Here we go again, and this time, let all the spotlights shine bright on the letter V. We are sure you can only name the basic ones like vanilla ice cream and vegetable soup, but fret not. We are here with the remaining ones, not all of them, but most of them. From vibrant vegetables to sumptuous desserts and hearty mains to delightful snacks and side dishes, these 25 Foods That Start with V promise to awaken your taste and inspire your culinary curiosity.

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1. Vegetable Soup

With just zero Weight Watchers points per serving, this vegetable soup symbolizes guilt-free indulgence! Cabbage, vegetable oil, and fat-free chicken broth lay the foundation for a hearty soup, but its versatility makes it remarkable. From vibrant bell peppers to savory onions, nutritious broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, and eggplant, this soup welcomes a wide range of 0-point vegetables in your fridge. Meal-prep and freezer-friendly, it’s a true winter warmer.

2. Vegetable Tomato Sauce

With lots of veggies being zero points, making a homemade vegetable tomato sauce means “big savings” on Weight Watchers points. Considering it’s packed with essential vitamins and minerals thanks to a medley of fresh vegetables, please don’t even think of comparing it with unhealthy store-bought counterparts. And don’t get me started about ease of preparation. All you have to do is combine the ingredients in a slow cooker and let it simmer to perfection.

3. Vinegar Cucumbers

Salads elevate your mealtime like nothing else, and these quick and delicious Vinegar Cucumbers are a fresh addition to the list! Preparing a savory side dish using only two vegetables can’t be easier than this one. This salad is a delightful take on classic greens, with beautifully diced cucumbers and onions soaked in apple cider vinegar and water. Replace bland greens with this savory salad, and we promise you won’t go back!

4. Venison Stew

Venison is the edible meat of deer, antelope, or elk, making this stew the king of all others! And if using the best meat among all the game animals wasn’t enough, adding beef stock enhances the flavor a hundred times! Loaded with veggies, this venison stew stands out at your winter gatherings as a nourishing main course. Treat yourself to a bowl of warmth and satisfaction.

5. Vermicelli Noodles

Cozy up with these vermicelli noodles – the ultimate winter comfort food you’ll want on your plate daily. These rice noodles are a breeze to whip up, ensuring deliciousness in no time. Simply toss the crispy cooked veggies with boiled vermicelli, and voila! Your dinner table is transformed. Top it off with roasted peanuts and fried tofu for an extra crunch and flavor.

6. Veal Scallopini

Veal Scallopini is the savory fusion of two culinary worlds – Italian and American! Thin, delicate slices of the veal are coated in a blend of fresh herbs and dried spices, with a hint of Parmesan for extra flair, and cooked to perfection. Paired with a rich, creamy piccata sauce bursting with lemon flavor, this fancy dish effortlessly brings authentic taste to your dinner table.

7. Vindaloo

When your tastebuds crave something bold, this classic Indian vindaloo is what they are asking for. It’s a saucy and spicy beef curry you can savor solo or enjoy with warm naan bread. Infused with a myriad of spices, the star of the show is the vibrant Kashmiri red chili, lending color and flavor. With a kick of vinegar and a hearty protein punch from the beef, it’s a healthy and satisfying dish that’ll leave you wanting more!

8. Vichyssoise

While winter soups are abundant, the Vichyssoise is a summer stand-out. This creamy chilled potato soup is bursting with the delicate sweetness of sautéed leeks, blended to silky perfection. Adding chicken broth gives depth to this flavorful delight. It’s a signature dish that will win over anyone with the first spoonful, topped with crunchy garlic croutons, zesty Romano cheese, and fresh scallions.

9. Vanilla Ice Cream

Get adventurous with homemade vanilla ice cream for your next ice-cold craving. While ice cream preparation at home may seem a bit tacky, some tips and tricks will ensure a delicious treat. This creamy delight starts with a custard base, blending vanilla beans, eggs, and sugar and adding dairy ingredients like milk and cream for richness. Cook, freeze, and serve with a generous topping of caramel syrup. Everyone will want a full bowl.

10. Vienna Sausages

Discover the versatility of ways Vienna sausages can be cooked. Crafted from a blend of pork and beef, they’re poised to become your dinner favorite. Whether folded into a hearty omelet, baked to perfection in the oven, or simply fried to accompany creamy mashed potatoes, each method offers a unique yet utterly delicious way to savor Vienna sausages. Transform your dinner routine with a different Vienna flavor every day!

11. Vermouth Panaché

Elevate your cocktail parties with Vermouth Panaché—a classic alcoholic beverage that’s simple to make and delightful to savor. Vermouth adds flavor and depth to traditional drinks like Martinis and Negronis, and this recipe combines the rich flavors of dry and sweet vermouth with a hint of Angostura bitters. Garnished with a lemon twist, this cocktail offers a balanced flavor profile perfect for any occasion.

12. Velveeta Scalloped Potatoes

Velveeta Scalloped Potatoes is the answer to the fancy side dish to serve during the forthcoming holidays or any other party. Imagine tender, buttery potatoes enveloped in a rich Velveeta cheese sauce, delivering pure creamy indulgence in every bite. Bake this dish, and prepare to be captivated by its enticing aroma and irresistible cheesy texture.

