When you’re on the go and eating fast food, you may be concerned about finding Weight Watchers-friendly options. Although some fast-food items can cause you to exceed your daily points allowance, many other choices can help you stay on track. There are also some variations you can use to your benefit, such as asking for certain items without sauce or dressing, which can significantly cut down the points.

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To assist you in making healthier choices, we have compiled a list of lower-point options from popular fast-food chains. Whether you prefer McDonald’s, Subway, Jack in the Box, Arby’s, or another chain, our list will provide you with some ideas on what to eat. For most options, we have included a link to the menu item that will provide you with images, food descriptions, or nutritional information to help you decide!


Believe it or not, Chick-fil-A has many WW-friendly options you can choose from! For instance, their Egg White Grill is a breakfast-style chicken sandwich with egg whites! They also have low-point soups such as Chicken Noodle Soup and Chicken Tortilla Soup. And Grilled Nuggets, which are actually a zero-point food.

Meanwhile, the Cool Wrap features lettuce, cheese, grilled chicken breast, and flaxseed flatbread. Check out the menu items below to see their point values! And if you want to pair one of these items with a side, you can try a Chick-fil-A side salad with no crispy bell peppers for two points. Or split a small waffle fry order with someone for five additional points.

grilled chicken sandwich on white plate

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Burger King

It can be tricky to find low-point foods at Burger King; we aren’t going to lie! Some of their menu items, such as the Burger King Whopper with Cheese, are an astounding 29 points! Don’t give up hope; your safest bet is to order a classic hamburger or cheeseburger without tons of additional sauces and fixings. This will keep it lower points.

You can also order classic Chicken Nuggets! If you want to enjoy one of these items with a side, the Value French Fries are 7 points, and the Burger King Value Onion Rings are 6 points. Take a look below to see the point value for some entrees that are lower in points than most of the menu items.

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Healthy and delicious air fryer turkey burgers.


Despite its reputation, McDonald’s has several options that Weight Watchers members can enjoy for a reasonable amount of points. In terms of Breakfast, you can order plain scrambled eggs for zero points and a hash brown patty for 4 points! If you want something more satisfying, the classic Egg McMuffin is low-point (info below).

Regarding lunch and dinner, nuggets, plain hamburgers, and the Southwest Salad are the way to go. If you want to enjoy a side with your meal, the apple slices are 0 points, and small French Fries are 7 points. Look at the details below of the entrees’ nutritional information and point value!


Since Subway allows for customization, you can craft a sandwich that is low in points. As far as the bread goes, the 9-grain wheat bread is assuredly the best option for Weight Watchers members. Some good toppings include rotisserie-style chicken, chicken teriyaki, turkey breast, and black forest ham.

You can also never go wrong with a Veggie Delite, which you can stack with zero-point veggies! You can also order the Veggie Delite Salad with no cheese at zero points! Regarding sides, we suggest ordering the Beef and Barley Soup, which is only 3 points.
Nevertheless, below, we have the points value for the base of different sandwiches with different meats. Remember that onions, lettuce, banana peppers, green peppers, and other veggies are entirely 0 points and can make your sandwiches heartier.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell can be a fantastic option for those with a Weight Watchers lifestyle! It is easy to customize your menu options to make them lower in points.

You can also get the Chalupa Supreme with tomatoes, three cheeses, and lettuce. Choose either grilled chicken or black beans to keep it low in points. Other items include the Power Menu Bowl, Fresco Burrito Supreme, and classic Bean Burrito, which are also good choices. We have the points value for these items below!

No matter what you order, if you add on black beans, refried beans, mild sauce, or breakfast salsa, those are all free of points. The lettuce topping and cabbage topping are also zero points!

And if you are craving the flavors of taco bell at home, be sure to check out my spicy potato soft taco recipe!

Spicy Potato Soft Tacos


Are you craving Wendy’s? Don’t worry. We have the rundown for you. Wendy’s Chili is extremely hearty with beef, veggies, and chili beans, and it is low in points! Aside from the chili, the warm baked potato, plain hamburger, and chicken nuggets (or crispy chicken sandwiches) are also relatively good options.

Another option is to order a plain Wendy’s Crispy Chicken Patty without bread, which would only be worth 5 points.

Although the Natural Cut Fries are 8 points for a small, you can always split it with somebody if you want to! You can also try the Parmesan Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken, which is 4 points without the dressing. Here are our suggestions for entrées, though:

Jack In The Box

It might come to your surprise, but Jack in the Box has several options that are below 10 points. Although there are fancier burger options like the Sourdough Jack Burger, worth 24 points, if you order the plain classic Hamburger, it is half of that! So, there are ways to work around the menu to keep your meal low in points.

You can look at the items below to get some ideas of what you can order there. Also, if you’re looking for a side, the Value French Fries are seven points per order. And the Side Salad with no dressing or croutons is 0 points.

And if you are craving chicken nuggets at home be sure to check out this low carb nuggets recipe.

keto chicken nuggets on a plate


When it comes to KFC, you can order a couple of different sides to make a meal or choose a larger menu item like the Grilled Chicken Thighs, which are incredibly satisfying. Then, pair them with a KFC House Side Salad with no dressing, which is 1 point.

Regarding the chicken, you’re much better off getting grilled chicken than fried chicken! For instance, the Extra Crispy Chicken Thighs are 10 points each, whereas you can get two Grilled Chicken Thighs for less than that.

Since the menu items like the Mashed Potatoes or the Mac and Cheese are already individually portioned, it also helps them to be Weight Watchers friendly. In addition to the items listed below, you’ll surely love how the Green Beans or the Sweet Kernel Corn are zero points!

Carl’s Jr. & Hardee’s

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s have some high-point menu items. For instance, the Carl’s Jr Western Bacon Cheeseburger is 27 points! Don’t worry; ordering chicken or turkey items can help keep your meal lower in points. We picked out a few items that you can try out.

Click on the links below to see their nutritional value and descriptions. Concerning sides, you can order a Carl’s Jr. Side Salad with no dressing for 3 points. Unfortunately, the small order of French Fries is higher than other fast-food establishments. For both Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, it is 9 points per order.


Here are some ideas of items you can order at Arby’s! Sticking to one of these options is much better than ordering something like the Turkey Ranch and Bacon Sandwich, which is worth 24 points. Or the Deluxe Steakhouse Burger, which is 26 points.

Instead, order a slider, chicken tenders, or a roast chicken sandwich and pair it with an Arby’s side salad with no dressing for two points. You can also get the Arby’s Roast Chicken Salad with no dressing for six points! Regarding fries, if you order small-sized Curly Fries, it is worth seven points!

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  1. This is awesome. I’ve stayed away from fast food since I rejoined WW. But in a pinch, this is a really great reference. Especially Subway. Every now and then, I just want a good sandwich. Thanks for the information.

  2. Never knew KFC had grilled thighs. Was surprised at a lot of these. I don’t frequent fast food places but I travel and sometimes don’t carry things with me. Thanks for ALL your posts!

  3. Very helpful, but I am in Ontario, Canada, and would like to see some Canadian Favorites if possible. Example….Swiss Chalet, Harveys.
    Thank you.

  4. Wonderful list, but unfortunately in Kentucky McDonalds no longer serves the Southwest salad, which is a huge bummer for me. I loved it! Also disappointed that many places no longer serve a grilled chicken sandwich.