Some people might overlook wraps and go for sandwiches or burritos instead, but they are actually just as delicious and versatile. With a classic tortilla, lettuce wrap, or garden tortilla as your base, you have endless opportunities to experiment with various fillings. Wraps are typically served cold, giving them a refreshing and light quality that makes them appealing, but there are cases where either the tortillas or fillings are warm. They are also convenient for eating on the go since you can prepare them in advance and enjoy them later in the day.

With the dish’s ability to easily work for special diets, such as gluten-free, keto, or plant-based diets, you don’t need to worry about finding something that works for your needs. The options on this list contain a wide variety of components and flavors. Whether you want a Mexican, Greek, or Italian-style wrap, options are available here. You can have a full-on veggie-packed lunch or choose one with your favorite meat, whether chicken, turkey, bacon, pulled pork, or even roast beef. Yep, this roundup is really that expansive! Check out what wonderful wraps you can assemble for your next lunch, dinner, or gathering.

1. Hummus Veggie Wrap

If you’re looking for a refreshing lunch, this wrap recipe is the way to go. Little Sunny Kitchen shared how to make the wrap with flour tortillas, hummus, cucumbers, and tomatoes. It also has avocado, bell peppers, carrots, and mixed greens. There is the option of drizzling on some hot sauce, such as sriracha, to give it some heat. Although the filling ingredients are cold, it tastes better when you heat the tortillas in the microwave first.

2. California Turkey Wraps

This recipe is for when you want something healthy but also filling. The wrap is packed with turkey meat, bacon, sliced cheese, and tomato. It also has avocado and lettuce. We recommend using light mayo and a spinach or whole wheat tortilla wrap. It’s also best to buy your turkey fresh from the deli rather than the prepackaged turkey slices. This is the perfect option for serving with a side soup or salad!

3. Simple Roast Beef Wrap

After making this delicious wrap recipe, your family may ask for it again and again. This recipe makes six servings, allowing you to use regular tortillas, sun-dried tomato tortillas, or spinach. Inside the wrap are layers of cream cheese, horseradish, deli roast beef, cheddar cheese, and more. Although you only need a small amount of alfalfa sprouts, bacon bits, and French-fried onions, they really bring the whole dish together by contrasting flavors and textures.

4. Chickpea Caesar Salad Wraps

Here is a wrap recipe that is essentially the vegan version of chicken Caesar salad wraps. Instead of meat, it has yummy seasoned chickpeas with onion powder, garlic salt, and smoked paprika. The recipe also shows you how to make homemade Caesar dressing with vegan mayo, lemon juice, capers, mustard, and other herbs and spices. Aside from that, you only need avocados, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, and your tortilla wraps.

5. Skinny BLT Avocado Wraps

When you’re craving a wrap but want to make it as healthy as possible, lean towards this recipe by Clean Food Crush. Rather than using tortillas, the wrap portion is made with iceberg and butter lettuce. Inside, your taste buds will meet up with nitrate-free cooked bacon, avocado, sliced turkey breast, and Roma tomatoes. We suggest making some homemade potato chips in your air fryer and pairing them with this scrumptious wrap!

6. Honey-Sesame Chicken Salad Wraps

This recipe is surely unique, with crispy chicken strips, broccoli slaw, and sliced almonds. The dressing for the wrap includes Dijon mustard, sesame oil, rice wine vinegar, sweet honey, and mayo. As you can see, it has a wide variety of flavors. The almonds provide nuttiness and a nice crunchy texture, while the Dijon mustard and rice wine vinegar give the dressing a bit of tang. We love how these wraps work for both lunch and dinner!

chicken alfredo wrap on plate
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7. Chicken Alfredo Wraps

Our Weight Watchers-friendly recipe for chicken Alfredo wraps is too good to pass up! Use this as a healthy alternative when you want a hearty, comforting bowl of chicken Alfredo pasta. It has boneless skinless chicken breast, garlic, light Alfredo sauce, and grated parmesan cheese. Our favorite part, however, is the sliced bacon and light ranch dressing. We suggest using Flatout Light Original Flatbreads to keep the points low!

8. Greek Veggie Wrap

Whether you want to introduce more vegetables into your diet or you just love Greek food, this recipe will impress you. Delicious Little Bites shared how you can combine olives, cucumbers, roasted red peppers, lettuce, and feta cheese for a glorious combination. This is a refreshing meal that you can take on the go. However, if you plan to eat it later in the day, we suggest separating the hummus and using it as a dip.

9. In and Out Burger Lettuce Wraps

Make an In-N-Out-inspired lettuce wrap in the comfort of your own home with this clever recipe. It is healthier than a traditional burger since you don’t have a bun! Also, you have the option to make the secret sauce from scratch, using sugar-free ketchup and light mayo. You could also use sugar-free pickle relish too! Regarding the other components, the wraps have beef patties, tomatoes, pickles, and caramelized onions.

