How many foods can you name starting with the letter z? We know we are yet to discover the culinary wonders of many alphabets, making this “zigzag” to the letter z. They all can wait until we explore the zesty and zingy delights this last letter of the alphabet offers. From zucchinis to ziti, each of these 25 Foods That Start with Z may start with the last letter but deserves a top spot in your culinary repertoire.

Finished air fryer zucchini fritters with dipping sauce
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1. Zucchini Fritters

Crispy on the outside with a tender, savory interior, these Zucchini Fritters are an ideal snack, side dish, or light meal. Thanks to fiber and vitamin C-enriched zucchini as a star ingredient and opting for air-frying instead of an oily mess, you can feel good about treating yourself to seconds or even thirds! Serve them as an appetizer or a quick snack on a busy weeknight. With 0 WW points, these fritters always please a crowd.

2. Zander and Leek Gratin with Provençal Crust

Zander, known as pike perch, is a freshwater fish prized for its firm, succulent white flesh. This Zander and Leek Gratin recipe is the most delicious way to make the most of this seafood delicacy. The tender zander fillets provide a delicate base, while the creamy leek mixture adds richness and depth. Topped with a crunchy Provençal crust, this gratin is as visually stunning as it is delicious, making it the perfect centerpiece for festive gatherings.

3. Ziti Bake

Looking for an easy pasta dinner recipe that is sure to become your new family favorite? This cozy and comforting pasta is super flavorful, made without meat, and is great for leftovers.! Perfect for a busy weeknight dinner, this creamy and cheesy baked pasta is one of the best comfort foods ever.

4. Zeppole

These easy Italian donut holes are light and fluffy inside, thanks to the ricotta cheese that gives them a melt-in-mouth texture. With only simple pantry ingredients you can make them for a busy weeknight dinner in under 20 minutes. Fill them with cream, jelly, or chocolate, and serve over the weekend brunch to treat your guests.

5. Za’atar Roasted Potatoes

Roasted potatoes seasoned with a sprinkle of za’atar for a perfect combo of flavors and textures. This Middle Eastern herb spice mix includes but is not limited to ground wild thyme, toasted sesame seeds, sumac, and salt. It tastes great on roasted potatoes, but you can put it on anything! Add it to the bread dough, salad dressings, chicken marinade, and more. It tastes amazing!

6. Zinfandel Grape, Rosemary + Gin Crush

This Zinfandel Grape Gin Crush is a concoction that marries the rich flavors of Zinfandel grapes with rosemary essence, all accentuated by the subtle gin kick. Zinfandel grapes lend luscious sweetness, while rosemary adds herbal notes. Meanwhile, the gin brings a refreshing citrusy zing that ties everything together beautifully. The result? A drink that’s complex, refreshing, and irresistible, proving that Zinfandel grapes are not just for Zinfandel wine.

7. Zopf bread (Zopf)

With its soft texture, golden crust, and pillowy texture that melts in your mouth, this Swiss Zopf bread will become a staple in your baking repertoire. Mix yeast-infused dough and butter until smooth. Prove until doubled. Shape into a braid, prove again, brush with egg wash, and bake until golden. Enjoy it fresh out of the oven with a generous slather of butter, or use it to make sandwiches, French toast, or bread pudding.

8. Zuppa Toscana Soup

Let’s recreate the Olive Garden’s hearty Zuppa Toscana soup at home using wholesome ingredients. This gluten-free soup features crispy bacon, Italian sausage, and aromatics cooked with potatoes in chicken broth. The heavy cream lends a creamy and velvety texture, and adding kale makes it more nutrient-dense. Surprisingly easy to make, this one-pot Italian soup is a perfect crowd-pleaser.

9. Zebra Cakes

It’s time to bring back nostalgic memories of Little Debbie Zebra Cakes with these homemade replicas featuring layers of moist vanilla cake and a decadent chocolate coating. With contrasting stripes reminiscent of zebra stripes, this sweet confection can be made vegan with just a few subs. Whether enjoyed as a sweet indulgence after dinner or paired with a cup of coffee for a midday treat, Zebra Cakes satisfy your cravings for something decadent and indulgent.

10. Zoni

We all know that Americans eat black-eyed peas for good luck on New Year’s, but the Japanese have their own tradition. This Zoni is a traditional Japanese soup for good luck at New Year celebrations. It features delicate mochi cakes, savory fish paste, and fragrant broth. It’s a comforting and nourishing dish, perfect for chilly evenings, and pairs well with various side dishes, including Japanese pickles (tsukemono), steamed vegetables, or a simple green salad.

11. Zarzuela de Mariscos (Spanish Seafood Stew)

Zarzuela is a hearty and comforting Spanish seafood stew featuring a tomato-based broth infused with white wine and aromatic spices. A blend of scallops, mussels, squid, king prawns, baby calms, shrimp, and squid tubes slowly simmer in the broth, soaking up the flavors until they are perfectly tender. For an authentic Spanish dining experience, serve with garlic aioli, a refreshing salad, and crisp red wine.

12. Zerde Tatlisi

Zerde is a creamy and aromatic rice pudding dessert with a vibrant yellow hue, thanks to the exotic addition of saffron and turmeric. This tasty treat is typically served on special occasions and celebrations in the palace. But why wait for a special occasion when you can treat yourself to a royal feast at home by preparing the authentic Zerde with this recipe? Don’t forget to add a dash of rose water for that extra hint of flavor.

