Step up your dessert table with some of these cream pie recipes! Smooth, cool, and topped with mounds of whipped cream these pie recipes can often be made in advance saving you time in the kitchen during big meals.

Light and fluffy cream pies are a tasty way to indulge during any season. Enjoy classics like key lime and lemon meringue or try something richer like silky chocolate. 

Cream pies typically use graham cracker crust which means they’re easier to make than traditional pies and a great switch up on the dessert table.

Scroll through the list and find some new cream pie recipes to enjoy all year long. 

ww friendly key lime pie on white plate
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1. Key Lime Cheesecake Cream Pie

The perfect blend of rich cheesecake and fluffy cream pie! This key lime pie takes only minutes to prepare before it has to set in the fridge. With only six ingredients anyone new to baking can whip up this pie recipe and at only 3 Weight Watchers points it’s the perfect treat to bring to any gathering.

2. French Silk Cream Pie

Rich and creamy chocolate filling on top of a decadent, oreo crumble crust. Dessert doesn’t get much better than this! With no raw eggs to cook this cream pie comes together quickly and results in a rich dessert that pairs well with any main course.

3. Sugar Cream Pie

With melt-in-your-mouth sweetness, this sugar cream pie is a staple dessert recipe! It has all the flavor of creme brulee without all of the effort. In fact, you only need a few household staples to whip it up. It’s an old-fashioned dessert that’s a hit with everyone.

4. Coconut Cream Pie

Delicious coconut flavor wrapped in a light and fluffy texture and topped with toasted coconut. Enjoy this recipe for holiday meals or a simple Sunday night get-together. The recipe itself is easy and uses a pre-packaged pie crust as the base making it a great choice for anyone new in the kitchen!

5. Banana Cream Pie

A rich layer of custard, bananas, and whipped cream are what make this cream pie come together. This recipe is a family favorite and a classic as it uses up the bananas on the counter too. Whip it up in just 10 minutes before it has to sit and enjoy a cool, melt-in-your-mouth dessert with refreshing flavor.

6. Lemon Cream Pie

Also known as lemon icebox pie because it’s so refreshing, this cream pie is quick and easy with a sweet but tangy flavor! It’s perfect for summer months in the heat because it’s so uplifting and with a potent lemon flavor balanced by sweetness, it’s a recipe everyone wants to cool down with.

If you want sinful indulgence, this is it! Made with just six ingredients it’s a bit more rich than regular cream pie and definitely worth it. It tastes like the filling of an Oreo but in a lighter, fluffier way. Top the cream pie with crumbled Oreos and no one will be able to resist coming back for seconds!

8. Pecan Cream Pie

A cream twist on a cream pie! The base is a buttery, flakey crust similar to a traditional pie and then filled with a maple pecan cream cheese topping for maximum flavor. Great any time of year but especially comforting in the cool weather this cream pie recipe takes indulgence to a whole new level.

9. Amish Peanut Butter Cream Pie

Creamy, dreamy, and one no one can say no to! With peanut butter crumbles on top, this recipe can be made with a homemade pie crust or store-bought making it easy to whip up. The peanut butter filling is a fun blend of jello mix, peanut butter, and whipped cream for a light and fluffy texture.

10. Chocolate Cream Pie

A chocolate lover’s dream this cream pie is filled with a silky whipped topping over a a pre-made pie crust. Made with house staples this recipe maximizes indulgence with rich chocolate flavor. Perfect any time of year for dessert when you’re looking to impress your guests with minimal effort.

11. Banoffee Cream Pie

Buttery shortbread crust with bananas and homemade toffee sauce for the filling all topped with light whipped cream. It’s sweet, creamy, and with a subtle banana flavor, indulgent. As a no-bake dessert, this cream pie is great for beginners and experts in the kitchen and can be made sprinkled as simple or indulgent as you like in terms of topping.

12. Lemon Blueberry Cream Pie

Fresh lemon flavor on a 3-ingredient graham cracker crust, this cream pie is a burst of delicate flavors. It’s a summertime treat that uses a lemon cream filling for rich flavor and is then topped with homemade blueberry sauce. Serve this recipe sprinkled with lemon zest in the hot sun.

13. Caramel Cream Pie

Perfect for any caramel lovers, it’s silky, smooth and indulgent. With a crunchy, golden Oreo crust this cream pie recipe just looks light and uplifting. Drizzle more caramel sauce on top of the whipped cream and enjoy this pie recipe paired with afternoon coffee or as part of a Holiday dessert table.

14. Strawberry Cream Pie

It’s fluffy, light, and a wonderful pink color! Packed with sweet strawberries this cream pie recipe is great through spring and summer because it’s so fresh. Its light color lends itself well to bridal or baby showers as well and its airy texture leaves you enjoying your dessert but not feeling too heavy.