10. Sun-dried Tomato Pesto & Spinach Egg White Wrap

If you’re a fan of Starbucks, this wrap might look familiar to you since it is inspired by one of their products. This delicious wrap is versatile since you can essentially eat it for any meal. It has sun-dried tomatoes, basil, and pine nuts in the homemade pesto. Additionally, egg whites give it a boost of protein, and spinach gives you your daily dose of greens. Use a crumbly cheese such as feta cheese to complete the wrap!

11. Roasted Butternut Squash Pita Wrap

Now that it’s around that time of year when butternut squash is in season, this wrap is just what you need because you can build it with fresh squash rather than frozen. It has mushrooms, onions, butternut squash, and mashed avocado. There’s also a vegan chipotle mayo that you can make with hints of avocado, garlic, and cilantro. If you don’t want vegan mayo, just use regular light mayo.

12. Chipotle Chicken Wrap

Smokey chipotle mayonnaise and creamy diced avocado combine to create the perfect flavor profile for this chicken wrap. The wrap also has romaine lettuce and tomatoes to give it a refreshing feel. Cheerful Cook posted this recipe, which only takes five minutes to make, so of course, we had to share it with you. Use whichever large wrap you want, whether they’re regular flour tortillas, spinach, or another type!

13. Air Fryer Crispy Chicken Caesar Wraps

This wrap is a breath of fresh air since you air fry the chicken instead of deep frying it. This means that it’s much healthier because of the lack of oil. In addition, it has light Caesar dressing, shredded parmesan cheese, and croutons. We love the nice touch of croutons since they provide a crispy texture that perfectly matches the outer layer of the chicken. Serve this with additional light Caesar dressing for dipping!

14. Asian Peanut Chicken Wrap

Experience the flavors of soy sauce, garlic, honey, and peanut butter in this delicious Asian chicken wrap. It also has shredded carrots, cilantro, roasted peanuts, and coleslaw to give it a variety of textures. The homemade peanut sauce is better than any store-bought sauce you could ever buy! Make this for your next gathering because it will catch everyone’s attention; even people who are typically picky eaters will love it!

15. Simple BBQ Chicken Wrap

This family-friendly recipe is the perfect balance of comforting flavors and nourishing ingredients. It has boneless chicken breasts with BBQ sauce, red onions, sharp white cheddar cheese, and baby arugula. You can also throw in some tomatoes or other veggies if you wish. In terms of seasoning, smoked paprika, garlic powder, and chili powder provide a complex flavor that is savory and irresistible!

16. Buffalo Chicken Wraps

If you are more of a Buffalo chicken than a BBQ chicken person, our recipe is the right choice for you. These wraps are super easy to assemble, and they satisfy any craving you have for spicy food. With chicken breast, Buffalo sauce, cayenne pepper, lettuce, and shredded carrots, you’ll be impressed with every bite. It also has reduced-fat shredded cheddar cheese and light ranch dressing, which balance the fiery ingredients!

17. Zucchini Breakfast Tortillas

Looking for a breakfast wrap recipe? This unique recipe features a homemade zucchini tortilla instead of a traditional one. You can easily make it with just some seasonings, flour, zucchini, and eggs. Furthermore, the filling has smoked salmon, scallions, and eggs, so the combination of all of the ingredients provides your body with substantial amounts of protein. This is the perfect way to fuel your body when you start your day.

18. Egg White Wraps

Here’s another recipe that has a low-carb tortilla replacement. Use egg whites and coconut flour to create the wrap! Then, you can put any filling in them that you wish. Although the example recipe shows lettuce, tomato, and fresh deli meat, you can make these wraps vegetarian. Or create a breakfast version with spinach and breakfast meat since the recipe is for the wrap itself, giving you plenty of room to be creative.

19. Mexican Quinoa Wraps

This option is for all of the Mexican food fans out there! With black beans, corn, onions, red peppers, and more, this wrap will satisfy your taste buds and your hunger. It also has BBQ sauce, quinoa, and an optional choice of guacamole or sour cream. The textural contrast between the creamy guacamole and the earthy quinoa is out of this world. Since these wraps are so packed, you don’t even need a side dish for them!

20. Chicken, Spinach, and Cream Cheese Tortilla Wraps

Spinach is the star component in these unique wraps. The recipe uses garden spinach and herb tortillas and also has fresh spinach inside. However, it also has rotisserie chicken, alfalfa sprouts, green onions, and chilies. Then, you have a small amount of sour cream and cream cheese that keeps it luscious and prevents the wrap from drying. We suggest serving this with some carrots, celery, and ranch dressing, which complement all of the ingredients in this wrap!

