Not a huge fan of mushrooms? These 23 delicious King Oyster Mushroom recipes will change your mind! King oyster mushrooms, also known as king trumpet and royal trumpet, is a tasty source of fibre for vegans and vegetarians. Slice these glorious mushrooms into rounds and sauté them, and they resemble the appearance of sea scallops. That is why these delicious fungi are also sometimes called “vegan scallops”, as they do taste and look very similar to the seafood.

Not only are they tasty and versatile, King Oyster Mushrooms are also packed with antioxidants that keep diseases away. So, dig in and enjoy these gorgeous King Oyster mushroom recipes that are great as party appetizers, a quick weeknight vegan dinner or whenever you’re short on time!

1. Pulled King Oyster Mushroom Recipe

An easy vegan recipe inspired by Korean and Japanese flavors, this Pulled King Oyster Mushroom recipe is absolutely irresistible. Serve these thin shreds of King Oyster Mushrooms cooked in a sweet, savory sauce over rice, and you’ll instantly have a family favorite. With its unique stringy texture when shredded, make this quick and delicious recipe for a healthy weeknight dinner or as a party appetizer. You simply can’t go wrong!

2. Lemon Thyme King Oyster Mushroom

Combine lemon, thyme and tasty King Oyster Mushrooms, and you’ll have a simple dish that tastes amazing! The meaty texture of the King Oyster Mushrooms used in this recipe makes it perfect for pan-frying. If you love all things umami flavor, you definitely have to try making this flavorful king oyster mushroom dish.

3. Air Fryer Oyster Mushroom Steaks

Marinated in a garlicky balsamic glaze and air fried to crispy perfection, you and your family will definitely love these Air Fryer Oyster Mushroom Steaks! If you have picky plant-based family members, make these on repeat and you can’t go wrong. Kids and adults will love the crispy and meaty texture that’s unique to King Oyster Mushrooms in this recipe.

4. King Oyster Mushroom Cioppino

This Italina-American cioppino stew is a vegan alternative featuring King Oyster Mushrooms that definitely deserves a spot on your table. With seared King Oyster Mushrooms that are then added to a hearty and fragrant stew seasoned with lots of garlic and Old Bay, this cioppino dish is sure to satisfy.

5. Teriyaki King Oyster Mushroom

This Teriyaki King Oyster Mushroom recipe is a must-try for die hard mushroom fans! Not just your typical stir fry dish, this recipe uses a flat skillet to grill the mushrooms, then braised with a simple yet delicious teriyaki sauce for a rich flavor. The dark color and shiny luster on the finished king oyster mushrooms in this dish makes it irresistible. Garnish with a little fresh green onion, top these beauties on steamed rice and you’ll have a delicious lunch or dinner ready to go!

6. BBQ King Oyster Mushroom

This versatile and delicious BBQ King Oyster Mushroom recipe is another winner to add to your repertoire. Perfect as a taco and sandwich filling, or as the ultimate party appetizer and side dish, these BBQ King Oyster Mushroom are roasted until tender yet crispy around the edge and finished in a tangy, spicy homemade sauce. Serve these finger licking good mushrooms at any occasion and watch them disappear quickly!

7. Soy Butter Glazed King Oyster Mushrooms

This simple yet tasty Soy Butter Glazed King Oyster Mushrooms recipe showcases how versatile and delicious it is as an ingredient in many dishes. The meaty flavor of the king oyster mushrooms recipe makes it a great substitute for meat or seafood, if you’re after a vegan or vegetarian dish! Add this to your cooking rotation if you don’t want to miss out on the rich flavors of king oyster mushrooms.

8. King Oyster Mushroom Recipe

Love having Tacos any day of the week? You need to try this super meaty shredded King Oyster Mushroom recipe! It is a super easy, nutritious and 100% plant-based recipe that is perfect for vegans, vegetarians and even meat lovers. Make it for a Mexican-themed party, date night or weeknight dinner, this recipe also goes really well with a side of beans and rice.

9. Vegan King Oyster Mushroom Scallops

These King Oyster Mushroom Scallops look and taste so uncannily similar to sea scallops, you’ll easily fool any seafood lover with the incredible taste and texture only this fungi has. Although it looks sophisticated, this Vegan King Oyster Mushroom Scallops recipe is surprisingly easy to make. With capers, dill, garlic and a little hot pepper sauce for an extra kick, this dish is in fact packed with flavor and tastes crazy amazing.

10. Grilled King Oyster Mushrooms With Sate Sauce

The perfect side dish that looks absolutely stunning, this Grilled King Oyster Mushrooms recipe is made extra tasty with a rich sate sauce made from lemongrass and chili peppers. Marinated in a simple and flavorful sauce, these gorgeous mushrooms are then grilled to a crispy perfection. Sprinkle some chopped scallions or sesame seeds to garnish, and you’ll have a tasty and presentable dish within 30 minutes.

