Griddles are a great way to enjoy the benefits of grilled food without the sacrifice of losing half your meal between grill grates. Choosing among the many griddles available, however, can be challenging. With so many options and brand names to compare, you might even consider swearing off griddling altogether. Before you make too hasty a decision, consider the benefits a Blackstone griddle can offer.

Blackstone specializes in superior griddles that provide the value and versatility you need to complement the juicy flavors you get with a griddle. If you’re looking for an insider’s perspective on owning a Blackstone griddle, you’ve come to the right place. 

Keep reading to learn more about Blackstone griddles and what you should know before buying one. You can use the insight below to help guide your decision and make the best choice possible. You can also check out our 25 best Blackstone recipes to see what other delectable treats these griddles can unlock. 

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10 Things to Know About Blackstone Griddles

If you’ve been researching a Blackstone griddle, these are the 10 things you should know before purchasing. A Blackstone griddle offers several benefits, but there are some quirks you should know about before taking the plunge. 

1. Blackstone Griddles are Easy to Find

You can purchase a Blackstone griddle from several major retailers, including your favorite home goods or hardware store. You can also find Blackstone griddles online for purchase. Blackstone griddles come with a one-year warranty from the factory, but you may be able to pick one up used for a reasonable price. 

2. A Variety of Blackstone Griddles to Choose From 

When you choose a Blackstone griddle, you can select from various sizes, heights, and price ranges to suit your needs. Blackstone griddles maintain their value, even if you only spend a few hundred dollars. From tabletop models to standalone griddles, Blackstone offers a wide selection that makes tailoring your griddle purchase effortless.

3. Blackstone Cold Rolled Steel Griddle Surface

Unlike other griddles, the Blackstone griddle features a cold rolled steel cooking surface. Easier to maintain and clean than cast iron, the Blackstone cold rolled steel griddle surface remains durable even after years of use. It’s also part of the value Blackstone griddles offer. 

4. Blackstone Griddles Retain Flavor and Fat 

With a Blackstone griddle, you’re more likely to retain the fat and flavor of the meat you’re cooking than you would with a traditional grill. Keep this in mind if you’re trying to eat healthier. In addition to fat, you won’t lose as many spices to the griddle as you would with grill grates. You won’t have to be as heavy-handed with your spices when you griddle, which can save you some money in the long run. 

5. Season Your New Blackstone Griddle 

Any griddle, Blackstone or not, requires seasoning before and after use. When you season the griddle, you’re adding a protective, non-stick layer that aids in cleanup and prolongs life expectancy. Determining how to season your Blackstone griddle can take time and a learning curve, but the results are well worth it. 

6. Blackstone Griddles Offer Superb Heat Distribution

Most Blackstone griddles incorporate an H-formation of burners, which helps to distribute heat evenly. Blackstone also fits its griddles with plenty of BTUs to help you whip up a meal in no time. Conduction cooking offers fast, even heating and no flare-ups. 

Each Blackstone griddle will still have certain hot spots you’ll learn the more you use it. While Blackstone griddles aren’t the best at cooking steak or larger pieces of meat, you can easily invest in a Pit Boss to tackle that task. Learn more about Blackstone vs. Pit Boss in our head-to-head grill review

7. Plenty of Available Blackstone Accessories 

Working a griddle requires the proper tools, just like with grilling. If you want to purchase brand-name accessories or even more affordable alternatives, you can easily supplement your griddling experience. Accessories for Blackstone griddles include everything from utensils and melting domes to hoods and covers. 

8. Blackstone Griddles are Versatile

Griddles provide a more even heating surface and consistent cooking than traditional grills. Regardless of which Blackstone griddle you purchase, you can easily prepare various parts of a meal across the entire surface. For example, you can make some of our favorite 25 Blackstone chicken recipes on one side and prepare one or more side dishes on the other. 

Blackstone griddles are also versatile in cooking several types of food. You can choose one of the 26 hearty Blackstone breakfast ideas we love, from Breakfast Pancake Tacos to Loaded Grilled Hash Brown Omelets and Breakfast Scramble. Your Blackstone griddle is a one-stop shop for mealtime, no matter what you pick out for dinner.   

9. Clean-Up is Easy with Blackstone Griddles

Most Blackstone griddles contain a grease management system, which funnels grease into a removable drip tray. Cleaning up grease can often be messy, but Blackstone does most of the work for you. You can also wash the removable drip tray between uses or as part of your spring cleaning. 

10. You Can Take Your Blackstone Almost Anywhere 

Blackstone griddles are highly portable, from their smaller footprints to the durable wheels fitted to their legs. Tabletop griddles from Blackstone also make cooking while camping a breeze. Whether tailgating at your local sports field or sharing a meal with neighborhood friends, a Blackstone griddle can help you bring the heat. 


Blackstone griddles continue to uphold a solid reputation among competitors. If you’re wondering what you should know before buying a Blackstone griddle, we hope these 10 things helped give you the insight you need. 

You should also consider visiting a local retailer to view all that Blackstone offers in person. Blackstone offers several models, so be sure to compare them to find the best choice that fits your life. You never know what possibilities a Blackstone griddle can offer! 

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