There is no doubt there are as many types of barbeque as there are chefs, but one staple almost every BBQ fan or smoker hobbyist has tried grilling is Brisket. It is a relatively easy cook and great for serving larger crowds, but a 33-lb brisket is entirely unheard of (video below). 

This massive slab of beef is not the biggest brisket in the world because it was from a rather large steer, but because this brisket lays on top of the beef ribs. This is not something you will find in the stores, but if you are ever so inclined, a local butcher shop could source it for you. 

Brisket on pellet smoker
Image Credit: Drizzle Me Skinny
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What Is Brisket

Brisket is a cut of beef from the lower pectoral region of the cow, just above the front shank, or thigh, and below the chuck, or front shoulder muscle. Brisket is a strong and active muscle so the cut is tougher but has a rich and meaty flavor. 

Like other tough cuts of meat, cooking at lower temps for long periods of time is paramount. Smoking brisket is the best way to enjoy it because the heat melts the fat streaks in the meat and the smoke adds extra flavor, together creating a marvelous and juicy bite.  

What Size of Brisket Is Best For a Pellet Smoker

Seeing a 30-plus-pound brisket is novel but presents a number of challenges to cook. A cut that large is not what you want and will not add to your overall enjoyment. An optimal brisket size should be in the 13 to the 16-pound range so you have the ideal thickness to cook the meat without risking drying out the ends or having a center that is undercooked.  

The general rule of thumb is 30 to 60 minutes for each pound of brisket. So going over 16 pounds will be a long cook (more than half a day) with temperature challenges throughout the cook.

Packaged brisket from Costco
When selecting brisket size, look for 13 to 16 pounds (Image Credit: Drizzle Me Skinny)

Preparing a Brisket For the Smoker 

The video for this massive brisket cook was pretty conventional with the pitmaster trimming excess fat off the meat. Brisket has a lot of fat marbling, so trimming the fat from the top and bottom of the cut is necessary.  Try to cut all the thick fat patches without damaging the brisket, this doesn’t have to be perfect, but leaving too much excess fat will create extra chewy bites later. 

Next is prepping the brisket with your favorite seasonings. Here the pitmaster coats the meat in olive oil and then applies crushed cocoa and coffee beans, mixed with sea salt, coarse pepper, onion powder, garlic, and paprika. 

All in all, a pretty decent mix of seasonings. I add some brown sugar to mine instead of the cocoa and coffee beans, but chef’s choice when it comes to seasoning the meat. Brisket is very flavorful so it doesn’t need to be overly seasoned. 

Watch this incredibly large brisket cooked to perfection

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