21. Italian Wrap

This wrap will give the traditional Italian sub a run for its money. This savory and zesty lunch is phenomenal with salami, pepperoni, provolone cheese, pepperoncini, and more. It also has Roma tomatoes, lemon, and Italian dressing to add flavor. The recipe suggests briefly heating the tortillas before you use them since it makes them easier to roll.

Cucumber Chicken Ranch Wraps

22. Spinach, Cucumber, Chicken, and Ranch Wraps

Our wrap recipe with shredded chicken, ranch dressing, cucumber, and spinach is the perfect option for when you are short on time. It only takes a few minutes to put together, and it tastes so flavorful! The crispy cucumber gives it that refreshing feel, while the ranch dressing provides creaminess. We suggest using Protein Up Flatout wraps, which are both light and healthy.

23. Sweet Potato Veggie Wrap

You probably never thought to put sweet potato in a wrap, but that’s why Toaster Oven Love provided this recipe for you! Indulge in layers of roasted sweet potatoes, guacamole, black beans, and fresh baby spinach. The zesty lime Greek yogurt sauce’s flavor accentuates the other components and the seasoning. The chili powder, cumin, and smoked paprika give the sweet potatoes a nice, sweet, and savory essence.

24. Hot & Spicy Thai Chicken Wrap

We appreciate wrap recipes like this one that can work as either lunch or dinner because of their satisfaction. This recipe has garlic-seasoned chicken breast, red cabbage, green onions, and red peppers. Not to mention, the honey siracha aioli is drizzled upon all of the ingredients, making the wrap saucy and flavorful. Use light organic mayo, sriracha, and seasonings in the sauce. You can also reserve some of the aioli for dipping!

25. Veggie Quinoa Wrap with Homemade Sweet Italian Dressing

Fit as a Mama Bear posted this recipe for a vibrant and nourishing wrap that you can enjoy for lunch. It has colorful components like carrots, basil, purple cabbage, and other greens. The dressing has red wine vinegar, garlic, sea salt, and raw honey. Plus, the quinoa is good for you, too! We recommend serving this with your favorite healthy chips or veggie straws.

26. Pulled Pork Wrap

These pulled pork wraps are a dream since they are the perfect comfort food but also made with few healthy ingredients. All you need is onions, coleslaw, pulled pork, and sharp cheddar cheese to build these fantastic wraps. Additionally, although the recipe recommends any BBQ sauce, we suggest no-sugar-added sauce if you can get your hands on it. Serve these wraps with corn on the cob, and you’ll be in heaven!

27. Caprese Chicken Wraps

Caprese salad consists of fresh tomatoes, milky mozzarella, and sweet basil. As far as we are concerned, those are the perfect components to put in a wrap. However, the Caprese wraps also have flavored cream cheese, chicken, and balsamic glaze, giving it a deeper flavor and more substance. If you want a vegetarian version, you can always omit the chicken. Serve this as a light yet fulfilling lunch or dinner.

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27 Delicious Wrap Recipes

Servings: 4
Prep: 30 minutes
Cook: 9 minutes


  • 1 lb boneless skinless chicken breast
  • 1/2 cup franks hot sauce
  • 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • Pinch Salt & pepper
  • 4 large tortillas
  • 1/2 cup light ranch dressing
  • Shredded romaine lettuce
  • 1/2 cup shredded carrots
  • 1/2 cup reduced fat shredded cheddar cheese


  • Cut the chicken into long thin strips and place it in a bowl. Mix in the franks sauce, cayenne, garlic, salt, and pepper. Let the chicken strips marinate in the fridge for about 30 minutes or overnight. Overnight is best.
  • Heat a large pan over medium-high heat and add some cooking spray. Cook the chicken strips, turning a few times until fully cooked, about 7-9 minutes.
  • Fill the tortillas with lettuce, 2 Tbsp carrots, 2 Tbsp cheese, 2 Tbsp dressing, and 1/4th of the cooked chicken. Fold up like a burrito and enjoy.


8 points per wrap based on the WW app recipe creator. 
Smart points- blue/purple- 7 using WW recipe builder
Smart points- green- 10 using WW recipe builder
*Note- this is based on the tortillas I used (6SP) the cheese is 1SP and the ranch is 0SP blue/purple, 1SP green, if you use a lower point tortilla then adjust points accordingly  


Serving: 1wrapCalories: 448kcalCarbohydrates: 44gProtein: 34gFat: 14gSaturated Fat: 3.5gSodium: 2828mgFiber: 5gSugar: 3g

Nutrition information is automatically calculated, so should only be used as an approximation.

Additional Info

Course: Main Course, Snacks/Appetizers
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