Pit Boss remains a well-known brand in the grilling industry. Compared to Blackstone, Traeger, and the Big Green Egg, Pit Boss caters to the beginner, outdoor enthusiast, and budding professional chef. Many of Pit Boss’ products are well-made and bring back the fun of grilling and smoking to the backyard—or wherever you like to set up your workstation. 

However, Pit Boss offers numerous smokers, from models that accommodate a small piece of meat to extensive smokers equipped to handle a feast. Choosing between them can be difficult, primarily if you’ve never worked with a smoker. Keep reading to learn about 10 things you should know before buying a Pit Boss smoker. 

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1. Pit Boss Offers a Variety of Smokers

Visit Pit Boss’ website to see wood pellet, vertical, and combination smokers. Combination smokers mesh the best of smokers and grills into a single product. Vertical smokers are a smart use of space so you can get the benefits of smoking your food without having to set aside tons of porch space. In addition, wood pellet smokers allow you to adjust the wood you use to evoke different flavorings in your foods. 

2. Pit Boss Caters to Several Price Ranges 

You can spend a few hundred bucks on a new Pit Boss smoker or go all out to buy the top-of-the-line model for around $1,000 or more. Pit Boss also sells smokers in various sizes. If you only want to smoke a few things here and there, you can purchase a smaller model. If you want to smoke large cuts of meat (and why wouldn’t you?), there’s a Pit Boss available to you as well. 

3. Find a Power Solution for Your Pit Boss Smoker

As with any grill, griddle, or smoker, your new Pit Boss smoker requires power to feed the wood pellets and create heat to smoke various foods. Decide if you want to power your Pit Boss smoker with an extension cord or if there’s a nearby outlet on your porch. 

When turning off your Pit Boss smoker, ensure it goes through the proper cool-down cycle. Simply unplugging your smoker once you’re done can actually damage the smoker and cause issues the next time you use it. Take the extra time to protect your investment and avoid headaches down the road.

4. Pit Boss Smokers are Made from Quality Materials 

Made from stainless steel, Pit Boss smokers feature double-wall insulation to keep more heat inside while less escapes. Pit Boss finishes their smokers with a durable and rust-proof powder-coat finish. Even the grates are porcelain-coated steel. When it comes to the quality, durability, and efficiency of materials, Pit Boss takes the cake. 

5. Pit Boss Smokers Require a Burn-In Process

The first time you use an electric appliance, it often doesn’t smell tantalizing at all. Similarly, Pit Boss smokers require burning in the contaminants within a smoker to prepare the interior for smoking food. This process is similar to seasoning a griddle before and after you use it. Before you chow down on one of these 25 best smoked pork belly recipes, set aside some time to burn in your Pit Boss smoker.   

6. Smokers are Meant for Outdoor Use 

Don’t get us wrong, the smell of smoked food can be addicting. However, you should keep your smoker outside, meaning you’ll want to dedicate an area for it specifically when you use it. Proper ventilation is still required for this type of appliance, especially given the fire hazard a smoker poses. 

In addition, keep an eye on the smoker frequently, checking it every few hours to ensure it’s still smoking safely. It’s never a good idea to leave the house while you’re smoking something or otherwise leave it unattended. Such negligence can lead to extreme and tragic circumstances.

7. Experiment with Smoker Wood Pellet Flavors 

Pit Boss smokers allow you to choose which types of wood pellets you’ll use depending on what food you’re cooking. Each wood blends with specific foods in various ways, depending on your target flavor profile. Many smoking resources have done the experimenting for you, but sometimes it’s more fun to try your hand at pairing food and wood pellet flavors like: 

  • Oak
  • Cherry
  • Pecan
  • Hickory
  • Mesquite
  • Apple
  • Maple 

You’ll use at least two to four pounds of wood pellets per hour, depending on what you’re cooking and how long you’ll smoke it. Try to pair wood pellet qualities with the quality of the cut of meat. While fruit wood pellets are more expensive, they often provide a more fragrant smoke smell and flavor. Check out these 25 smokin’ good Pit Boss recipes if you need inspiration.

8. You Can Upgrade Pit Boss Smokers for WiFi and Bluetooth 

Pit Boss knows that the digital age requires monitoring of cooking times with our cell phones. You can purchase the Pit Boss Controller, allowing your grill to speak to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Once you download the Pit Boss app (available for Android and Apple platforms), you can digitally control aspects of your Pit Boss smoker from afar. 

9. Clean Your Pit Boss Smoker Often  

Many Pit Boss smoker owners recommend cleaning your smoker every three to five uses. Keeping to this schedule can help protect your investment and prevent any issues. If you make any of these 25 all-time best Pit Boss recipes, cleaning up after is almost a requirement. 

Cleaning a Pit Boss smoker requires removing and emptying the pellet hopper, cleaning the grill grates and drip pan, and scraping the insides of the grill to remove build-up. Don’t forget to clean the smokestack and oil your grill grates. 

10. Invest in Quality Smoking Accessories  

Most people focus on which grill or smoker to purchase, but the accessories often make the purchase fun. If you’re considering buying a Pit Boss smoker, look into what accessories you can purchase. You may find that the accessories open up new doors to tasty recipes. 

We recommend investing in multiple temperature probes to help monitor the temperature inside the smoker and the cut of meat you’re cooking. The difference between the probes can surprise you and cause under or overcooking. A quality smoker cover will also protect your investment during the offseason. 

Master the Art of Smoking Foods with Pit Boss 

If you plan on buying a Pit Boss smoker, we hope our guide helps you figure out what utensils you should buy, which models suit your needs, and how to protect your investment once your new Pit Boss smoker arrives. Joining the larger community of food smokers allows you to test your skills and share your knowledge. What do you look forward to most with your new Pit Boss smoker? 

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