13. Zig-Zag Vine Fruit

Native to Malaysia, Thailand, and the tropical forests of Australia, the zigzag fruit is a distinctive oblong fruit that grows on a vine. Its distinct orange-yellow hue is a popular ingredient in sauces, liquors, and gourmet dishes. Known for its tangy and refreshing flavor, this fruit is often compared to orange sherbet, making it a delightful addition to any culinary creation.

14. Zabaglione

Zabaglione is a light and creamy egg yolk custard made with sugar and sweet wine. You can serve it warm on the spot, chill it in the fridge, and serve it in dessert cups with fresh berries and citrus fruits. Wanna be creative? Drizzle this egg custard as a sauce on your favorite cakes and pastries, or spoon it over a fruit tart for a delicious dessert that will leave everyone asking for more.

15. Zuni Cafe’s Orange-Currant Scones

If breakfast pastries are one of your weakest spots, then Zuni Cafe’s Orange-Currant Scones will be love at first bite. The marriage of tangy orange zest with plump Zante currants promises to awaken your senses while the buttery richness of the pastry melts in your mouth. Whether paired with a steaming cup of coffee or enjoyed as a standalone treat, these scones are bound to become a hit among young and adults.

16. Zucchini Noodles with Avocado Sauce

Dive into a bowl of nutrient-packed zucchini noodles that don’t require cooking. Topped with velvety avocado sauce, this healthy dish will be ready in 10 minutes using 7 basic pantry staples. Use a spiralizer to make zucchini noodles, whip up avocado sauce, and mix them. It’s that simple! Top the noodles with cherry tomatoes for a super healthy pasta. Toss in some nutritional yeast or vegan parmesan for a cheesy flavor.

17. Zimtsterne – German Cinnamon Star Cookies

Zimtsterne, or cinnamon stars, are heavenly cookies cut out into star shapes, like macaroons. Made from sugar, egg whites, and almonds and flavored with cinnamon, these delightful treats are finished with a gorgeous layer of white frosting that hardens, giving them a satisfying crunch. And, if you’re someone with dietary restrictions, you’ll be happy to know that they’re naturally gluten-free and dairy-free, making them a true holiday treat.

18. Zapiekanka

This Polish Street food pizza is made from a sliced baguette layered with sautéed mushrooms, gooey cheese, and a tempting drizzle of ketchup. To take it further up a notch, customize with caramelized onions, crumbled sausage, or even crispy bacon, and a burst of freshness from chives, basil, parsley, or arugula. This recipe is delicious and incredibly versatile, making it perfect for using leftover ingredients. With Zapiekanka, a satisfying meal is just 30 minutes away!

19. Zongzi: Chinese Sticky Rice Dumpling

Zongzi, a traditional food for the Dragon Boat Festival, features glutinous rice with sweet or savory fillings wrapped in soaked bamboo leaves that are readily available in Chinese/Asian shops. It’s filled with Chinese dates, red bean paste, and whole red beans on top of the rice for a nice texture. Or you can fill it with marinated pork belly and shiitake mushrooms for a savory version. You can customize the filling to your liking. Serve warm or cold; it tastes equally delicious.

20. Zuccotto: A Creamy Italian Dessert Cake

Originating from Florence, Zuccotto is a chilled Italian dessert cake that combines layers of sponge cake, creamy custard, and rich chocolate, all infused with a hint of liqueur. Its dome-shaped presentation and decadent flavors make it a show-stopping finale to any meal or celebration. Serve it alongside a cup of freshly brewed espresso for a classic Italian treat.

21. Zucchini Bread

Have you ever tried baking bread using zucchini? Sounds weird? Let’s transform those zucchinis on your shelf into delicious yet healthy bread with common pantry ingredients. Made yeast, this bread is moist and will keep you returning for more. Add nuts or chocolate chips for an extra layer of flavor and texture.

22. Zwieback

Zwieback is a delightful double-baked bread with a soft, sweet taste and unique texture that people of all ages can enjoy. To create the dough for Zwieback bread, flour, yeast, sugar, eggs, milk, and butter are used. The dough is then shaped into loaves or rolls and baked to perfection. After cooling, the bread is sliced and baked again, creating a crispy exterior that pleases.

23. Zereshk Polo Morgh (Persian Barberry Rice With Chicken)

This popular and delicious Persian dish is a delectable combo of saffron-infused fluffy rice topped with barberries. Served with perfectly seasoned juicy chicken cooked in aromatic spices, this dish fills your kitchen with a nice aroma. This dish is packed with vibrant color, flavor, and textures, which is perfect for parties and feasts.

24. Żurek

This Polish soup is made by cooking white sausage and smoked meat with aromatics, potatoes, and broth, giving the soup a complex, meaty, and smoky flavor. Adding a sour rye starter made from fermented rye flour lends a unique tart flavor. Cream adds a delightful creamy texture and takes it to another level when seasoned with marjoram and horseradish. Serve with hard-boiled eggs and sourdough. This soup requires minimal cleaning, making it perfect for a weeknight dinner.

25. Zagnut Cupcakes

Tired of the same old, boring cupcakes again and again? Brace yourself for a culinary adventure with these Zagnut Cupcakes – a confection that defies norms and surprises your taste buds in the most unexpected ways. With their irresistible combination of buttery cake, creamy peanut butter frosting, and crunchy candy bar topping, these Zagnut Cupcakes are a must-try dessert for any occasion. Bring them to bake sales or potlucks, and they will surely be the star of your dessert table.

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