Since October 2015, the world’s most recognizable and influential media mogul and icon, Oprah Winfrey, has been partnering with Weight Watchers and putting her own scrumptious spin on some of their best recipes. Winfrey is open about her weight loss journey, and it’s hard to find someone who knows more than her about the heartbreaking rollercoaster of putting on and shedding the pounds, which makes her tried-and-true no-depravation diet even more compelling.

Her favorite Weight Watchers foods are big on flavor and comfort ingredients, including decadent casseroles, heaped and hearty piles of pasta, and flavorful fish. These Oprah-inspired recipes will keep you well under your daily point goal and satisfy virtually any craving. 

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1. Insanely Easy Weight Watchers Fish Tacos

With just five points per serving, these easy-to-make fish tacos come together in just half an hour and are the ideal weeknight meal. Packed with flaky, hearty hake, creamy queso fresco, and fresh veg, every bite is a glorious celebration. Served on whole wheat tortillas, these fish tacos give you a boost of whole grains, too.  

2. Crockpot Chicken and Dumplings with Canned Biscuits

One of the key reasons that Oprah’s meal plans work is by not depriving you of comfort food, which is why this crockpot chicken dish crowned with flaky biscuits is an absolute dinner. Stuffed with perfectly cooked carrots, celery, chicken, and stick-to-your-ribs biscuits, it’s a one-pot wonder you can enjoy for just three points per serving. It’s the ideal cold-weather dinner, a great alternative to dialing for that pizza, and you won’t have to worry about the dishes afterward.

3. Orange Glazed Pork Loin

Many of Oprah’s favorite Weight Watcher recipes have a common protein: pork, and this instant pot version of pork loin and a rich, fruity sauce would undoubtedly fit into her pantheon of faves. There’s just a handful of ingredients, including kitchen staples like orange juice and spices, and it comes together in just fifteen minutes. Enjoy restaurant-quality, ideally, balanced pork loin with spiced orange sauce for five Weight Watchers points.

4. Chicken and Broccoli Casserole

Another comfort-food superstar, creamy casserole studded with juicy pieces of chicken and broccoli is a simple and hearty dish that won’t make you feel deprived in the slightest. Plus, it’s eight Weight Watchers points per cheesy, meaty serving. It’s an easy-to-assemble but complex-tasting dish with baby potatoes, plenty of garlic, and sharp cheese. Cayenne pepper gives it a spicy boost and rounds the whole thing together like a dream.

5. Shrimp Stir Fry

Cacio e Pepe with Shrimp is an Oprah favorite, balancing flavorful shrimp with a generous serving of carbs. This recipe is an excellent substitute with an outstanding balance of tangy and sweet, a plentiful kick from the ginger and soy sauce, and a substantial- but not high in calories- velvety smoothness from the cornstarch. Plus, it comes together super easily for a great weeknight dinner and will quickly become one of your top go-to’s.

6. Tuna Casserole    

There are few things in the world that can give you that massive jolt of foodie nostalgia, quite like tuna casserole, and this version hits all of the high notes without the weighty consequences. It is packed with tender mushroom slices, noodles, and flavorful peas and topped with a generous layer of cheese. You’ll get an astounding amount of flavor for a mere two points a serving.

7. Shrimp and Grits

Oprah loves shellfish, so this shrimp and grits recipe would certainly be right up her alley. One of the key things you’ll adore about this dish is the interplay of different textures, from the firm, silky shrimp to the creamy grits. Get all the Southern home-cooked goodness for six Weight Watchers points a serving. 

8. Chicken Lasagna Roll-Ups

Italian-inspired dishes like Chicken Parmesan are typical in the Weight Watcher’s world, and some of Oprah’s favorite recipes include protein, pasta, and a rich sauce. These lasagna roll-ups with chicken, cheese, pasta sauce, and a touch of parsley for added oomph are a great weeknight meal and an excellent way to repurpose previously cooked chicken. This recipe is a great way to enjoy an Italian-inspired meal in a flash for between two to five points. 

9. Herb-Grilled Salmon

Oprah’s Weight Watcher’s menu is seafood and fish heavy, generally with a zesty sauce or rub to bring out the natural flavors of the protein. This herb-grilled salmon is not only Weight Watcher’s friendly, with just three points a serving but, it’s also an epic Olive Garden dupe. Enjoy salmon’s naturally high omega-3 county, plus the brightness of lemon juice and the robust flavors of garlic and herbs. A few tablespoons of butter enhance the fish’s flavor and amplify the other ingredients beautifully. 

10. Chick-fil-A Mac and Cheese

Indulge in this Chick-fil-A-inspired macaronic and cheese copycat that’s bursting with tons of cheesy flavor and perfectly cooked pasta. At eleven Weight Watchers points, it’s a bit on the higher end, but it’s an indulgence you can fit in. As Oprah believes in moderation, she would likely both enjoy and approve. This incredible mac gets its goodness from cheddar, parmesan, and Romano cheeses. 

11. Philly Steak Bubble Up

Oprah knows that one of the best ways to treat yourself is with a great cut of steak or a tasty casserole bursting with meat, vegetables, and tons of molten cheese. This bubble-up has the flavors of your favorite Philly steak sandwich. At just eight Weight Watcher’s points a serving, it’s much healthier than tucking into a traditional Philly steak sandwich and just as satisfying. All you need are some kitchen staples like Pillsbury biscuits, dried spices, flour, milk, and a touch of ranch dressing, plus steak, pepper, and garlic to make this dish a hedonistic tour de force.   

These Oprah-inspired dinner recipes will serve you well if you’re dining on the go or simply want to stir up a dupe of one of your favorite classic meals without the extravagant number of Weight Watchers points or high-calorie content. Plus, you can swap out some of the proteins to suit your tastes; just calculate your points accordingly. If you want to eat like the undisputed queen of all media, save one or more of these recipes and take your kitchen skills and tastebuds to the next level.  

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