Many of us travel for the holidays and while it’s fun to get there and enjoy the friends, family, and food, the actual trip can be hectic. This is especially true if you’re on a diet you’re trying to stick to so that you can fully enjoy the holiday as your only “day off.” While traveling, you need something quick and healthy, but too often fast food is the quickest option and not the healthiest option. This guide for Weight Watchers fast food options is your new go-to for how to eat healthy on a holiday road trip! 

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You’re bound to find a fast food joint that you and the rest of the group can agree on, and with this guidance, you can easily stick to your Weight Watchers points. No longer do you have to succumb to the heavy fried food at fast food restaurants. You can now fuel yourself well so that you feel good and ecstatic that you stuck to your goals! Let’s go through this list. 

Weight Watchers Fast Food Options: Chick-fil-A WW Points

Unless it’s a Sunday, Chick-fil-A is an easy top choice. They have grilled options that will keep you close to zero Weight Watchers points per meal. As long as you stick to diet drinks, and watch out for those calorie-dense sauces, you can easily piece together a meal that will fill you up, but use less than 10 Weight Watchers points. 

Best Order For the Value of Your Points: 

Chick-fil-A Kale Crunch Salad (4 WW points) + 12 piece grilled nuggets (0 WW points) + Large Diet Lemonade (3 WW points).  7 WW points total. You could even add a fruit cup for just one extra point. 

What to Avoid: 

Chicken Sandwich (13 WW points) + Large Waffle Fries (18 WW points) + Frosted Lemonade (21 WW points). Watch out for the sauces and dressings too. They can easily be 6-8 points per packet. 

Panera Bread Weight Watcher Points

Even though Panera Bread is a walk-in/sit-down restaurant, it’s still relatively quick and offers great quality in its food. It’s a fantastic option if you’re wanting a variety of healthy options to choose from. They offer half sandwich, half soup combos. Keep the sandwiches more meat-based, and don’t go for a “melt.” Pick a broth-based soup rather than a cream-based soup, and you’ve got a tasty, filling low-point meal. 

Best Order For the Value of Your Points: 

Half Deli Turkey Sandwich on Sourdough (7 WW points) and Half Vegetable Soup (1 WW point). Apple or Banana on the side (0 WW points). Diet soda or Unsweetened Tea (0 WW points).  8 WW points total. 

What to Avoid: 

Full Bacon Turkey Bravo Sandwich 27 WW points total. 

Weight Watchers Fast Food Options: Taco Bell WW Points

Taco Bell is probably the last place you’d think you can get a healthy, low-point meal, but don’t have such little faith! They’ve added “power bowls” to their menu to offer a lighter option compared to the typical, high-fat, fried taco. A power bowl with grilled chicken is under 10 Weight Watchers points, and you can even get a diet Baja Blast for that traditional Taco Bell flavor. Stay away from nachos, heavy burritos, and even the taco salad – they are all high in points without adding any sides to it. 

Best Order For the Value of Your Points: 

Power Menu Bowl with Grilled Chicken 9 WW points total. Diet Mountain Dew Baja Blast 0 WW points. OR Fresco Burrito Supreme with Chicken 6 WW points. 

What to Avoid: 

Double Beef Grilled Cheese Burrito 32 WW points – not including any sides! 

Grocery Store Deli Weight Watcher Points

You may not think of a grocery store as a good stop for lunch, but it’s actually a very quick option and you’re guaranteed a good bathroom, and not much of a line. Publix is a great lunch option. You can order a sandwich at their deli, make your own salad at their buffet, or grab a ready-made option. The Boars Head Chipotle Chicken Southwestern Protein Bowl is one of the best options as it’s only 2 Weight Watchers points for the entire bowl! 

Best Order For the Value of Your Points: 

Boars Head Chipotle Chicken Southwestern Protein Bowl 2 WW points! 

OR you could choose a grilled chicken/salad combo from the buffet and keep it at 0 points. You’d just have to add points for whatever dressing you use. 

What to Avoid: 

Any of the Publix fried chicken tender subs are going to be around 19 WW points for just half the sandwich. The “melts” like Philly cheesesteak subs are also high in points. 

Weight Watchers Fast Food Options: Subway WW Points

Subway can be tricky, but they are advertised as healthy. However, don’t let the meat in meatball marinara fool you. Even though it is meat-based, and often WW wants you to pick high-protein options, the meatball marinara sandwich is one of the worst things you could pick. It’s 27 WW points, compared to a turkey sub that’s going to be 5 WW points. Pick a yogurt or fruit as a side rather than a bag of chips, and you’ve got a great meal that will keep you satisfied for the rest of the trip. 

Best Order For the Value of Your Points: 

6” Oven Roasted Turkey Sub on Hearty Multigrain Bread 5 WW points. You can add any veggies that you like without adding points. Mustard, vinegar, salt, and pepper are also okay to add. Mayonnaise and dressings will add points. 

What to Avoid: 

Footlong Meatball Marinara 27 WW points.

Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. Weight Watcher Points

If you’re starting your holiday road trip early in the morning, you may be looking for a breakfast place. Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr is one of the most popular breakfast fast food joints, but as far as healthy breakfast food, it’s a bit tricky. The pancakes are one of the lowest-point options! Hardee’s biscuits make everything high in points, so it’s best to opt for the pancakes or the hot ham and cheese sandwich to keep your breakfast lower than 10 WW points. 

