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Finding the perfect knife is a process that takes time and some research. Whether you work in professional kitchens or are an avid home cook, a chef’s knife is a tool that you will repeatedly use over a long period of time.

It is no wonder, then, that the Japanese-style chef’s knife is one of the most popular on the market. Made for quality in build, use, and style, these knives are sought after by chefs and food avids alike. In this guide, we break down the top eight best chef’s knives in the Japanese style for 2023.

Tojiro Chef’s Knife 8.2”

The Tojiro Chef’s Knife is one of their bestselling knives, and for good reason. The blade is made out of stainless steel, with a VG10 core for maximum durability and length of use. The handle is made with rivets to ensure stability, and the Western-style handle makes it an easy knife to use for those picking up a Japanese blade for the first time.

This knife is affordable and also is maintained easily due to its 50/50 bevel blade. Tojiro’s Flagship Chef’s Knife is one that is great for newer cooks and experienced food professionals alike. 

Miyabi Kaizen Chef’s Knife

The Miyabi Kaizen Chef’s Knife is an 8” blade that is made for precision cuts and also a volume of prep work you would experience in a professional kitchen. The blade itself is designed with 65 layers of Damascus, offering a beautiful finish and a blade that is sturdy and sharp. The blade is hardened to Rockwell 60, making the steel tough and less susceptible to damage.

The Micarta-style handle offers a beautiful contrast of red and black, with a mosaic pin inlaid into the middle of the handle itself. The D-shape of the handle allows for an easier grip, and this shape is also moisture-repellent when in use. The Miyabi Kaizen Chef’s Knife is a handcrafted knife that is also beautiful in its design and functionality.

Yoshihiro VG10 Santoku

The Yoshihiro VG10 Santoku Knife is made specifically for precise cutting, slicing, and chopping. This knife has 46 Damascus layers and is crafted with a light octagonal handle that offers full control of the blade without being cumbersome to hold. A protective wooden sheath called a Saya is also included in order to protect your knife when it is not in use.

The hammered texture of this extremely sharp blade also acts as a tool that negates friction when cutting through ingredients and keeps food from sticking. It is a versatile knife when it comes to precise cuts and is made for those who are looking for precision and accuracy in their cooking.

MAC MIGHTY 8-inch Chef’s Knife

The MAC MIGHTY Chef’s Knife is an 8-inch blade that combines the styles of both Western and Japanese knife-making into one blade. The handle is of European design, and the blade itself culminates in a pointed tip for precise cutting and breakdown of ingredients. The knife itself only weighs 6.5 ounces, making it easy to use over a longer duration of time. The Japanese steel is very sharp but is also easy to sharpen and maintain due to the ergonomic shape of the blade. This is the perfect knife for those wanting Japanese quality with a Western-style build on their knife.

MASAMOTO KS Japanese Deba

A Deba knife is a style of knife that is made for specifically breaking down fish. This style of knife is for those who butcher fish or have the need to be excellent in their fish butchery. While on the pricier side, it is hard to find a higher quality Deba knife than the MASAMOTO KS.

It is popular amongst sushi chefs, as its tougher and wider blade can break through bones and other small animals, including poultry. The knife is incredibly sharp and is made for hard work in fish butchery. If you need a knife for breaking down fish, this is your go-to knife.

Tojiro Nakiri Knife

The Tojiro Nakiri is a knife that is specially made to cut and chop vegetables. It is the essential vegetable prep knife and is used by cooks for the large volume of ingredient prep they face on a daily basis. The blade offers a 37-layer Damascus finish, making it strong and able to withstand the toughest vegetables. The core is VG10, and it is surrounded by layers to offer a straight blade that is sturdy and easy to handle. If you have a lot of vegetables to prep in your cooking, this Nakiri Knife is must-have.

Shun Classic Blonde Chef’s Knife

The Shun Classic Blonde Chef’s Knife is a variation of their popular Chef’s Knife offering, utilizing a comfortable, D-shaped Pakkawood handle that is light and comfortable to use. 

The knife itself is handcrafted in Japan and has a wide blade and curved belly that allows for an easy rocking motion while utilizing the Japanese steel many cooks have come to love. The knife has 68 layers of Damascus steel and is stain and corrosion-resistant. It is an aesthetically pleasing spin on a classic knife by Shun. And be sure to keep these 10 things in mind before buying a Shun knife.

Suisin Gyuto Knife

This 9.4” blade is a longer blade made for those who like a little more length to their cutting surface area. Suisin itself, as a brand, is a highly respected maker of Japanese knives, and this specific one is no different. The blade is rust-resistant and is made to be razor-sharp, with a proprietary steel blend that leads to less chipping when using the knife. The handle offers a familiar and comfortable Western style, and it is also a blade that is easier to sharpen due to the angle the blade is set for the knife. It is a great knife for those who want a longer blade but also prefer a sturdier blade.

These are the top 8 knives we would recommend in 2023. This list covers many different syles of knives and is sure to offer one blade that you can use on a consistent basis. Japanese knives are praised by chefs for their dexterity and precision, and the knives on this list offer both. They are all crafted by expert knife makers and the brands that sell them are respected by chefs throughout the restaurant and food industry. 

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