Ciao cocktail enthusiasts and aficionados of fine taste! Welcome to a recipe roundup that promises to transport your senses straight to the enchanting streets of Italy in the form of Italian Cocktails.

We’re embarking on a journey that merges the artistry of mixology with the timeless elegance of Italian culture. Picture yourself lounging by the azure waters of the Amalfi Coast, or strolling through the cobbled lanes of Rome, a glass of exquisitely crafted Italian cocktail in hand – that’s the essence we’re here to capture.

Italy, renowned for its culinary finesse and unparalleled devotion to the art of enjoyment, has gifted the world not only with mouthwatering cuisine but also with an impressive array of cocktails that embody the very spirit of la dolce vita. From the burst of a Negroni to the gentle allure of an Aperol Spritz, each sip is a harmonious symphony of flavors that resonate with centuries of tradition.

Join us as we dive into a medley of libations that have stood the test of time, each one an ode to the sun-soaked vineyards, aromatic citrus groves, and bustling piazzas that define Italy’s character. Whether you’re a seasoned mixologist seeking to expand your repertoire or a curious novice eager to explore the realm of Italian mixology, this Italian Cocktails roundup has something to tantalize every palate.

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1. Aperol Spritz

One of the most popular Italian cocktails in the world, the Aperol Spritz is light, gently sweet, slightly bitter, and absolutely refreshing. Made of club soda, Aperol, prosecco, and a slice of orange, this cocktail is very easy to make – you don’t even need a cocktail shaker! Aperol has bitter notes to it, but it’s easy to adjust either more or less prosecco so that the cocktail is to your liking.

2. Classic Bellini 

Move over mimosas, classic peach bellinis are the perfect brunch Italian cocktails. A mixture of peach puree and prosecco is served in a champagne glass with a slice of peach as the garnish. The Italians like to keep things refreshing and simple, so you don’t need a cocktail shaker for this one either. Whether it’s a bridal shower, summer cocktail party, or brunch, a classic bellini will do the trick.  

3. Italian Cocktails: Pirlo 

Pirlo is the preferred aperitivo in Brescia. It’s related to the Spritz but made with still white wine rather than prosecco. It gets its bubbles from sparkling mineral water, and campari gives it the classic Italian cocktail flavor. This is a fantastic recipe to use if you’ve got some leftover white wine you want to spruce up. 

4. The Classic Hugo Cocktail

Yes, another simple, but classic, cocktail that doesn’t need any fancy bar equipment! A Hugo cocktail, sometimes called a White Spritz, comes from northern Italy. This Italian cocktail is made with prosecco again (we love sparkling wine), and a splash of elderberry syrup. It’s not overly sweet though, because club soda is added to balance it out. Fresh mint leaves top it off and give it the refreshing cocktail feel.

5. Italian Cocktails: L’Americano 

The Americano is a cousin of Negroni but with club soda added instead of gin. It’s lighter than the classic Negroni cocktail, making it perfect for summer dinner parties. Fun fact: this is the first cocktail ordered by James Bond in the very first novel. All you need is Campari, Sweet Vermouth, club soda, and a bit of ice. 

6. Italian Cocktails: Limoncello Spritz

If you don’t know, limoncello is an Italian liqueur that is served either before or after a meal to aid in digestion. This limoncello spritz has the wonderful limoncello flavor, but with a bit of prosecco and club soda to turn it into a refreshing Italian cocktail. You can dress it up with herbal garnishes or a few fresh berries to give it a bit of color for a special presentation. 

7. Negroni

You can’t have an Italian Cocktail list without the classic Negroni. It’s made with four ingredients – Campari, red vermouth, gin, and an orange peel. You can either stir it or shake it, then pour it over ice. It’s a gorgeous color and it’s not that sweet of a cocktail. Serve this post-pasta dinner as you sit and enjoy a warm summer evening. 

8. Amaro Siciliano Cocktail

If you’ve got leftover coffee, cold espresso, or cold brew, use it up in this amaro Siciliano cocktail. With a bit of amaro, sweet vermouth, and club soda, you can have a pick-me-up Italian-flavored drink ready to get you through the afternoon and into dinner. 

9. Sbagliato

If you like the taste of negronis, but you don’t want that much punch from a cocktail, give Sbagliato Negronis a try. Sbagliato means “mistaken” in Italian and this cocktail came about when someone mistook sparkling wine for gin. So that’s exactly how you make a Sbagliato. Campari, vermouth, and sparkling wine over ice. 

