Want to eat healthy at home but feel too busy with spring social engagements? These healthy and delicious Weight Watchers dinners are the key to maximizing your time in this beautiful weather while prioritizing your health and wellness. 

We’ve compiled some of our top-rated easy meals so you can get dinner on the table fast, without compromising on points and your weight loss goals. From soups and stir-fries to sheet pan meals and casseroles, Drizzle has got you covered with 15 quick and easy meals that work well for Weight Watchers!

Hungry for more? Check out this list of 40 healthy lunch recipes and 29 of the best Weight Watchers desserts for more healthy meal inspo! 

ham and pineapple sheet pan dinner
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1. Ham and Pineapple Sheet Pan Dinner

This tropical and festive sheet pan dinner is a fun and exciting option for family dinners. Make as many servings of this meal as you need using just a sheet pan! Ham steaks are layered with pineapple slices and cooked alongside fresh green beans and potatoes for a hearty and well-balanced meal ready in half an hour. Minimal ingredients but maximum flavor!

turkey rigatoni in white bowl

2. One Pot Turkey Rigatoni 

This one-pot turkey rigatoni is a filling and flavorful pasta meal that’s as convenient as it is delicious. Make a large portion for family meals or portion it out for meals throughout the week. It stores and reheats well! Rigatoni pasta is cooked in an aromatic meat sauce with garlic, onion, and bell peppers for a classic pasta taste. This hearty meal is ready in under an hour. 

cheeseburger soup simmering

3. Cheeseburger Soup

Cheeseburger soup is a great way to enjoy the flavors of a backyard BBQ without breaking out the grill! The recipe calls for ground beef, but you could easily substitute another ground meat of choice. The meat is cooked up with aromatics and vegetables and then simmered in tomato and chicken broth thickened with starch. This soup stores well in the fridge or freezer, making it great for meal planning!

chicken broccoli fettucini alfredo in black frying pan

4. One Pot Broccoli Fettuccini Alfredo

Pasta is a beloved dinner option because not only is it delicious, but it’s super convenient, too! Make it a whole meal with this one-pot broccoli fettuccine alfredo, made healthier with some easy Weight Watchers-friendly swaps. This recipe uses frozen broccoli florets for maximum convenience. Enjoy this balanced meal of pasta, veggies, and chicken in just 20 minutes total time! 

one pot taco mac

5. One Pot Chicken Taco Mac & Cheese

This recipe combines the best of everything in one simple and economical meal! This one-pot casserole dish perfectly marries creamy mac and cheese with Mexican taco flavors for a fusion meal we can’t get enough of. Veggie-rich, full of texture and flavor, this skillet masterpiece is ready in just 30 minutes, prep time included. It’s a guaranteed crowd please and is great for meal prep!

Single slice of Weight Watchers Chicken Pot pie sits on top of a white plate next to a grey napkin. In the background is a cooling rack with the casserole dish and a large spoon.

6. Easy Weight Watchers Chicken Pot Pie

Pie is a beloved summertime treat, and this Weight Watchers chicken pot pie is no exception! Canned chicken and canned vegetables keep this recipe super simple yet it’s packed with low-point ingredients high in nutritional value. This family favorite freezes well so make leftovers for an easy meal later on or enjoy leftovers throughout the week. This one-dish superstar requires just 10 minutes of easy prep and is ready in half an hour!

Cuban Instant Pot Chicken and Rice served in a plate

7. Instant Pot Cuban Arroz Con Pollo

The Instant Pot saves the day again with this simple, soulful Cuban arroz con pollo recipe! Requiring just a handful of pantry staples and minimal prep work, this one-pot meal features well-seasoned chicken breast and vibrant vegetables cooked in a tomato-based broth and white rice for a finger-licking and filling dinner you can “set and forget” until it’s time to dig in. This meal will have your house smelling like heaven and your tummy rumbling! 

pizza casserole in white casserole dish

8. Instagram-Famous Pizza Casserole

Enjoy this better-for-you take on pizza that is sweeping the interwebs! Instagram pizza casserole is a family-friendly noodle dish that’s easily customizable making it a great dish to clear out the fridge of produce, leftover meat, and whatever else you have handy! This one technically requires two dishes, but the casserole is a complete meal served in one dish, so we’ll let it slide! Plus it’s super simple and clean-up is minimal. Worth it!

Instant Pot Chicken Stew plated

9. Instant Pot Chicken Stew

While we’re taking soup, let’s take a moment to celebrate this simple Instant Pot chicken stew. Stews are a fantastic one-pot meal that can feature just about any meat or vegetables you have on hand. The Instant Pot is fantastic for making hearty, nourishing stews without any fuss. Prep is super minimal and the recipe is highly customizable. This beautiful stew is ready in under an hour and makes for excellent lunches throughout the week. 

Close up of cooked Greek sheet pan chicken. Two pieces of chicken are on top of roasted vegetables in a sheet pan. A cut lemon and sprigs of dill are to the side.

10. Greek Sheet Pan Chicken

This Greek sheet pan chicken meal is a true all-star of one-pot meals (minus the pot!) This fragrant and delicious meal can be served as a bowl, on top of a salad, or with a pita for a complete and balanced meal. Featuring lemony chicken, hearty veggies, and Greek-inspired aromatics and spices, this sheet pan meal is refreshing and filling however you serve it up. Plus, it’s ready in under 30 minutes!

Plate of turkey shepherd's pie sits on a plate. Cast iron skillet and a small plate sit behind

11. Ground Turkey Shepherd’s Pie 

This recipe takes a classic shepherd’s pie and makes it Weight Watchers-friendly using ground turkey, frozen veggies, and a simple potato topping to bring it all together. This one-and-done dish is extremely versatile and wholesome, plus it’s a favorite for eaters of all ages. Shepherd’s Pie is a budget-friendly meal full of flavors and textures that’s ready with minimal prep in under an hour.  

corn husk in instant pot

12. Perfect Instant Pot Tamales

Tamales have always intimidated me as a home cook, but this Instant Pot recipe makes it so simple! These meat and veggie-packed corn pockets are once again highly customizable and are a great way to hide extra vegetables from picky eaters—especially if you smother them in cheese and sauce, which is recommended! This Mexican-inspired one-pot meal is ready in under an hour and will surely be gone just as quickly!  

Cowboy casserole on white plate

13. Weight Watchers Cowboy Casserole 

Yee-haw, another casserole to save the day! This cowboy casserole is a one-pot meal featuring protein-heavy ground beef and kidney beans to keep you full plus veggies like corn, tater tots, and tomatoes to boost your nutrition. Add other veggies, meat, or beans as you like. Topped with melted cheese, this casserole is a definite crowd-pleaser that couldn’t be easier to make. Top with fresh garnishes to elevate this dish even more!

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