I understand what you may be thinking: using the Blackstone grill during this time of year could be impossible or unenjoyable. However, I urge you to hear me out! Even though it’s a different experience than grilling in the summer sun, I find it more fulfilling.

There is something about devouring hot and sizzling food straight from the grill that warms my soul and brings me comfort in chilly weather. Depending on where you live, your winters might be more rainy or snowier. But these conditions don’t stop the Blackstone! Of course, it’s ideal to pick a day where it isn’t actively snowing and to make sure you probably prepare the grill and area, ridding the pathway of snow or moving the grill to a less windy area.

But once the preparation is out of the way, you can make fantastic, hearty food that will please your palate. In the winter especially, I love satisfying foods such as Blackstone Smash Burgers, patty melts, or an excellent breakfast hash. Check out this list to see some of my other favorites that you should try!

1. Blackstone Nachos Supreme

Having some friends over for game day? Make these incredible Blackstone nachos! This recipe utilizes seasoned ground beef, shredded cheese, tomatoes, bell peppers, and more. You can use tortilla strips or whole tortilla chips! Don’t forget to top it with other Nacho favorites, such as shredded lettuce, tangy sour cream, and black olives! The Blackstone cooks the ground beef quickly, which is nice.

2. Blackstone Cheeseburger Quesadillas

Use your Blackstone grill to make the most incredible cheeseburger quesadillas of your life. For this recipe, you’ll need cheddar cheese, 10-inch tortillas, chopped dill pickles, and seasoned ground beef. This recipe also shows you how to make a delicious special sauce containing mayo, ketchup, pickles, onion, and vinegar. Dip the crispy, cheesy quesadillas into the sauce, and your taste buds will thank you!

3. Blackstone Pork Tenderloin

With a Blackstone grill, you can make this succulent pork tenderloin. This recipe takes about 30 minutes to prep and 30 minutes to cook. However, the wait is worth it. Some of the flavors in this recipe include a marinade consisting of Dijon mustard, honey, Italian seasoning, garlic, apple cider vinegar, and black pepper. Grill the marinated pork to perfection and serve it with yummy sides.

4. Blackstone Patty Melt

Grill on a Dime has shared a recipe for a delicious sandwich – the patty melt. This sandwich is famous for a reason. It typically includes beef, onions, creamy Swiss cheese, and bread. However, this particular recipe uses sourdough bread. The Swiss cheese melts perfectly, becoming gooey and complementing the beef and onions in a fantastic way.

5. Blackstone Hobo Dinner

If it’s super cold where you are, this recipe can come in handy. Cooking the food inside foil packets can make the whole process easier since it traps the heat and essentially steams the food. These foil packets contain ground beef patties, green beans, carrots, and potatoes. Aside from that, all you need is butter, salt, and pepper! Enjoy this as a hearty supper that the whole family will appreciate.

chicken fried rice finished on blackstone
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6. Blackstone Chicken Fried Rice

Indulge in our recipe for Blackstone Chicken Fried Rice! This incredible dish contains onions, chicken thigh meat, white rice, seasonings, peas, and carrots.  Of course, it’s not the ultimate fried rice unless you have some eggs! With your Blackstone grill, you can make four servings of this savory main course. Serve this with extra soy sauce and a light garnish of chopped green onions.

7. Blackstone Chicken Caesar Tortellini

If You Give A Girl A Grill shared this creative recipe for the Blackstone. Did you know that you can make an incredible pasta dish with it? This tortellini recipe contains skinless chicken thigh meat, onions, seasonings, spinach, garlic, and cheese. It utilizes cheese tortellini! Enjoy it with Caesar salad dressing to give it a rich flavor. Optionally, you can include parmesan and mozzarella cheese to make it more satisfying.

8. Blackstone French Toast

Next time you are about to make brunch, you can refer back to this incredible Blackstone French Toast recipe! It doesn’t get any easier than this. All you need is Texas toast, milk, eggs, vanilla, and butter. The Blackstone grill supplies the French toast with an incredible flavor and texture. It is perfectly soft inside, with the right amount of crispiness on the edges. Serve this with some jam, pure maple syrup, or fresh fruit!

9. Blackstone Salmon

Salmon is a healthy protein option that you can pair with all sorts of sides. Rather than cooking it in the oven, you can make it on your Blackstone grill instead! This recipe is incredibly easy and only requires a few ingredients: salmon fillets, avocado oil, garlic salt, pepper, and fresh lemon juice. The best part is that it only takes 20 minutes from start to finish! Better yet, it makes six servings.

10. Blackstone Breakfast Hash

One of my favorite breakfast dishes is a nice breakfast hash. It just seems to never get old! And cooking it on the Blackstone makes it even better. This recipe has bacon, eggs, onions, ground breakfast sausage, and diced frozen hash brown potatoes. You can also use a different type of meat if you wish. Or, include other veggies such as bell peppers! There is plenty of room to experiment with this dish.

philly cheesesteak with fries on platter

11. Blackstone Philly Cheesesteak

Looking to impress your loved ones? Try our recipe for an incredible Philly Cheesesteak sandwich. With the help of your Blackstone, you can cook the shaved steak to perfection – just don’t forget to marinate the meat beforehand with Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and oil. Top it off with caramelized onions and serve it in a hoagie bun!

12. Blackstone Crunchwrap Supreme

Make a healthier version of Taco Bell Crunch Wrap Supreme with the Blackstone. You’ll love the outer coating and the delicious filling with meat, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and more. Cook the Crunchwrap Supreme on the grill until they turn golden brown and crispy outside! Enjoy it with your favorite salsa, sour cream, or hot sauce to enhance all of the flavors in the filling.

13. Blackstone Street Tacos

Get ready to make taco Tuesday more exciting. These Blackstone street tacos are filled with seasoned flank steak, onions, cilantro, and other preferred fillings. The recipe says to use taco-sized corn tortillas, but you can use small flour tortillas if you wish. In total, this recipe takes less than 20 minutes, and it makes six servings! It is great for a weeknight dinner or weekend lunch.

14. Blackstone Breakfast Pizza

Your family will devour this flavorsome breakfast pizza you can make on the Blackstone grill! This recipe is easy since you don’t need to make the dough homemade. You can use store-bought pizza dough to make it easier for you! Aside from that, you only need shredded mozzarella, eggs, breakfast sausage, bell peppers, oil, and green onions.  The eggs and sausage ensure your body will receive plenty of protein to start your morning.

smash burger on white plate

15. Blackstone Smash Burgers

Craft gorgeous, juicy Blackstone Smash Burgers with the help of our recipe. Despite having such an incredible flavor, this recipe only requires a handful of ingredients: onions, ground chuck patties, American cheese, and burger buns. Some of the seasonings for the meat include salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder. Load the burgers with all of the ingredients and serve immediately!

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