11. Korean Gochujang King Oyster Mushrooms

This Korean Gochujang King Oyster Mushrooms recipe is a really quick and tasty way to enjoy these delicious fungi. Serve these with noodles, rice, as a salad or a quick side dish, these sweet, spicy and savoury king oyster mushroom recipe is sure to easily convert any mushroom hater to eat mushrooms more often!

12. Miso Soy King Oyster Mushroom

Easily elevate any dish with the easy yet tasty Miso Soy King Oyster Mushroom recipe! With its unique miso and soy marinade that is a fusion of Asian flavors, these king oyster mushroom recipe is a great plant-based substitute for scallop that most people won’t even notice.

13. Pan-Fried King Oyster Mushrooms

If these buttery Pan-Fried King Oyster Mushrooms don’t convert you into an instant mushroom fan, you’re missing out. With just a few simple ingredients, this King Oyster Mushroom recipe has a delicious umami flavor with a hint of lemon zest balanced with fresh parsley. On top of that, the nutmeg complements the meaty flavor of King Oyster Mushrooms beautifully. All in all, the flavors of this dish come together beautifully and is sure to wow anyone who gives it a try.

14. Creamy Fettuccine With Peas and King Oyster Mushrooms

Swap out scallops for King Oyster Mushrooms, and you’ll have this deliciously creamy vegan fettuccine recipe. Paired with peas and al dente fettucine, the star of this dish really shines with its unique texture and flavor. The best part is, this one-pot recipe only has a few ingredients cooked in a vegan cashew cream that’s ready in 30 minutes!

15. Creamy King Oyster Mushroom Pasta

Flavored by sun dried tomatoes, shallot, garlic and red chili, this Creamy King Oyster Mushroom Pasta recipe is quick, flavorful and versatile. With its unique umami and spicy flavor, this is a hearty and nutritious recipe perfect for the colder winter months.

16. Lemon Garlic Vegan Scallops

Made from the stems of king oyster mushrooms, these zesty Lemon Garlic Vegan Scallops are definitely out-of-this-world. Seared in a hot pan until it has a gorgeously browned appearance, these vegan scallops are then drenched in a delectable vegan garlic butter sauce. These beauties will definitely melt in your mouth, and make you devour the entire dish quickly!

17. King Mushrooms In Garlic Cream Sauce

Covered in a decadent garlic white sauce that makes it super enticing, this king oyster mushroom recipe is a great one for avid party hosts and entertainers. Ready in under 15 minutes, this decadent Vegan Scallops In Garlic Cream Sauce looks like a gourmet meal made by a master chef! You’ll definitely impress all of your party guests with this simple yet tasty King Oyster Mushroom dish.

18. King Oyster Mushroom Salad

The perfect salad for those hot and humid summer days, this King Oyster Mushroom Salad is super easy and incredibly refreshing. With a gorgeous texture and lovely flavor that everyone loves, make these King Oyster Mushroom Salad whenever you’re entertaining for an instant crowd favorite!

19. Vegan Sushi Bake With King Oyster Mushrooms

Craving for a sushi roll but made with a twist? You must try this Vegan Sushi Bake recipe featuring king oyster mushrooms! This pulled King Oyster Mushroom casserole dish combines crispy nori seaweed sheets with sushi rice and a creamy and savory sauce, which makes every bite taste just like heaven. It’s a hassle free and delicious way to make a sushi roll on those busy week nights when you’re craving for sushi.

20. Vegan King Oyster Mushroom Steak

The perfect way to enjoy leftover king oyster mushrooms in a gourmet fashion, this Vegan King Oyster Mushroom Steak recipe looks deceptively fancy but is surprisingly easy to make. Paired with creamy mashed potato and garnished with some crispy kale flakes, this king oyster mushroom steak is a quick and tasty lunch or dinner you’ll be cooking on repeat for months!

21. Vegan King Oyster Mushroom Shawarma

Oven-roasted in a spicy marinade for a plant-based kebab, this vegan alternative to the classic lamb shawarma has three times more fibres and packs a punch when it comes to flavor and texture. This 100% Vegan Mushroom Shawarma recipe is ready in just 20 minutes, and looks absolutely ravishing!

22. Spicy King Oyster Mushroom Stir-Fry

Want a spicy vegan stir-fry dish with King Oyster Mushroom? This stir-fry King Oyster Mushroom recipe might be simple, but it’s incredibly tasty and packs a punch when it comes to flavor. Even if you’re not on a plant-based diet, you can enjoy this recipe as a main or side dish. Substitute the long hot pepper from this recipe with sweet bell peppers, and your kids will instantly gobble up this dish and fall in love with King Oyster Mushrooms.

23. King Oyster Mushroom Bun Chay

Made with strips of glazed king oyster mushrooms and a tangy lemongrass dressing, this vegan twist on the Vietnamese Bun Thit Nuong is surprisingly indulgent! Filled with a rich sweet, sour and salty flavor that keeps you wanting for more, this King Oyster Mushroom Bun Chay is packed with vegetables and different textures that just comes together perfectly.

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