Jell-O has a fascinating history that dates back to 1897, according to the Jell-O gallery. Although it gained worldwide popularity in 1964, it’s been favored in the United States since the early 1900s. Since then, people have been using this flavored gelatin product to create tasty and creative desserts and other dishes. Interestingly, some of the early Jello flavors were actually savory!

Fans of the company have compiled a list of over 60 all-time flavors, which you can check out if you’re curious. While the list of current flavors is shorter, there are still plenty of options available. If you’re wondering what some of the most popular flavors are and what else you can make besides plain old Jello, you’ll be happy to know there are many different ways to use it!

Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the most beloved flavors and give you some ideas for new dishes you can make with Jell-O. Also, some of these flavors are available as sugar-free, which is zero points on WW, so don’t forget to take advantage of that! With the sugar-free Jello, you can make delicious Jell-O grapes and more.

1. Cherry: 3 Ingredient Jell-O Pie

One of the best ways to use classic cherry Jell-O is to make a cherry pie! With the help of Jell-O, you don’t even need to bake the filling. In fact, this is different than the average cherry pie because it doesn’t have fresh cherry pieces; instead, it only contains three ingredients: cherry Jell-O, Cool Whip, and a Graham cracker pie crust. So, this dessert has a creamy texture!

2. Peach: Peaches and Cream Layered Jell-O

One of the most popular Jell-O flavors is Peach Jell-O. Although you can make many things with it, this Peaches and Cream dessert by Natasha’s Kitchen is a top-tier recipe. It combines peach Jell-O, sweetened condensed milk, and sliced peaches. You can use canned fruit instead if you want to make it easy! Layer it into a casserole dish, and it will serve up to 15 people.

3. Raspberry: Raspberry Jell-O Delight

Raspberry Jell-O is a classic flavor that can be used to make various delicious treats. We recommend trying this Raspberry Jell-O delight, which features frozen raspberries, Raspberry Jell-O, Cool Whip, and vanilla ice cream for serving. This sweet treat has a mousse-like texture, and the accompanying raspberry pieces make it extra refreshing!

4. Strawberry: Strawberry Pretzel Salad

When you think of Jell-O, one of the first options that might come to mind is the strawberry-flavored Jell-O due to its popularity. One of the most creative and delicious ways to use it is by making a Strawberry Pretzel Salad with cream cheese, Cool Whip, strawberries, and salted pretzels. The balance of sweetness and saltiness in this dessert is simply amazing!

5. Grape: Grape Jell-O Pie

Grape Jell-O is one of those flavors everyone seems passionate about. You either love it, or you hate it! If you are a fan of it, you need to try this Grape Jell-O Pie, which is a fruity treat. All you need is a pre-made pride crust, sugar, cornstarch, grape Jell-O, and black seedless grapes. When you serve it, you can top it with whipped cream to give it more pizzazz.

6. Lime: Easy Lime Jell-O Sugar Cookies

Among the other citrus Jell-O mixes, lime remains one of Jello’s most well-known flavors. But did you know that you can make cookies with it? All you need to do is mix the lime Jello with standard baking ingredients such as flour, baking powder, salt, butter, and sugar. The cookies turn out a charming green color, and you can make frosting for the top!

7. Berry Blue: Easy Jell-O Cloud Mousse

This Silly Girl’s Kitchen recipe is adorable and easy to make. You only need three simple ingredients: Berry Blue flavored Jell-O, whipped topping, and water. Layer the ingredients in a clear glass to create a stunning blue sky and cloud design. This would be a wonderful dessert for a birthday party or other gatherings since it has a breathtaking appearance!

8. Orange: Mandarin Orange Jell-O Salad

As mentioned, Jello is known for having delicious citrusy flavors, and orange is no exception. You can make a classic Mandarin orange Jello salad with vanilla pudding mix, water, Cool Whip, and Mandarin oranges if you have some orange Jello. Make sure to drain the Mandarin oranges to prevent the Jello salad from turning too soupy. This recipe makes eight servings.

9. Black Cherry: Bing Cherry Jell-O Salad

Before you ask, yes, there is a difference between black cherry Jello and regular cherry Jello! Unsurprisingly, it has a deeper color than traditional cherry. It is also slightly sweeter! You can use it in this recipe, which makes a delicious Jello salad with cherry Coke, black cherry Jello, crushed pineapple, and fresh cherries. The recipe creator states this can be either a side dish or a dessert!

10. Watermelon: Watermelon Jell-O Slices

Watermelon is one of the more refreshing flavors that Jell-O offers. It can be used to create unique treats such as this one. To make this recipe, you will need a seedless watermelon, Jello, and water. First, you need to scoop out the flesh of the watermelon and fill it with the Jello mixture, allowing it to set. The Jello mixture replaces the actual fruit, giving it a very unique appearance. 

11. Apricot: Apricot Jell-O Salad

This flavor is loved by many, and deservingly so! Fruity apricot Jell-O might not be available everywhere, but you can still purchase it online if your local store doesn’t have it. Then, you can make this recipe by House of Nash Eats. This classic apricot Jell-O salad requires simple ingredients such as mini marshmallows, bananas, apricots, and pineapple. You’ll also make a topping with heavy cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla!

12. Strawberry Banana: Strawberry Banana Mousse

Strawberry Banana is one of the more classic and nostalgic Jell-O flavors. Everyone just seems to love it! You can make a wonderful strawberry banana mousse with cream cheese, strawberries, bananas, and vanilla extract using this flavor. You will also need some Cool Whip! Decorate the mousse with fresh fruit just before serving.

13. Island Pineapple: Pineapple Upside Down Jell-O Mold

The Island Pineapple Jell-O flavor is well-loved due to its tropical and refreshing flavor. You can use it to make a beautiful and tasty Jell-O mold recipe. This recipe is a twist on classic pineapple upside-down cake, using brown sugar, maraschino cherries, marshmallows, cream cheese, and pineapples. It is definitely a crowd-pleaser with its old-fashioned look and taste.

14. Cranberry: Cranberry Jell-O Salad with Cream Cheese Topping

Cranberry Jell-O is often associated with the holidays. However, you can use this flavor any time of year to make a delicious treat. For instance, cranberry Jell-O salad with a cream cheese topping tastes amazing even in the summer! So don’t limit yourself to just Thanksgiving when enjoying fresh cranberries, Jell-O, crushed pineapple, and pecans.

15. Lemon: Jell-O Lemon Bars

Last but not least, Lemon Jell-O is one of the more recognizable flavors with its bright yellow color and lemony taste. With this flavor, you can make delicious and easy Jell-O lemon bars! To make the icing, you only need yellow cake mix, lemon Jell-O, eggs, and other ingredients. In total, this recipe takes 45 minutes.

And now that you have seen some of the most popular jello flavors, don’t forget to check out my post about how to make jello grapes. You can use any type of jello you like!

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