13. Vada Pav

Hands down to this best snack, Vada Pav, which is one of the most popular Indian street foods. A deep fried potato dumpling is placed between a bun and the flavor is elevated to a finger licking deliciousness with a medley of chutneys, sauces, and your favorite toppings. While tamarind and spicy chutneys are options, take advantage of the garlic coconut chutney to ensure that Vada Pav has the authentic deal flavor.

14. Valencia Orange Marmalade

Calling all citrus lovers! Dive into the delightful world of homemade Valencia orange marmalade. It is a jelly-like treat bursting with the tangy sweetness of Valencia oranges. While preparing takes three days, the result truly rewards your time and sweat. Store it in the fridge in a sterilized jar for whenever cravings strike. Simply spread this heavenly marmalade on toast for a scrumptious breakfast or a healthy snack option that never disappoints!

15. Vanilla Bean Cheesecake

Brimming with the sweet aroma of vanilla in every luscious layer, this classic New York cheesecake will make your taste buds dance with delight. Bite into the creamy cream cheese filling, splashed with vanilla bean specks, and nestled in a decadent vanilla wafer crust that melts in your mouth. And to top it all off, a fluffy mound of vanilla-infused whipped cream that will leave you craving for more!

16. Victoria Plum Jam

Crafted from succulent Victoria plums, this jam is your go-to breakfast solution for busy mornings. With a shelf life of months, it’s readily available for slathering over toast to satisfy sweet cravings. The plums are simmered till fully softened, then whisked with sugar thoroughly. Then, heat the mixture until the jelly consistency is reached. Save it for whenever you need a delicious rush of flavor!

17. Vori Vori (Corn-Dumpling Soup)

Cornmeal is the crucial ingredient for creating the flawless spherical dumplings that define Vori vori. These dumplings are cooked until soft, creating a comforting corn dumpling soup. With the addition of shredded chicken breast, this soup packs a protein punch. Serve Vori Vori as a starter at your next gathering, and expect an abundance of praise!

18. Vegemite Cheese Bites

Within thirty minutes, delight your taste buds with the heavenly flavor of Vegemite cheese bites! Crafted from simple ingredients like flour, whisked eggs, and cheese, each bite is topped with a hint of Vegemite for the ultimate flavor profile. Fry the cheese bites until crispy, and grab a plate and fork-it’s time to treat yourself.

19. Victoria Sponge Cake

​Explore the delectable world of British cuisine with a mouthwatering dessert crafted from sugar, butter, and eggs. Fresh strawberries and whipped cream are incorporated to impart a truly indulgent flavor to the Victoria sponge cake. Elevate your dessert experience with this light yet fluffy cake, and its irresistible taste will make you return for more!

20. Vegan Vanilla Wafers

The vegan version of vanilla wafers is superior to its traditional counterpart, thanks to their delightful crispiness, buttery texture, and irresistibly chewy consistency. With their perfect golden hue, they’re practically begging to be devoured on sight! The aquafaba (chickpea brine) and vegan butter are the components that give this meal its real vegan identity. Vanilla extract delivers a rich yet balanced aroma and flavor to the wafers, keeping you wanting more!

21. Vol-au-vent Fillings

Whether you opt for ready-made frozen vol-au-vent fillings from supermarkets or craft them fresh at home, nothing quite compares to the homemade goodness they offer. These puff pastry fillings are versatile and delicious, perfect for accompanying main courses at your grand dining table or serving alongside drinks.

22. Vidalia Onion Dip

Named after a city in Georgia and known for its soft flesh, this savory dip with cream cheese & white Cheddar cheese is the best way to make the most of Vidalia onions. Want to know what’s better? It’s easy to make as well, requiring only four ingredients. Just chop your sweet Vidalia onions, add the ingredients, transfer to the baking dish & heat till golden and bubbly. Bless your taste buds!

23. Veggie Chips

This Veggie Chips recipe is a culinary marvel for health-conscious foodies! It’s an out-of-the-box snacking delight that fuels your body with nourishment and offers a fresh outlook on vegetables. Simply wash and peel your potatoes and assorted veggies, generously brush with oil, then bake to crispy perfection under intense heat for 10-20 minutes. Serve and savor this delight with sauces to enhance the taste.

24. Velvet Tamarind (Awin) Tea Cakes

What’s more exciting than having an evening tea? Having tea with Velvet Tamarind Tea Cakes! Velvet Tamarind is remarkable owing to its powdery & dry pulp, with a blend of sweet, sour & fragrant taste. Requires butter, Caster Sugar, Eggs & Of Course, deseeded Tamarind pulp. Cooks only in 15 minutes. Wholesome & Nutritious!

25. Vatapá

Have you ever tried Vatapa? It’s a mouth-watering Afro-Brazilian dish that will surely make your taste buds dance! This delicious dish is made with shrimp, fish, bread, coconut milk, onions, garlic, tomatoes, ginger, chili peppers, and finely chopped peanuts. It originates from Bahia, Brazil, and is associated with the African slave descendants. Try it out and experience the rich and vibrant flavors of Brazil!

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