Ground turkey is an excellent choice during the colder months when you want to eat something comforting that nourishes your body. Healthline reports that turkey has impressive B vitamins, like B3, B6, and B12. It also contains lots of protein, which helps fuel your body and satisfies your hunger.

There are many ways to use ground turkey, but putting it in a casserole with veggies, cheese, sauce, and other components makes it extra noteworthy! On the Weight Watchers diet, the use of ground turkey is common because you can purchase lean or extra-lean ground turkey, which means that it has very little fat while still having health benefits. Although not every recipe on this list recommends lean ground turkey, we encourage it.

Of course, you can use any type of ground turkey you have on hand! We have a good list of turkey casseroles for you. Some of them are breakfast dishes, while most work as lunch or dinner. They are packed with comforting, warm flavors that are ideal for autumn. Regardless of your personal choice, you can be content that the recipe is Weight Watchers-friendly and doesn’t use too many points!

Sloppy Joe Tater Tot Casserole
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1. Sloppy Joe Tater Tot Casserole

Our recipe for Sloppy Joe Tater Tot Casserole is WW-friendly, and you can easily see how many points it is depending on your plan! With hints of fat-free ground turkey, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, Dijon mustard, and shredded cheese, this is absolutely to die for. It also has red onions, tomato paste, reduced-sugar ketchup, and a hint of brown sugar to balance the acidity of the vinegar. You’ll feel like you’re biting into a perfect sloppy Joe sandwich!

2. Shepherd’s Pie with Ground Turkey

Shepherd’s pie is perfect for fall because it has warm flavors that make you feel cozy when you eat it. This Weight Watchers recipe has a beautiful presentation, and it tastes fantastic. Not to mention, this recipe makes eight servings! The best components include carrots, celery, reduced-fat sour cream, russet potatoes, ground turkey, and garlic. Naturally, you will assemble it like any other shepherd’s pie, with the meat mixture as the foundation and the potatoes on top!

3. Cheeseburger Casserole

Enjoy the flavors of a cheeseburger as a casserole with this unique recipe! This Weight Watchers recipe has incredible red pepper flakes, garlic, onions, mushrooms, turkey, and potatoes flavors. The addition of potatoes reminds you of a burger and fries! Of course, it wouldn’t be a cheeseburger casserole without cheese, so you can use light cheddar cheese to spruce it up. This recipe makes six servings, so it is a great family meal!

4. Baked Penne with Turkey, Mushroom, and Roasted Pepper Ragu

Just something about the chilly weather makes you want a hearty dinner! You can lean on this recipe in times like those. This recipe by Weight Watchers has basil, pasta, mozzarella, garlic, and turkey. It also has onions, mushrooms, and roasted red peppers, making it extra savory. When you bake this casserole in the oven, it will fill your house with delicious smells. It might make you impatient, but the wait is certainly worth it!

5. Baked Spaghetti Squash

Rather than using traditional pasta, you can make spaghetti squash casserole instead, which is much lighter and nourishing. This recipe has fat-free ground turkey breast, pasta sauce, mozzarella, garlic, and spaghetti squash. It’s convenient since you can simply use a jar of pasta sauce, and your points remain low because it is such a simple formula! You will love the textures of the tender spaghetti squash, the stringy melted cheese, and the perfectly cooked turkey.

6. Hide the Vegetable Turkey Lasagna Created by Ambassador Katie Biss

Lasagna is one of the most famous casseroles, and we can understand why. With heavenly layers of cheese, pasta, and meat, it is an indulgent experience every time you eat it. This recipe is not only divine, but it also is quite nourishing. It has healthy components like bell peppers, part-skim ricotta cheese, extra lean ground turkey, zucchini, and whole wheat lasagna noodles. Best of all, it has butternut squash, which is perfect for fall time!

7. Turkey Chorizo and Eggs Breakfast Casserole

If you’ve been waiting for a breakfast casserole, you’ll be delighted to know that you can try this one out. For this recipe, you can use ground turkey and season it with cinnamon, paprika, oregano, cumin, chili powder, and more. Aside from that, the casserole has bell peppers, zucchini, eggs, almond milk, and the homemade turkey chorizo! This recipe is wonderful for either meal prep for the week or a nice Sunday brunch dish.

