Seems like these weeks are flying by, I might have to take a break here and there or I will run out of products lol 😉 As promised I am sharing some of the foods I buy weekly in hopes I can help everyone get their hands on things they might be looking for.. The products are a mix of things I buy in Canada, where I live and things I buy across the border in the U.S.

Bacon in my opinion should be it’s own food group, and the one we need the most of! 😉 I simply LOVE bacon… but regular good old fashioned bacon is not point friendly so when my journey first started a few years ago I was on the hunt for point friendly bacon. I am not a fan of turkey bacon and would rather spend the points than have to eat it lol… anyhow I stumbled across the Oscar Mayer center cut bacon awhile ago on one of my cross border shopping trips, I buy it at Walmart and  2 slices is 1 point plus (1 smart point each) Target do a similar center cut bacon in their own Market pantry brand and it is 1pp and 1sp per 2 slices, but if I am being honest I prefer the Oscar Mayer 🙂 oh and unfortunately it’s not cheap 🙁


It cooks up nice, below is a great low point breakfast, chicken sausage (in one of my other weekly product reviews) fried onions/peppers, 2 slices bacon, 1 slice toast and berries .. 5 points plus, 6 smart points..


Egg roll wrappers (and wonton wrappers) are something I use often, but it seems they are hard to find for a lot of people. I buy mine in Canada at either my local Fresco or No Frills, I have never seen them at Walmart nor have I looked across the border for them but I know the U.S carry them. They are always in the produce section when I buy them. My brand is 2 points plus and 2 smart points each.


I have made a few recipes using them, pictured below is my bacon cheeseburger rolls  3sp or 3pp each.


I was super excited when Canada started carrying the oreo thin cookies, I use to only buy them in the U.S. We don’t have the mint yet, at least not that I have seen, just regular and golden. They are so good.. and the perfect little point friendly treat when craving cookies.. On points plus they are 1pp each and for smart points 2 cookies are 3sp..



I love laughing cow cheese spreads, they are nice and low in points and come in different flavors. In Canada we have the jalapeno flavor, it is so good, I don’t think they carry this one in the U.S but think they do a similar spicy one if I’m correct.


This jalapeno flavor is 2 smart points or 1 points plus for 2 triangles. Its great on crackers and I made these delicious cheesy bacon roll ups with them as well.


You might notice on my Instagram and facebook page if you follow me that I put whip cream on top of my fruit pretty much all the time 🙂 I just use a small amount, but I love having it on there. I buy the Gay Lea light whipping cream here in Canada, its found at any of my local grocery stores in the fridge near the milk. The serving size is 4 Tbsp at 1 smart point and 1 point plus. I use equivalent to about 2 Tbsp, for points plus since that’s what I follow its 0 points, for smart points it is still 1 point.


That’s it for now… Be back next week 🙂


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  1. I found this helps a lot!

    I was successful on WW maybe seven years ago. But I didn’t know how to cook low in points, truthfully I didn’t have the time to figure it out. It was easier for me to use a frozen meal.
    But now with all the online support and instagram and blogs showing how easy it is, yes!!!!!

    1. Hi Mel, thanks for letting me know your enjoying these product reviews 🙂 Good luck on your journey 🙂

  2. Love the Oreo thins!! I was hooked on Oreo double stuff when I was on Points Plus…..but switched to the Thins on Smart Points…..also just got the Laughing Cow Pepper Jack and it is wonderful!!! We have Stacy’s Pita Chips here in the new Roasted Jalapeno flavor….OMG!!! Sooo good together…….you can never get too much Jalapeno heat!!

    1. That’s the one I have seen on my IG pepperjack!! I’ll have to grab it next time im in the U.S, we don’t have it here I don’t think… I actually prefer the oreo thins over reg even if I wasn’t following WW lol, I find too much icing in them upsets my tummy, so the thins is just enough 🙂 Those Stacy’s pita chips are awesome 🙂

  3. Just discovered your blog through Pinterest, and loving it! Always in search of easy recipes for quick meals. I agree about the bacon — been using it for years, but now with WW, I cut back on the number of strips I have and only have it on weekends. Another breakfast treat I love is Johnsonville fully cooked turkey sausage — two SP for two links. I also use Jones Dairy Farm Canadian Bacon — 3 slices = 1 SP. Lastly, I love Hillshire Farms Naturals Roasted Turkey — 3 slices = 0 points (combine it with Laughing Cow Light wedge for a great snack). This go-around on WW, I thought I might have to stick to frozen meals, but with websites like yours, I haven’t had one in the two months I’ve been back on the program!

  4. Dont know if there is a BJs Wholesale close to you but they have a three package of center cut bacon for less than 10.00 for the package. That is where i buy mine.