15. Bailey’s Chocolate Cream Pie

Your favorite liqueur just took a step up. This cream pie recipe has all the classic flavors of chocolate but with a sweet Bailey’s twist. Made with an Oreo crust and even layered with Oreo crumble through the middle, this cream pie recipe is the one you need to impress your guests.

16. Oreo Canoli Cream Pie

At the top of everyone’s list, this cannoli cream pie is one the whole family asks for! It’s a no-bake dessert that you can’t go wrong with. With a rich, smooth consistency, it uses whipped topping and ricotta cheese for its delicious flavor making it unique as far as cream pies go.

17. Vegan Strawberry Cream Pie

Flavorful, rich, and creamy but made without any dairy or gluten! This recipe is made with fresh strawberry slices on top of a coconut whipped cream filling and graham cracker pie crust. It’s light and refreshing but also allergy-friendly. A great dessert to bring so that there’s something for everyone.

18. Pistachio Cream Pie

Skip heating up your kitchen and whip up this pistachio cream pie instead! As delicious as this cream pie is chilled, it’s even more amazing when frozen and gives a whole new way to cool down in the summer months. Switch up the flavor and top it with shaved chocolate for an extra treat or enjoy it as-is, either way, it’s a tasty recipe to have on hand.

19. Keto No Sugar Cream Pie

It tastes just like the old-fashioned version but with a natural sweetener and low-carb crust. This sugar-free cream pie is light and fluffy in texture and has only 1 net gram of carbohydrates. It’s so delicious that no one will be able to tell it’s a healthier version. Dress it up with a drizzle or cinnamon sprinkle and it’s the perfect recipe for any table.

20. Raspberry Cream Pie

Simple ingredients but a rich dessert! With a sugary, cream cheese filling the pie is then topped with a raspberry compote for a fresh burst of flavor. It’s the perfect balance between a lightened-up cheesecake and raspberry tart. Enjoy this cream pie recipe any time of year and know that because it needs time to set it’s the perfect make-ahead dessert.

21. Pina Colada Cream Pie

The easiest pie recipe and it tastes like the real thing. This pina colada pie is uplifting, sweet, and has a light coconut flavor. It’s the perfect addition to a girl’s night out. With both crushed pineapple and toasted coconut you’ll feel like you’re sipping a drink poolside with each slice of this pie!

22. Gluten-Free Cream Puff Pie

If you love cream puffs but find them a bit too much work, this pie is for you! A delicious crust made with a simple whipped pastry filling and then drizzled with chocolate sauce. It’s all the flavors you love in a bite-sized treat but made into a stunning dessert that everyone falls in love with.

23. Moach Cream Pie

Swap out your double-double coffee for a slice of this mocha cream pie instead! Made with all the flavor of a steaming cup of coffee and paired with rich, velvety chocolate, this no-bake dessert brings you a feeling of energy and comfort with each and every bite. Perfect for coffee lovers.

24. Pumpkin Cream Pie

Fall just got better with this lightened-up version of traditional pumpkin pie! All the classic flavor of pumpkin spice rolled into a fluffy whipped cream on top of an easy pie crust. It’s simple to whip up and no kitchen skills are needed. This cream pie recipe brings your favorite fall flavor to every slice.

25. Keto Coconut Cream Pie

An easy but tasty dessert perfect for coconut lovers! This cream pie is made with sugar-free sweetener, coconut milk, and a keto pie crust to keep it low-carb friendly and still delicious. Enjoy all the classic flavors and fluffy texture of coconut pie but with a healthy twist on the ingredients.

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25 Cream Pie Recipes You Can’t Refuse: Key Lime Cheesecake Cream Pie

By: Drizzle
Servings: 8
Prep: 10 minutes
Total: 10 minutes
ww friendly key lime pie on white plate
8SP blue, green & purple


  • 1 ready made graham pie crust
  • 8 oz light cream cheese, softened
  • 2 Tbsp icing sugar, confectionary sugar
  • 1 heaping cup fat free cool whip
  • 1/4 cup fresh squeezed lime juice
  • 1 Tbsp fresh lime zest


  • In a bowl using an electric mixer, cream together the cheese, icing sugar, cool whip and lime juice till well blended. Stir in the lime zest, leaving a little aside to sprinkle on top.
  • Pour filling into the graham crust then let set in the fridge for at least 4 hours, you can even prep this the night before just cover it with some foil if you do.
  • The texture will be much creamier than a regular cheesecake and if you do not let it set long enough it will be too hard to cut into servings.


Smart points- 8 per serving on blue, green & purple using WW recipe builder
Points Plus- 5 using PP calculator
Nutritional info per serving.. Calories 185…Fat 9.3g…Sat fat 5.8g…Carbs 22.1g…Fiber 0g…Sugar 11.6g…Protein 2.9g using My Fitness Pal

Additional Info

Course: Dessert
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