Best Order For the Value of Your Points: 

Hardee’s Hot Ham n’ Cheese. 9 WW points or Pancakes 10 WW points. Black Coffee 0 WW points. 

What to Avoid: 

Monster Biscuit (30 WW points) and Large Hash Rounds (14 WW points). 44 WW points total. 

Weight Watchers Fast Food Options: Panda Express WW Points

If you know how to order, Panda Express can offer you flavorful chicken and rice for lunch, just like most “meal prep” lunches are made. They offer a few grilled chicken options, and the String Bean chicken breast is the lowest in WW points. It’s very flavorful though, so you don’t have to worry about getting bland, dry chicken. Order a kid’s steamed white rice to go along with the chicken, or an extra serving of veggies to keep the points even lower. 

Best Order For the Value of Your Points: 

String Bean Chicken Breast (2 WW points) and the Kid’s Steamed White Rice (8 WW points). 10 WW points total. 

What to Avoid: 

Honey Sesame Chicken Breast (15 WW points) and Fried Rice (15 WW points). 30 WW points total.

McDonald’s Weight Watcher Points

While you may be tempted with a Big Mac or their infamous fries, it’s best to stick to the Egg McMuffin that Mcdonald’s offers if you’re watching your Weight Watchers points. The Big Mac combo meal will run you around 47 points which is not worth wrecking your day. The Egg McMuffin and some fruit are just 8 points and will leave you feeling great. Use your points elsewhere in your day, don’t waste them on fast food like McDonald’s fries! 

Best Order For the Value of Your Points: 

Egg McMuffin (8 WW points) and Apple Slices (0 WW points). 8 WW points total. 

What to Avoid: 

Big Mac Combo Meal (medium drink) 47 WW points OR the Big Breakfast with Hotcakes 49 WW points. 

Weight Watchers Fast Food Options: Buffalo Wild Wings WW Points

Buffalo Wild Wings, like Panera Bread, is a walk-in and sit-down, but even if you just go in and order something to go, it’s still relatively quick. They also offer delicious healthy food. Their Naked Tenders are grilled to perfection and because they’re zero points, you may have room for some potato wedges to go along with the chicken. Stay away from their wings though – they’re fried and doused in a lot of high-calorie sauce. 

Best Order For the Value of Your Points: 

Naked Tenders (0 WW points) with Mild Buffalo Sauce (3 WW points) and a Side Salad/White Wine Vinaigrette (10 WW points) OR potato wedges (12 points). 13-15 WW points total. 

What to Avoid: 

Tablegating Sampler. 95-107 WW points!

Wendy’s Weight Watcher Points

Wendy’s is a personal favorite – I absolutely love their taco salad. They also have quite a bit of healthy salad options, while most fast food salads and high in calories due to the fried toppings. Wendy’s Cobb or strawberry salad are 8 points at the most and you can add a light dressing for just 2 points. Watch out for those cheeseburgers though. They may be delicious, but the doubles and triples are very high in WW points. 

Best Order For the Value of Your Points: 

Cobb Salad or Strawberry Salad 6-8 WW points not including dressing. Light ranch or light Italian dressing is 2 WW points. 8-10 WW points total. 

What to Avoid: 

Pretzel Bacon Pub Triple Cheeseburger 30 WW points – that doesn’t include any sides!

Weight Watchers Fast Food Options: Starbucks WW Points

Starbucks is a great option for a breakfast or snack stop on a holiday road trip. The absolute best option you can get is the turkey bacon, cheddar, and egg white sandwich. Starbucks Egg bites are popular and have the same points as the sandwich (6 WW points) but won’t keep you full like the egg white sandwich would. Do not let yourself be tempted by their bakery items and high-calorie frappes. You’ll quickly rack up points if you get a muffin or slice of banana bread. 

Best Order For the Value of Your Points: 

Turkey Bacon, Cheddar, and Egg White Sandwich 6 WW points.

What to Avoid: 

Bacon, Sausage, and Egg Wrap 19 WW points.

Chipotle Weight Watcher Points

If you’re craving Mexican food, Chipotle is a fantastic way to tailor it to your Weight Watchers needs. Because you can add in what you want, you can easily order a huge bowl of zero-point veggies, add double meat, and a bit of guacamole to create a Mexican meal that’s under 10 WW points. Anything that’s in a wrap with lots of cheese, like the quesadillas or burritos are going to cost you a good bit of WW points though, so steer clear of those. 

Best Order For the Value of Your Points: 

Chipotle’s Chicken (5 WW points) over a salad/any veggies you want (0 points), no rice, no chips, and add guacamole topping (6 WW points). 11 WW points total.  Salsa is free as well! 

What to Avoid: 

All of the Quesadillas are over 25 WW points no matter what meat you get. That does not include rice or beans as a side, that is just the quesadilla. 

Save this list of Weight Watchers Fast Food Options for your next holiday road trip this season. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how healthy you can keep your food while still dropping by your favorite fast food place. You no longer have to eat separately from the others in your car, you can manage any place right into your diet requirements!

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