10. Italian Gin and Tonic

This Italian Gin and Tonic give the classic cocktail a negroni flare. By adding a bit of Campari and sweet vermouth to the gin and tonic, you get slightly sweet, classic Italian cocktails. It’s beautiful in a highball glass with a bit of fruit for garnish. Serve this during a crisp fall evening. 

11. Sgroppino (Limoncello Prosseco Float)

Sgroppino is light, incredibly refreshing during summer and a perfect way to end the meal. As stated before, limoncello is often served after dinner as a digestif. Why not add a bit of sorbet to it and make a fun cocktail float? Just three ingredients – prosecco, limoncello, and lemon sorbet, and you’ve got a fun adult float. 

12. Orange Spritz Aperitivo

If you need an Italian cocktail to start the evening off before dinner, try this orange spritz aperitivo. It’s designed to open the palate and get you ready for a delicious Italian meal. It goes perfectly with an antipasto board. Orange soda (aranciata), prosecco, and Aperol give you a bright, citrusy Italian cocktail. 

13. Tonica Kombucha and Campari

For a little health boost, of course you can add kombucha to Italian cocktails. The addition of kombucha to this Campari cocktail will aid your liver and digestion. It adds amazing grapefruit flavor while keeping the sugar low. Use fresh herbs or sliced grapefruit as a pretty garnish. 

14. Strawberry Rose Aperol Spritz

If you’re new to cocktails, this is a fantastic one to start with. A sweet strawberry puree gives this spritz a great pink color as well as a fruity, summer flavor. It’s combined with rose and aperol so it cuts the sweetness without making it bitter and gives it delicious bubbles. 

15. Italian Mule

If you’ve got a summer dinner party or cocktail party coming up, this Italian mule is perfect as a signature cocktail. It’s refreshing, as well as a popular cocktail that most guests will recognize and love. The Italian flare gives it the fun “ooo what is that” factor and will make you look like a pro at hosting cocktail parties. 

16. Italian Cocktails: Venetian Blush

We’re still on the super easy, you don’t need fancy equipment for the Italian cocktails train. And this Venetian Blush is just another delicious example. You need five ingredients and a glass. Venetian blush has a mix of orange juice and pomegranate juice, giving it a slightly sweet finish. It goes perfectly with rich dishes such as beef and lobster. 

17. Amalfi Italian Martini

If you like martinis, you have to try this Italian gin martini. Gin, limoncello, lemon juice, and mint give you an amazing, crisp Italian-flavored martini. You can close your eyes and pretend you are on the Amalfi Coast sipping away on this delicious cocktail. You could even try it with other citrus fruits, but lemon is amazing. 

18. Italian Cocktails: Italian Margarita

Margaritas may not be Italian in origin, but we can absolutely give them an Italian flare! These go amazingly with light dishes such as salads, grilled meats, and fresh fruit – perfect for a light summer dinner. Blanco tequila, blood orange juice, limoncello, lime juice, and a bit of club soda will give you a beautiful Italian Margarita. 

19. Italian Cocktails: Cherry and Ginger Prosecco Spritz

In case it’s not summer for you, here is an Italian cocktail with some winter flavors. The warm flavors of cherry and ginger bring this prosecco spritz to life. It’s made with ginger beer, which means you can lower the calories by quite a bit if you prefer by using zero-sugar ginger beer. Trader Joe’s and Target both sell an amazing zero-sugar ginger beer that would work perfectly in this cocktail. 

20. Italian Paloma

The fun thing about this Paloma with an Italian twist is you can serve it on the rocks or frozen – whichever you prefer! Frozen Italian Palmoas would be a fun poolside drink in the heat of summer. You can keep it sweet by making the recipe as is, or make it less sweet by skipping the syrup. This Italian Paloma can easily be changed to fit your preferences. 


21. Spritz Veneziano

Yes, another spritz! Italians love a bubbly cocktail as a pre-dinner aperitif. This spritz isn’t as sweet as the ones made with Aperol, so if you love a bitter cocktail, this one is for you. Combine Italian bitter liquor (amaro) with soda water and prosecco. That’s it! It’s beautifully served in a wine glass with a few olives and a wedge of lemon. 

22. Italian Cocktails: Italian Irish Coffee

In case you’re looking for more of a heavy after-dinner drink (to warm you up in the winter) this Italian Irish Coffee is creamy but boozy. Amaro combined with bourbon and chocolate liqueur will give you the best of two cultures in one delicious drink. 

Raise your glass with us and indulge in the vivacious spirit of Italy, one captivating cocktail at a time. Salute to the enchantment of Italy, and let the harmonious blend of flavors take you on an unforgettable voyage through the art of Italian Cocktails.

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22 Italian Cocktails For Your Next Dinner Party

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