tomato salsa 0 Points
  • Tomatillo green chili salsa 0 Points
  • Tomatillo red chili salsa 0 Points
  • Roasted chili corn salsa 0 Points
  • Monterey jack cheese 4 Points
  • Guacamole 6 Points
  • Queso blanco 6 Points
  • Sour cream 6 Points

Fortunately, there are many delicious 0-point toppings available at Chipotle. Be aware that adding guacamole, cheese, or sour cream can add up in points quickly. 

Example of a Low-Point “Build Your Own” Order at Chipotle

A great low-point “build your own” order at Chipotle would be a burrito bowl (0-point base), with steak or tofu (3 points), beans (0 points), lettuce, vegetables, and your favorite salsa (all 0-point options), for a total of 3 points

If you have more points in your budget, you could add rice, guac, cheese, or sour cream and still have a delicious, low-point meal. 

Best Low-Point Menu Items to Order at Chipotle

If you’re short on time or don’t want to fuss over building your own meal, these are our recommendations for low-point meals off the Chipotle menu. 

What to avoid at Chipotle on Weight Watchers

If you’re on Weight Watchers or simply want to eat a balanced diet, it’s best to avoid the quesadillas at Chipotle. All of the Quesadillas are over 25 WW points! This is true no matter which meat you choose and does not include rice and beans or any other sides. 

Healthy Burrito Recipes to Make at Home

If you love Mexican food but prefer eating at home, give some of our healthy burrito recipes a try! Making your fast food favorites at home is a great way to control ingredients, ensuring calories, fat, and points are within your budget. 

Easy Chicken Burrito Bowl — A low-carb and low-point option with great flavors and textures!

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