Blackstone griddles come in so many shapes and sizes that it’s challenging to find the one that best fits your needs. If you’re struggling to pick the right Blackstone griddle, you’re not alone. Each model provides excellent performance and scrumptious results, making choosing the one you want to bring home even more difficult. 

You can purchase a Blackstone as compact as a tabletop model or one that dominates the back porch. As tempting as it might be to buy the biggest version you can afford, taking a moment to consider your needs first can help you avoid buyer’s remorse. Knowing you got the griddle you wanted will help any of these 25 best Blackstone recipes taste that much better. 

blackstone 36" griddle on display
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How to Choose the Right Blackstone Griddle Size 

Here’s a quick reference guide to the available Blackstone griddles:

Cooking area (sq. in.)769524361267223 (17-inch)307 (22-inch)
Number of Burners 42211

This table can help you choose the best Blackstone griddle size based on the following factors. Check out our favorite 25 Blackstone chicken recipes if you’re unsure what to cook first on your new griddle. 


Your budget is one of the most significant factors in determining which Blackstone griddle you pick. Figure out how much you want to spend before doing anything else. For comparison shopping, you can check out our Blackstone vs. Pit Boss head-to-head grill review

Blackstone prices its griddles from under $200 to $1,300 or more. Each griddle offers substantial value and a manufacturer’s 1-year warranty coverage. Purchasing a griddle is an investment, but finding one within your budget can bring more than just edible rewards.  

Don’t forget to budget for utensils, pans, and serving trays. Our two cents on the 12 must-have Blackstone griddle accessories can help you put a number to this cost. You might also read through our list of 10 things to know before buying a Blackstone griddle for good measure. 

Family Size

The number of mouths you need to feed will also dictate which Blackstone griddle you choose. Couples cooking for themselves can get away with cooking any of these 26 simple healthy dinner ideas for 2 on a 17-inch or 22-inch Blackstone griddle. 

The 28-inch Blackstones can easily accommodate a family of four. With over 500 square inches of cooking space and two burners to handle brats and burgers, these Blackstone griddles are the sweet spot in both cooking space and price. If you’re the master or mistress of the flapjacks, these 26 hearty Blackstone breakfast ideas should help you bring some fresh ideas to the plate.  

However, if you’re cooking for the entire family, you may want to pick up the 36-inch Blackstone model. In addition to four capable burners producing more than 60,000 BTUs, the 36-inch griddle sits on a cart optimized to anticipate your needs. Folding side shelves, a magnetic toolbar, a paper towel holder, and a propane hanger make griddling on this Blackstone rewarding time and time again. 


Blackstone knows that not everyone has space for a traditional grill. You can select smaller table top griddles if you don’t have a back porch to put your griddle on. Blackstone’s E-Series griddles can also provide an alternative fuel source for apartment living. 

In addition to physical space, size can dictate how long cleaning a griddle takes. Smaller units are easiest to clean and season, while larger units typically require more TLC and a sturdy grill cover. Larger grills will also need more propane to heat. 

Cooking Area

The cooking area on griddles and grills is measured in square inches. A larger cooking area can help you prepare more food at once. Blackstone’s 17-inch griddle only has 267 square inches of cooking area, while the 36-inch model offers 769 square inches of cooking area. 

Some Blackstone griddles also have air fryer units to handle even more ingredients. While air fryers technically don’t increase the griddle cooking area, they can help cook elements of your meal as you work the rest on the flat top. We recommend giving these 26 healthy air fryer recipes a try. 

Number of Burners

Burners provide the heat necessary for cooking various foods. Blackstone griddles incorporate anywhere from a single burner to up to 4 burners, each formed in the shape of an “H.” The H-shape burners provide even heating across independent zones. 

You can control these zones with burner knobs to adjust cooking temperatures accordingly. The more burners a Blackstone griddle has, the higher the BTU output. However, you don’t need a lot of BTUs to get that succulent steak sear or the smashed burger crust you’re craving. With the right settings, you can achieve the same result with a single burner or a four-burner griddle. 


Blackstone incorporates portability into almost every griddle, from the E-Series griddles to the 36-inch Omnivore all-in-one griddle stations. The E-Series griddles take camping and tailgating to a new level without taking up too much space or weighing you down. Even Blackstone’s 28-inch and 22-inch mid-size griddles feature wheelable frames with small footprints. 

The largest Blackstone model features heavy-duty wheels beneath a sturdy frame that can contain numerous Blackstone accessories. These wheels allow you to adjust your griddling position to take advantage of the great outdoors. Whether you want to invest in a premium standalone griddle setup or just need a reliable companion for your next camping trip, Blackstone griddles get the job done. 


Choosing the best Blackstone griddle that suits your needs doesn’t have to be a chore. Instead, you can easily approach this decision by following the guidelines above. Blackstone offers a griddle for practically everyone, depending on what features you’re looking for. With the right combination, you can start your griddling journey right with a Blackstone griddle. Which recipes will you try?

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