Pit Boss smokers can take your barbecuing skills to the next level. With a potent blend of hardwood chips and your favorite meats inside, a Pit Boss smoker handles everything from a savory rack of ribs to juicy smoked chicken breasts. But a Pit Boss smoker isn’t much more than a closet full of hot air unless you’ve got these must-have accessories. 

Of the 10 things to know before buying a Pit Boss smoker, the last on our list includes investing in quality smoking accessories. These accessories are the difference between handling any one of these 25 smokin’ good Pit Boss recipes like a professional and the alternative, which doesn’t include a plate of smoked delicious food on the table. Check out these must-have Pit Boss smoker accessories. 

bag of pit boss hickory blend wood pellets
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1. Pit Boss Hickory Blend Hardwood Pellets 

It’s hard to have a smoker without adding fuel to the fire to achieve that signature flavor. We chose the Hickory Blend Hardwood Pellets from Pit Boss because they are an everyday must-have for various meats. These pellets are also widely available in 20-pound or 40-pound variants. Just keep them dry between uses to achieve that smoky taste. 

pit boss foil bucket liners

2. Foil Liners 

One of the only things that could dampen the delight of scarfing down a smoked meal is cleaning up after it. Luckily, Pit Boss foil liners help make the job that much easier. Simply place these inside your grease bucket and throw them away afterward. 

3. Pit Boss Non-Slip and Disposable Gloves

Disposable gloves are great, especially if you plan on making these 25 all-time-best Pit Boss recipes. It’s always nice to have a pair or two of these gloves on hand for preparation and serving. Removing them to chow down is much easier than scrubbing your hands at the sink. 

However, investing in non-slip gloves can come in handy when moving smoker racks around or reaching in to retrieve a large piece of meat. These non-slip gloves from Pit Boss ensure you’ve got a solid grip so none of that smoky goodness ends up anywhere else but in your mouth. 

4. Pit Boss Wooden Magnetic Cutting Board

Make one of these 25 best smoked pork belly recipes, and you’ll want a wooden magnetic cutting board to serve them on and showcase just how scrumptious they look. Magnetic cutting boards like this one from Pit Boss can also provide that extra grip to keep your cutting surface right where you want it.

pit boss carving knife set on display

5. Pit Boss 2-Piece Brisket Carving Knife Set  

If there are only two knives you invest in for your entire Pit Boss smoking career, these two carving knives get the job done. Use the smaller knife to remove fat and trim meat before it goes into the smoker. You can also use the larger knife to separate ribs or carve a turkey, but we’re guessing all that smoked meat will fall right off the bone. 

6. Pit Boss Digital Meat Thermometer  

One of the hardest things to master with a Pit Boss smoker is learning how to check the temperature of your food and achieve the perfect cook. This digital meat thermometer makes taking temperatures easy, especially if you need a quick reading to avoid losing heat from your smoker. When you open this thermometer, it turns on. Close it, and it turns off to conserve battery. 

While this Pit Boss thermometer may not be the most sophisticated, it’s compact and lightweight. Accompanied by a few meat probes, it’s the perfect sidekick to monitor your cooking times with accurate readings. 

7. Pit Boss Soft Touch BBQ Sauce Mop  

If the words “sauce mop” don’t make your mouth water, checking out the largest brisket ever smoked—a whopping 33-pound behemoth—just might. Sauce mops are great for adding butter, oil, sauces, or your own liquid mixture to whatever food’s cooking in your smoker. The soft bristles glide over seasonings, and the long reach is perfect for reaching every corner of your smoker. 

pit boss multi tool on display

8. Pit Boss Soft Touch All-In-One Tool 

We’re not sure if we should call this a spat-ong or a tong-ula, but however you look at it, a multi-tool like this one is a must-have for any kitchen. The Pit Boss fits this tool with soft-touch grips that make smoking even more enjoyable. 

9. Pit Boss 9-Inch Smoker Tube  

Can you really have too much smoke flavor? The Pit Boss 9-inch smoker tube is a must-have if you enjoy a deep smoke flavor. These smoker tubes come in various shapes and sizes, and you can load them with any smoke chips you prefer. 

10. Pit Boss Marinade Injector  

Mopping sauce on your chicken breasts can lock juice into the crispy, smoky skin, but injecting some marinade can add unique bursts of flavor. This Pit Boss marinade injector gets it right in all the right places so that you can ensure a juicy result every time. 

11. Pit Boss Soft Touch Palmyra Cleaning Brush  

When the fun is done and it’s time to clean up, the Pit Boss Palmyra cleaning brush is your go-to brush for scraping off all the burnt bits. The Palmyra bristles keep your smoking grates clean, and the long handle lets you reach the farthest corners of your Pit Boss smoker. Plus, it’s got a built-in handle for storage. 

12. Pit Boss Grill & Smoker Cleaner & Degreaser  

Elbow grease is good for meat rubs, but you might be tired after all the smoking you’ve done. That’s why we’ve included the Pit Boss Grill & Smoker Cleaner & Degreaser. It’s not necessarily an accessory that will perfect your smoking technique, but it will certainly save your arms from tough scrubbing. It also keeps your smoker looking brand-new to protect your investment. 

Turn Up the Heat With These Pit Boss Smoker Accessories 

There you have it: a dozen must-have Pit Boss smoker accessories to elevate your smoking experience. If you’re looking for more accessories, our honorable mentions include a rib rack, meat claws, grill basket, smoker cover, skewers, lights, butcher paper, additional drip pans, squeeze bottles, mat, and extra meat probes. You can also check out our Blackstone vs. Pit Boss Head-to-Head Grill Review if you’re considering adding to your Pit Boss collection. 

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  1. My Brunswick model caught on fire all by itself. It appears that the pellet auger continuously ran during a smoke. I contacted Pitboss and they have totally ignored me.