8. Easy Turkey, Zucchini, and Rice Casserole

This Weight Watchers-friendly recipe has 4 points for blue, five points for green, and two points for purple plans. Despite its many ingredients, it is incredibly easy to whip up and less intimidating than you would think. The star ingredients are portobello mushrooms, ground turkey, zucchini, and parmesan cheese. Most of the other ingredients are simply spices to give it flavor!

9. Italian Turkey and Spaghetti Squash Pie

This recipe will win your heart over, whether you want to call it a savory pie or a casserole. Weight Watchers posted this incredible spaghetti squash dish that has extra lean ground turkey, onions, mozzarella cheese, ricotta cheese, and diced tomatoes. You can use the spaghetti squash as a pie crust and fill it with layers of ricotta, tomato, the turkey mixture, and more cheese! Your family won’t be able to get enough of this.

10. Ground Turkey and Brussels Sprouts Casserole

Brussels sprouts are in peak season during the fall and winter months, making this recipe perfect for the latter part of the year. The recipe states this is four Smartpoints on the Weight Watchers freestyle plan. The primary components are turkey gravy mix, turkey stovetop stuffing mix, fat-free ground turkey, Brussels sprouts, and seasonings. Since this recipe has bread, meat, and veggies all in one, you don’t need to make a side dish to go with it!

11. Ground Turkey Potato Casserole

Whether you’re looking for a comforting dish for upcoming holidays or simply want to make your weeknight meals more exciting, this ground turkey potato casserole is the right choice. This dish has many dimensions, from the tender potatoes to the milky shredded mozzarella to the somewhat spicy paprika. Plus, the ground turkey is high in protein, keeping you full longer than lighter dishes that might lack nutrients.

12. Weight Watchers Friendly Taco Casserole

At just one smart point on freestyle, this recipe is a must-try! It is a different rendition of Weight Watchers Taco Casserole that uses chicken. Instead, you can use ground turkey, onions, corn, black beans, and taco seasoning with this one. Just as you would garnish an actual taco, you can load it up with fat-free sour cream, fat-free shredded cheese, fresh tomatoes, and green onions! This is a great recipe if you have kids; they will love it.

healthy hash brown casserole on white plate

13. Healthy Hashbrown Casserole

Use your fat-free ground turkey to make this show-stopping breakfast or brunch dish! We have the Weight Watchers points amounts listed on the recipe, which is quite convenient. This dish has crispy bacon, reduced-fat shredded cheese, tender hashbrowns, and ground turkey. It also has eggs to give it more substance! This casserole only takes one hour from start to finish, so it’s great!

14. Turkey Enchilada Pie

Weight Watchers posted this fantastic casserole pie with extra lean ground turkey, onions, cheese, tomatoes, and jalapenos. The base has wheat flour tortillas, reminiscent of a homemade enchilada. This recipe makes six servings. Although it may be too heavy for summer, it is perfect for a satisfying, warm dish straight out of the oven that you can enjoy in the fall. Moreover, its appearance is mouth-watering, so it’s wonderful to bring to gatherings.

15. Weight Watchers Pepperoni Pizza Casserole

This recipe is loaded with pepperoni and ground turkey, so what’s not to love? It is Weight Watchers-friendly, and you can calculate the points through the app. This dish has colorful ingredients like olives, herbs, pepperoni, tomato sauce, onions, and pasta. You can also include other zero-point vegetables if you want to get some more veggies in! We love how simple yet delicious this is, and if you can’t eat at all, it’s great for leftovers the next day.

16. Weight Watchers Turkey and Ziti Casserole

This older Weight Watchers recipe came straight out of one of the old cookbooks! Unfortunately, that means the point system is different, so you must calculate with whichever plan you have. Nevertheless, this is a healthy dish that will impress your taste buds. It has ground turkey, onions, bell peppers, marinara sauce, and cheese. With both ricotta and mozzarella cheese, you’ll be in cheesy heaven. We suggest topping it with fresh herbs before serving!

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